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How You Play the Game



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Nov 10, 2010

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"How You Play the Game" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Orange works out a plan to ensure that the whole community has equal access to Berry Bitty City's public spaces.

Episode Review

One summer day the Berrykins are working when they soon get distracted by a flying dandelion. It leads them to Orange Mart and she overhears them, quickly opening the door to avoid injury. They continue to play and soon they go outside. Enticed by their game, Orange follows to ask to join them, but the game soon comes to a halt when the dandelion puff vanishes. To remedy this, Orange asks Raspberry to make them a ball stuffed with feathers and dandelion puffs. While she doesn't entirely understand, she doesn't ask and joins them after finishing.

Meanwhile, Strawberry is at Lemon's Salon when they hear noise outside and see Raspberry, Orange, and the berrykins playing and they soon join in, along with Plum and Blueberry.
However, wanting to develop the game more, they try to think of possible goals and pick the Gazebo, and a droopy daisy. The butterflies are made referees and the game goes underway.

Seeing as they have no distance in comparison to the berrykins, Orange brings in her Pogo-stick and starts to come up with rules for the game, such as allowing one team to use pogo sticks and the birds for another. After bringing in springs for the berrykins, they determine the game to be fair now and before they know it, the day comes to an end and they have to quit. Everybody had so much fun, and encouraged by this, Orange comes up with the name "Dandyball".

Later, Blueberry is telling the berrykins a story while the girls are once again playing that game. The berrykins get distracted and
wish to play, so she comes into Strawberry's Cafe in hopes of getting their minds off of it. However, it doesn't work and the same thing happens with everyone else, besides Raspberry, who was needlepointing with Princess Berrykin and Jadeybug. They give them space by going inside to finish.

Eventually, Plum comes by to ask for Strawberry's aid in clearing out part of the meadow for an upcoming recital. She mentions being unable to use the Gazebo now because of Dandyball, so she felt it'd be best just to pick a new location instead.

With this in mind Strawberry decides to hold a meeting to try to determine how they can make more room for other events. The girls are at a loss, having trouble finding a way to make everything fair until eventually, they decide they need someone to be put in charge of a schedule. Plum and Raspberry are too busy, and they vote for Lemon, but Strawberry asks Orange if this is okay, seeing as she felt she'd want to do it. Orange agrees with Lemon though and soon everyone starts to make their plans.

By now Blueberry has finished reading a story but there's still a few minutes until they can play. Strawberry notes how weird this is and pays the other girls a visit to try to find a way to make a "tighter" schedule; but to her surprise she is greeted by a huge stack of papers at Lemon Salon. Strawberry explains to Lemon that an hour is too much for some activities (such as reading time), and not enough for other activities (such as Dandyball). Lemon then states that she never thought of it that way since she's so used to making salon appointments by the hour. At this point, Lemon is beginning to become very stressed from all of this work and mentions having no time to work on it with all of her salon appointments.

At this point Plum suggests they ask Blueberry to do it while Orange attempts to volunteer. Blueberry agrees with nobody hearing Orange, and she is given the papers. Strawberry asks Orange if she is okay with this again, and she claims to be, so Blueberry decides to go over her books related to this topic, then gives a detailed lecture about her findings later on.

Unfortunately, everybody is finding this new schedule style very confusing. Blueberry admits it's way more complicated then she thought it'd be, and the next day proves just how much more confusing it really is after everyone starts to get frustrated and fails to keep the pace. In hopes of fixing it Blueberry asks everyone to play Dandyball in the meantime and she tries to make a better schedule.

Eventually, Blueberry asks someone else to take over and Lemon nominates Raspberry, who then picks Strawberry, who mentions Orange should be the one to go first. The others are unsure if Orange can really do it though, considering her brash nature, but Orange wishes to try anyway and the others head to her store, mentioning that they wish to make her an organizer to make things easier. At first Orange was going to refuse as Strawberry suspiciously begins to ask questions, pointing out that the very things Orange does at her store is what they need.

Later on Orange holds a meeting and begins to explain how she realized it was like how she works in her store, and adds that she also made everyone smaller charts and divided things up into six teams before going into a small math like problem. She also had worked an entire season for the new sport and even a championship. She also shows them how she used Blueberry's confusing symbols from earlier in her brand new schedules as well.

And so with that in mind the girls begin to mention how Dandyball still requires some things, like a rule book, routines, uniforms, and so fourth. With a small laugh, Orange is talking with Jadeybug while on a walk the next day. She asks her to help her organize the post office, while Princess Berrykin asks to make the Berry Works smoother. Then Blueberry asks for help as well.

However, everyone goes instead to play Dandyball and just enjoying their time out and playing together. Hanging out as music plays and the episode comes to an end just as Orange makes a game winning shot.


Orange: Hi, Berrykins! What's this?


Orange: Well, since I was the one who sort of got the ball rolling...


Orange and the others learn that there needs to be a balance between work and play after their work begins to get neglected from focusing on this brand new, fun game. They also learn that they need to be more considerate of others and the importance of sharing and respecting the space of others.

Meanwhile, the other girls learn a lesson in trusting our friends with important tasks. They may not seem like the type but when push comes to shove, friends can be dependable and may just surprise you.


  • Mr. Longface has a cameo appearance when Blueberry hands out the schedule copies she made.
    • Kadiebug and Sadiebug also have cameos, saying how unfair the schedule was when everyone was getting annoyed and confused.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Strawberry was not shown to be cooking, baking, or working at any point.
  • This is one of the few times the butterflies wear clothing.