This page is for outfits worn by Lemon Meringue. For character information visit her character page!


  • Not often seen is a yellow tank top with a white, smaller top underneath with a lemon slice/wedge in the center. She also has on a light blue skirt, yellow and white leggings and yellow shoes with small lemon slices at the toe.
  • For exercise Lemon wears a yellow top with blue skirt, yellow leggings, slip on shoes, and leg warmers.
  • For bed, Lemon wears a light blue top with gold sleeves and a neck with a lemon image depicted on it, yellow pants with lemons on them, and yellow slippers.
  • Her winter outfit consists of a pair of fluffy ear muffs with a green part, a yellow fur coat with a bit of her summer out fit just about seen, blue mittens, and a green and white striped scarf. This outfit is also worn by Lemon's counterpart character Fran.
  • During the relay race Lemon wore a yellow tank top with short-shorts and a pair of white and sky blue striped leggings and a pair of yellow and white flats. Her helmet was cyan and green themed. For the event, Lemon wore her hair tightly pulled into segmented pigtails.
  • When playing Badminton, Lemon wore a white T-shirt under an pale blue tank top, white skirt with pale blue coloring in the ruffles, light yellow socks worn with white, blue toed, yellow bottomed, green laced shoes, Yellow leggings, and a light blue visor with the band being white with a green middle-stripe. On the side is her lemon wedge clip.
  • For a tropical vacation cover, Lemon wore a cute blue themed dress with chiffon-yellow flower necklace, puffy/flowery bracelets, a big pink flower crown, and instead of green ribbons on her pigtails she holds them with pale yellow flower bands.
  • Raspberry had made the girls special vacation beach attire. Lemon's was a thin strapped solid yellow bathing suit with a small white segment at the neck resembling a lemon wedge. The skirt is pale blue with blue markings and lemon themed wrap-around held shut with a lemon wedge icon and Lemon also had on yellow sandals with light blue straps and small lemons on them.
  • For her role in the play Plum held, Lemon was the mean queen. She wore bright, clashing makeup like purple eyeshadow and bright red blush. She pulled her hair up into a strange shade with a silver crown and multiple green bows. She wears a dark purple dress with gold and white designs and pale yellow under-layer of the skirt.


  • To promote Cherry Jam all of the girls were given a musical performance style. Lemon wears a long sleeved shirt with blue and white stripes, a pale yellow vest like jacket, blue skirt with dark blue belt, dark blue pants with small stars on them and a blue star icon below her left eye. She also has lemon-yellow flats. Her hair gains a single golden glitter highlight.
  • The girls also gained black and white themed band attire. Lemon gains black sparkle highlights worn with a big black and white bow with lemon wedge centerpiece and small gray leaves. She wears a black blouse with puffed sleeves and small lemon drop pieces and sparkle lining, a white skirt with designs and lemons on it above the knee and a white belt-like segment. She also wears a small black and gold necklace, white and yellow striped leggings above the ankles and black slip on shoes. Her guitar is strawberry/heart shaped with one half being black, the other lemon themed with a big lemon wedge at the top.
  • When the girls dressed as Cherry Jam Groupies, Lemon cut her hair to resemble a bob. She wore a green tank top with a sky blue ruffle multilayer skirt. Also yellow skinny boots with markings at the toe, multiple necklaces, and green and blue blinder sunglasses.
  • As one of the evil sisters, Lemon wore a frilly yellow dress with white gloves and bright blue lining and multilayer skirt. She wore her hair up and puffed with her hair bows, a cyan ornament with a flower at the top, and a lilac and pale blue band with a giant cyan flower.
  • As the daughter in the littlest berrykin story, Lemon wore a cyan dress that started at her chest with a thick yellow segment, along with yellow heels and elbow length gloves. Her hair is the same. On the back of her dress was a dull green ribbon.

Not in the animated version

  • A pale blue blouse with a lemon wedge on the chest and green khaki pants that have a plaid detailing on the rolled up parts. She also has pale yellow and gold detailed rain boots and a plaid green headband-ribbon. Her hair is worn in low pigtails with pale blue scrunchies.
  • A pale blue dress with three ruffle layers of skirt, the center one being soft pink in color to match her ribbon belt. She wears blue maryjane shoes with lemon clasps and a big sparkly pink ribbon in her head with a lemon wedge in the center. Her segmented parts of hair are held by very pale pink ribbons.
  • A sparkling blue gown with a pink ribbon around her waist and wrist, along with a lemon wedge pinned to the side, and pale colored ruffles lining the edges. Her shoes are slightly darker and she has a crown with small strawberry gems on it.
  • A pale blue dress with dull yellow, and pale gray lines all over it. At her chest and the bottom of the skirt are chiffon yellow with frills and yellow hearts and buttons on them. She also wears her normal green hair ribbons, a cyan bead bracelet, her lemon hair clip with a blue flower on it, and a pair of dull bronze-yellow boots with pale blue laces.

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