News van
Mavis Maraschino's news van is her road vehicle.

In the show, Mavis and her assistant Bertram used the news van to travel to Berry Bitty City on "The Berry Best Vacation".



The van has a trapezoid shape. It is mostly painted white, with green and pale pink horizontal stripes, and its bottom frame is dark pink. It has a purple stripe between the front headlights. On the right side door there is a round symbol of Mavis' head on a light purple background. On its roof there is a satellite dish shaped like a large purple flower in a pot. The hubcaps are pink and decorated with green five-pointed stars. 


Similarly to the exterior, the interior of the van is painted white with green and pale pink horizontal stripes. It contains TV monitors and other broadcasting equipment.


  • The news van is the second road vehicle shown in the show, following Cherry Jam's tour bus.
  • It is not seen if the driver is Mavis or Bertram. Logically, Mavis is the driver because a Berrykin is too small to reach the pedals.
  • The rear and left sides of the van are not seen.
  • On "The Berry Best Vacation", Mavis and Bertram departed from Berry Bitty City by air, leaving the news van behind. Since the van is not seen on Mavis' next visit ("Dance Puppy Dance"), it is unknown if and when the van was returned to her.
  • Of all the vehicles in this category, it appears the least on the show.
  • Of all the vehicles in this category, it is the only which has not broken down, got stuck in a road obstacle or been damaged.
  • It almost looks strangely like Bertie the Bus from "Thomas and Friends".


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