A page listing the various illness and injuries that have occurred on Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


  • Raspberry keeps sneezing due to her allergy to flowers.

Season 1

Fish Out of Water

A Stitch in Time

Vanishing Violets

Babysitter Blues

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Pop Goes the Garden

The Berry Best You Can Bee

Strawberry's House Pest

Berry Bitty World Record

  • Mr. LongFace thinks that the girls were sick due to their strange behavior.
  • Jadeybug slips after running into a stack of cans.
  • Plum falls over while standing on her hands.
  • Both Plum and Raspberry suffered a bit from their attempts to break their records.

Too Cool for Rules

  • Plum falls backwards while carrying all of her invites.
  • Plum, Orange, and Strawberry run into each other after Strawberry finds Plum's cellphone.
  • When Strawberry informs Plum about the problem, she slips and falls down.

Berry Best BerryFest Princess

Strawberry's Berry Big Parade

The Berry Best Choice

  • The bird Strawberry had been worried about during the entire episode had been very malnourished due to being stuck in a bunch of vines.
  • Berrykin Bloom runs into a vine and falls backwards.

Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves

Where oh Where has my Blueberry Gone?

Manners Meltdown

Trading Sizes

  • Raspberry's eyes become sore and puffy as a result of sewing tiny clothes.

Different Waltz for Different Faults

  • Multiple incidents and minor-injuries occur during the dance at the beginning of the episode.
  • Raspberry's foot gets stuck in a vase, and as a result she slips and falls into a pile of clothing.
  • Strawberry's feet are severely blistered.
  • Blueberry's eyes are sore as a result of excessive reading, and cannot see straight.

Happy First Frost

  • Strawberry is allergic to Hibiscus flowers and ends up developing a cold from the present.

A Circle of Friends

Glimmerberry Ball

Nice as Nails

How You Play the Game

Good Citizens Club

  • When Kadiebug and Sadiebug enter the post office, the door bumps into Postmaster Bumblebee, knocking him over.

Team for Two

  • Princess Berrykin uses a balloon to pick flowers from high branch. The balloon pops and she falls on the ground.

Lost and Found

Season 2

The Berry Big Harvest

  • Strawberry tackles Orange to avoid being hit by a watermelon.

Room at the Top

  • The girls sprayed too much perfume, which would normally have gotten people sick from the fumes.
  • A berrykin falls off a ladder into a tin of green paint.

Starlight, Star Bright

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Plum sprains her wrist from practicing on the drums too much.
  • While showing off a new dress to the girls, Plum stumbles and slides right into a fruit stand.

Top Talent

A Star is Fashioned

  • Berrykin Becky bumps painfully into the gadget. Shortly later she falls from the bus.
  • Raspberry loses her balance while evading the croquet ball, and falls backwards.

No Blueberry is an Island

Where the Berry Breeze Blows

The Berry Best Vacation

  • Raspberry's parasol keeps closing on her. Though it's actually a flower, so it's unlikely to cause pain.
  • A stack of books falls on top of Blueberry.
  • Orange slips and falls while going downstairs. Her suitcase rolls and bumps into Blueberry, making her fall, then Orange bumps into her.
  • Raspberry's parasol opens when Berrykin Bertram stands nearby, sending him into the air. He lands on the mermaid statue.
  • Mavis yanks the towel under Blueberry, causing her to fall off her chair.

The Berry Long Winter

The Big Freeze

On Ice

  • Plum slips on a water puddle, bumps into Orange and Raspberry and knocks them over.
  • Pupcake and the girls slip and fall on the ice.

On the Road

Season 3

A Boy and his Dogs

Partners in Crime

  • Blueberry falls backwards while trying to get a magazine out of Scouty's mouth.
  • Bosley is hit by a book, flung by the machine that Scouty operates.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show

Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins

Berryella and Prince Charming

  • While Huckleberry dances with Strawberry and Plum, he clumsily steps on their feet.

The Littlest Berrykin

The Berry Big Relay Race

The Berry Best Treasure

The Berry Scary Fun Adventure

  • Strawberry falls into Cherry and Blueberry's moat and gets covered in water and mud.

The Berry Lucky Day

  • The puppies make the girls fall over.

All Dogs Allowed

  • Cherry, Blueberry and Plum fall backwards painfully when they try to lure the puppies with treats tied to fishing rods.
  • Lemon, Orange and Plum fell backwards when they try to help Lemon when the lever of Lemon's scent dispenser got jammed.
  • Lemon's scent dispenser sprays too much perfumes, causing the girls to cough and sneeze.

A Basket of Blue Berries

  • Blueberry catches a cold.

The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff

Season 4

Berry Double Trouble

  • Plum falls over since Raspberry absently sewn her pants legs together.
  • Lemon and Raspberry push a large strawberry at each other, causing each other to be struck by it.

Berry Bitty Adventurer

  • As Sour tries to take the snack bowl back from Sweet, she falls down.

High Tech Drama

A Berry Merry Birthday

  • While playing tennis, Plum stumbles backwards, bumps into Strawberry and causes her to fall down.
  • Blueberry falls down during a tennis game.

Tall Tale Trio

  • After crawling out the storeroom window of Orange Mart with the marshmallows, Plum jumps out into the arms of Orange and Cherry, but ends up landing on them a bit too hard, causing them all to see stars.

Berry Big Tale-Teller

The Berry Bitty Great Race

  • It takes three tries before Guava and McSnivels get back on their frogs.
  • After Guava and McSnivels reverse the sign, they fall down painfully.
  • Crudy, using the balloon basket as a sled, bumps into Apple's banana peel sled, is thrown away and lands painfully on a tree branch.
  • At the boat, Guava and McSnivels push each other.

The Berry Best Taste Test

  • Strawberry's nose is stuffed up due to an allergy she gets it every year when the Purple Puff Petals are in bloom.

The Berry Best Biscuit

  • Sour wakes up with a backache since her mattress was not properly inflated.

Hot Sauce Cook Off

  • Lots of Berrykins were sent flying through the air when they taste test the hot sauce.

The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster

Doggie Dance No-Show

  • While dancing, Strawberry becomes dizzy and nearly falls.

Dance Puppy Dance

  • Cherry falls over three times: when Mavis shows up near her tour bus; when a squirrel runs past and pushes her; and when she pulls out Berrykin Bloom's boombox out of its container.


  • The injuries and illness in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures are similar to those from PAW Patrol, but unlike those, there are not on accident in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.