Ice skating
Icy Skites
are butterfly-powered ice skates that Blueberry invented.

The Big Freeze

Blueberry was waiting for the new Patty Persimmon book she ordered, but the post service has been disrupted due to the heavy snow. Bosley gave her the idea of using ice skates. The problem was that Berry Bitty Dale was a long way to reach by ice skating. Blueberry thought it over and came up with a solution: she fashioned ice skates from a broken tennis racket, and tied a butterfly to a rope. The butterfly pulled her swiftly all the way to Berry Bitty Dale and back in a short time. Strawberry and Ladybug Lois spotted her, and were amazed.

Shortly afterwards, the other Berry girls, Jadeybug and several Berrykins came to ask about the "flying ice boots". Blueberry explained how she made them, and called them "Icy Skites". They asked Blueberry to make more for them and she agreed. All she needed was tennis rackets and butterflies. Soon the Berrykins and Berry girls were all skating, enjoying a lot using the new invention.

Lois called Blueberry, and told her the store was interested in manufacturing and marketing the Icy Skites. She asked Blueberry to make matching outfits and a commercial for the store website. Bosley encouraged Blueberry to go for it. It turned to be a success: soon the store was crowded with customers looking for the Icy Skites, which were sold like hotcakes, as Lois told Blueberry.

On Ice

Berrykin Earl reminded Berrykin Ed how much fun it was to use the Icy Skites. Since the roads were not frosted anymore, he suggested to glue ice cubes on the blades, that way they could skate at summer. Ed dismissed the idea as nonsense.

Later, the Berry girls and Berrykins gathered at the cafe, upset that the three upcoming events - Raspberry's fashion show, Berrykin Bruce's water show extravaganza and the spring regatta - were cancelled due to the sudden return of winter. Earl suggested to hold the fashion and water show on the frozen lake. His idea was accepted, but still there was one problem left - how to hold the regatta. Earl found a solution for that too: he suggested to use the Icy Skites. Following his idea, Icy Skites were connected to the boats, and that way the girls could sail them while modeling the winter outfits.


  • "Icy Skites" is a combination of the words ice skates and kite.


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