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Lost and Found
Lost & Found



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Nov 15, 2010

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"Lost and Found" is the final episode of Season 1 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures


Strawberry tries to prepare for an upcoming party, but feeling ignored Pupcake and Custard run away from home. As everyone tries to find them, Strawberry attempts to remain calm while ignoring her guilt. 

Episode Review

Strawberry is out on a walk with Pupcake and Custard as they reach her Cafe to see Mr. Longface dressed as a cook. He had come along to discuss the snack idea he suddenly got, and while confused, Strawberry agrees to try it anyway since she likes it when people are inspired with cooking. Pupcake and Custard want to play, but Strawberry tells them that she is too busy at the moment, so they use a ball to play with each other inside the Cafe to keep themselves occupied.

After a small accident Strawberry sends her pets outside before she makes a suggestion regarding the taste of Mr. Longface's "Pickle Puff Treat". She thinks it may be liked by someone else, but it might be something of an "acquired taste". She is unable to say more when they hear noise outside, and Strawberry checks to find her knocked over garbage can. Seeing that Custard and Pupcake still want to play, she tells them again that she is too busy and heads back inside.

Instead of heading back inside, the pets spot a butterfly and give chase, being led into the nearby forest.

Back inside, Mr. Longface comes back with a Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry Lemon Tea cake. Suddenly, Strawberry notices that Custard and Pupcake haven't eaten their food she sat out for them. She doesn't really think much of it until later on in the party, when she happens to notice that the food is still there. She looks out the window while asking the other girls if they find it weird, but she tells herself that they were playing, so they will come back in when they're ready.

Pupcake and Custard chase the butterfly to a hill when suddenly it begins to shake. They run into a nearby cave to find
a gopher, and they decide to explore the cave with it.

Strawberry continues to watch the food bowls and wonders where exactly her pets may be. She is growing concerned as Mr. Longface seems to notice, and he voices his own concerns. The girls ask Strawberry if her pets have ever been gone this long before, and while she can't say they have, she does know of their favorite spots so searching won't take long.

Everyone tries to do some investigative work but is forced to hide after a passing rain hits their location. Kadiebug and Sadiebug reveal to everyone that they had managed to pack some snacks in case anyone got hungry.

Meanwhile, Raspberry, Orange, Mr. Longface, and Berrykin Bloom are checking out a flower that was recently knocked over. Berrykin Bloom estimates that the pets probably ran by this way since flowers normally do stand up. The girls walk past the others and begin to chat about a mean nasty naughty thief from one of Blueberry's mystery books they were reading recently - "Patty Persimmon, genius detective, on the case of the mean nasty very naughty Glimmerberry Thief"; according to the story, it was not the thief who followed the search party, but the forest monster known as the Slither-Slider. This incidentally scares Mr. Longface and Berrykin Bloom.

At the cave, Pupcake and Custard are having fun playing with an acorn and a baby gopher.

Blueberry shows Strawberry a map she brought along before mentioning that there isn't any path near them. Strawberry refuses to give up though, so Blueberry points out that Pupcake and Custard may have gotten lost; a comment she quickly takes back after seeing how upset Strawberry looks. To avoid getting lost Blueberry suggest that they leave a trail of crumbs like in a story she once read, but Strawberry is initially skeptical since she's familiar with that story as well and recalls the crumb trail getting eaten. However, Blueberry points out that no one would want to eat a pickle puff treat trail, so they put a puff trail behind them and continue on, with a bird attempting to eat part of the trail and promptly spitting it out.

Raspberry and Orange continue to call for the missing pets when they hold up leaf to protect themselves from the rain. This
reminds the girls that the Slither-Slider always strikes when it is raining, which scares Berrykin Bloom and Mr. Longface once more.

Meanwhile, two Berrykins are shown trying to find a hiding place from the rain and get stuck in a log.

Plum, Lemon, and Jadeybug are looking around when they come by many clumps of something they consider litter. Reminded of a rule Strawberry often states "pack it in pack, it out" meaning whatever you bring into the wilderness you should bring out, so they stop to pick them up until they decide to take a break- only to get into a dispute after they lose the food, as well as the log they planned to rest on.

Mr. Longface and Berrykin Bloom rush to avoid said rolling log, while Plum's group is trying to figure out who keeps littering. Only for the Berrykins to fall out of said log, in front of Princess Berrykin.

