Marmalade is a Dachshund owned by Orange Blossom after she chooses to adopt it at the end of "A Boy and his Dogs".


While obedient, Marmalade has a childish, mischievous side. She tends to hide items and was responsible for the Berry Bitty City's loss of power temporarily after the she clogged the town's fountain by dropping various objects down the drain as revealed in The Berry Scary Fun Adventure.


Marmalade is a big brown-orange Dachshund with very fluffy reddish ears. Her nose is brown, while her eyes are a brighter brown. She has a few loose hairs at the top of her head, and wears an orange blossom ornament on one ear to match her tag, connected to her burnt orange collar.  


Originally Marmalade was chosen by Cherry Jam and named Crooner. After realizing that Crooner was not a very good singing partner, she had stopped singing to keep the dog quiet.