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Huckleberry Pie
Huckleberry Pie Hub




Owns "Huckleberry's Home for Pets"

Theme Colors

Dark Blue, Dark Green, White


Three huckleberries in a triangle


Tom Tom

Voice Actor

Aidan Drummond

Huckleberry Pie is one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends and characters in the series. He joins the group in Season 3.


Socially awkward but well-meaning, Huckleberry found himself in Berry Bitty City after his Pup-Mobile broke down and got stuck in the mud. He decided to stick around after befriending the Berry Girls and gave them their brand new puppies.


Huckleberry is fair-skinned with short, slightly messy light caramel-colored hair and matching eyes with an orange tint. He wears a dark blue top with a huckleberry design with green sleeves striped with white. His denim pants are pale brown, while his dark blue sneakers are accented in white and green.


Energetic like his puppies - Huckleberry is always game to have some fun. He is very friendly, but lacks experience socially, since he is only used to interacting with hyper dogs, who genuinely seem to enjoy his company and like to play with him. He learns how to just be himself over his time spent with the girls and he shows his true personality; an eager young man who likes trying new things and is thoughtful towards the feelings of others. 

Huckleberry bonded well with Blueberry, due to his interest in the Patty Persimmon books and enjoyment for mystery. While he seems a little air-headed and clumsy, he is actually pretty smart.

Despite being surrounded by girls, Huckleberry doesn't seem to mind their girly activities and tries everything with no judgment. He enjoys his time with them and cares deeply for everyone. He can be pretty goofy but he will do whatever he can to support or help a berry friend in need.

Official Hub Profile

Huck lives in Berry Big City where he is starting a dog shelter. He often takes pups on the road in his pet adoption van to help them get adopted all over the countryside. He is instantly liked by everyone in Berry Bitty City and ends up becoming best friends with Blueberry, with whom he shares a love of mysteries and mystery-writing.


Huckleberry seems to have natural skills when it comes to animals and writing, of both the musical and novel variety. He and Blueberry become friends when they find that they both love Patty Persimmon.


  • Strawberry - Huckleberry met Strawberry first and befriended her fairly quick. They get along very well.
  • Blueberry - Huckleberry has bonded with Blueberry the most out of all the berry girls. But this is because she was the first to realize his behavior and their common interests. He is said to be equal with Blueberry in terms of personality, interest, fruit design, and color scheme.
  • Cherry - Huckleberry has spent a bit of time with Cherry and has bonded with her due to his desire to improve his creativity.
  • Plum - Huckleberry befriended Plum when Blueberry asked him to be Prince Charming in their play. Plum helps him dance. She also asked him to write a play with Blueberry because she trusts him.
  • Tom Tom - Huckleberry's pet dog whom he loves deeply. They both have stage fright in "Doggie Dance No-Show".
  • Orange Blossom, Raspberry Torte and Lemon Meringue: He has not been shown to interact with them as much as the others. 
  • Apple Dumplin:
  • Sweet Grapes and Sour Grapes:


  • "Aw, mud pies!"
  • "Hey, that's what Patty Persimmon always says."
  • "Aw muffin crumbs!"
  • ​"Uh... Café's closing lunch so I better get over there as fast as I can?"
  • "Come on Tom Tom, I've been saved by... nail polish."
  • "Tom Tom, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you do something you didn't want to do. Will you forgive me, boy?"


  • Huckleberry has appeared the least out of new characters, possibly as a result his job requires he travels. Or it may even be because as the only male, he was hard to fit into certain storylines.
    • He appeared the least out of the main Berry Group.
  • He is the first main character which does not permanently live in Berry Bitty City.
  • He is the second Berry member to be a dedicated fan of Patty Persimmon, following Blueberry. 
  • He is the only human boy that appears in Berry Bitty City.
  • His name is based on Huckleberry Finn. But unlike the 80s version, he lacks the personality.
  • He appears often in season 3, but only in one episode of season 4 ("Doggie Dance No-Show").
  • He suffers from stage fright ("Berryella and Prince Charming").
  • According to "The Berry Lucky Day", he once built a dog house, a fence and a treehouse, and they all fell apart.


Huckleberry Pie/ Image Gallery

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