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Lemon Salon

Lemon Salon is one of the well-known spots in Berry Bitty City. It's run by Lemon Meringue, who also lives there with her puppy Henna.

Everyone in need of a physical change or some relaxation pays Lemon Salon a visit. Lemon is popular for her hair work, along with manicures, pedicures, etc. She also makes her own scents and perfumes in her spare time.

It is located at the end of Berry Bitty City, closest to Raspberry's Boutique.


Since Lemon's theme fruit is a Lemon, her salon is also lemon themed.

The building is square shaped with a yellow, green, and white theme. The bottom of the salon is yellow. The window door has yellow lining all over it and a small rounded awning above it, with a large window next to the door. There is also another window and door similar to the one in front at the back of the salon, but the door has a smaller window. The roof of the salon is yellow and similar to a lemon slice, with two small windows on top and on the right side of the salon. Surrounding most of the salon are beds of blue flowers.

It has a small waterfall and a few yellow and pink flowers in the back.


Lemon Salon overview

Lemon Salon overview in season 2

The windows in the salon have translucent green curtains. At the front window, there is a purple table with a few towels, a small potted plant and a scented bottle on top of it. In between the front and right wall, there is a green shelf which holds hair or nail products. On the right wall, there are two tulip lights. In between them is a sink with a mirror for washing customers' hair and a chair for them to sit on.

At the back of the salon, there is one hair drying machine in front of the window. On the left, there are two more hair drying machines similar to those that may be at the back with a lemon tables in between at each side. They are in between two more of the green shelves. The lavender carpet on the floor depicts a lemon in the middle. 

However in Season 2, most of the items have been moved. There is a hair drying machine in between the door and the window at the front of the salon with a lemon table, with magazines on it on the left of the chair and a coat hanger on it's right. At the right of the salon, there are two more hair drying machines with lemon tables and green shelves at each end. At the back, there is another hair drying machine in between the back door and window, with the purple table in front of the window. The sink and mirror and chair have been moved to the left side of the salon. The carpet on the floor is still there.

Lemon's Bedroom

Lemons bedroom

Lemon's Bedroom

Lemon's room is located on the second floor of the Salon. The wall is light blue with white detail and is covered in pictures and floral ornaments. The floor is brown with a small purple carpet lined in yellow to match the wastebasket and chandelier. Her light yellow window has a green sheer curtain strung through it. She also has a few potted plants and a vanity.