Blueberry and Strawberry are having trouble finding the Puff crumbs they left behind, when Strawberry calls to check on the other groups. So far no luck, and they are all lost. They all hear the strange noise coming from the cave entrance and after hanging up, everyone bumps into each other.

The girls are relieved to know that they have found a trail, but they are all starting to lose hope by now. Strawberry remains persistent, but they are interrupted by the upset ladybug twins. They ask Princess Berrykin if she's seen anything but so far no luck. She also points out that the sun will be setting soon, so there will not be too much time left today to keep looking.

Strawberry is beginning to grow worried, but she is sure Custard and Pupcake aren't lost because they know their way around. The others accidentally make her upset though, mentioning that the pets may have run away, got lost, or are stuck somewhere, and to their surprise, they watch as Strawberry starts crying. She claims what they said didn't upset her, but she puts blame on herself because she was too busy with work to take a moment to play with them. She worries they ran away, but Blueberry quickly apologizes for suggesting this to begin with. While Orange assures her that they will find the pets no matter what it takes.

Just then, the girls watch as Mr. Longface and Berrykin Bloom run by. The girls ask what they are running from and they mention hearing a strange sound from underground. This makes Strawberry wonder if her pets may be there and she asks them to bring her to the noise.
Happy ending!

Happy ending!

She calls for her pets after they approach the cave opening and after a moment, she spots the baby gopher, along with Custard and Pupcake. She embraces them and thanks the others for all of their help as the episode comes to an end.


  • Blueberry: If I can't find them with my official Patty Persimmon's genius detective magnifying glass, then they're gone.
  • Strawberry: My pets?!
  • Blueberry: No, the puff crumbs. I can't believe someone ate them.


  • Orange: Wow! This really reminding me of the mystery Blueberry gave me: the search party was in a dark woods like this. Well, they were tracking the missing Glimmerberry, the mean nasty very naughty thief tracking them!
  • Berrykin Bloom: Oh...
  • Raspberry: Oh, hey, I read that mystery: "Patty Persimmon, genius detective, and the case of the mean, nasty, berry naughty Glimmerberry thief"!
  • Mr. Longface: Exactly how mean, nasty and... eh... what was the rest?
  • Raspberry: BERRY naughty.
  • Mr. Longface: Oh dear...
  • Orange: But it turns out it was not the thief at all!
  • Mr. Longface: Oh... thank goodness.
  • Orange: It was really a forest monster!
  • Raspberry: Yeah, they call it the "Slither-Slider".
  • (Mr. Longface and Berrykin Bloom become scared)


  • (Kadiebug and Sadiebug rest at the opening of a hollow log. Kadiebug opens the snack basket, gives Sadiebug a glass of juice and a sandwich for herself, but Sadiebug snatches it from her. Kadiebug snatches the sandwich back)
  • Kadiebug: Oh, hey! I was saving that sandwich for me!
  • ​Sadiebug: (snatches the sandwich again) Finders keepers, losers weepers!


  • Strawberry: (worried) Just the night air... making me sob...
  • (Strawberry starts crying)
  • Lemon: Oh, Strawberry...



Strawberry learns that in times of stress and worry it is best to consult a good friend (or several) rather than keeping her feelings to herself; which only worsened her concerns until she broke down from the stress.

She also learns that in times of hopelessness, there are ways to remain calm and focus. As well as the fact that sometimes, we might be too busy but owning pets takes responsibility and attention, even in the worst of times.


  • The ice sculptures Strawberry made were shaped like Kadiebug and Sadiebug.
  • In this episode, it is shown the twins have learned their lesson from "Good Citizens Club".
  • The Patty Persimmon book series is mentioned for the first time since episode 15.
  • This is the first episode where Strawberry is shown crying, preceding "Top Talent".
    • However, this would be the second time in the series she cried, following the pilot movie.
  • Blueberry says she read a story about two kids who made a trail of bread crumbs that they could find their way home. This story is a reference to Hansel and Gretel.


  • When Kadiebug and Sadiebug sit at the edge of the big hollow log, in which the two Berrykins got stuck in, they hear the Berrykins scream and run away, causing the log to roll over. While the log is rolling, the Berrykins appear to be missing when shown from a distance.