Elsa and Ilse

Ilse and Elsa are twin sisters. They appear on Apple's story about the Berry Bitty Great Race.


Ilse and Elsa are portrayed by Sweet and Sour respectively. Their outfits are identical to Sweet and Sour's, except their hats. They appear to be Swiss, by their accent and hats.


Ilse and Elsa were yodeling when Apple and Tea Time Turtle met them. Their singing was so poor that Tea Time hid in his shell. They bickered (similarly to the way Sweet and Sour argue about trivial matters) which key to sing - B flat or C. Apple played a harmonica and suggested another key - D sharp. They listened to her, and then they yodeled nicely.

They advised Apple to hurry to the next part of the race (a balloon launch), since she was currently leading. Apple, however, decided to be fair and wait for the other competitors to catch up. Elsa sneered at that, but Apple insisted that "A race is only fun if it's fair". Ilse and Elsa wished Apple good luck, then she and Tea Time went to the balloon launch.

In the end, it was revealed Ilse and Elsa were two of the observers assigned to monitor the race and report the judge about the way the competitors behaved.


  • Ilse (bows gracefully): I am Ilse, and this is my twin sister Elsa.
  • (Elsa bows too)
  • Ilse and Elsa: Do you yodel?


  • Elsa: Vait! Ve agreed to yodel alwayz in the key of B-flat!
  • Ilse: Ach, says you! It was the key of C!
  • Elsa: B-flat!
  • Ilse: C!
  • Elsa (yells): B-flat!
  • Ilse (yells): C!


  • (after listening to Apple's music)
  • Ilse: Bless my strudel! A D-sharp!
  • Elsa: Ya, I think you're right.
  • Ilse: Vell, shall ve try? And a one, and a two...
  • (they yodel, this time well. Tea Time pulls his head out of the shell)
  • Elsa: My goodness gracious! We rocked!!
  • (they hold hands, laugh and dance cheerfully)


  • Ilse: Good luck, Apple Dumplin! And remember: verever you go...
  • Ilse and Elsa: Keep yo-de-ling!


  • (the twins, alongside Fran and the rescue dog, are revealed to be the observers of the race)
  • Elsa: You think we just sit around all day and yodel?
  • Ilse: We've been keeping an eye on you.



  • Sour reacted at the same way like her analogous character Elsa at Apple's statement about fairness.
  • Elsa's name sounds a bit familiar to Elsa from Frozen.


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