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High Tech Drama





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July 4, 2015

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High Tech Drama is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


The twins argument winds up being broadcasted onto the Berrynet during Lemon and Raspberry's fashion podcast. Meanwhile, the "mood hair" created by Lemon runs amok when the twins emotions take over them during an argument.

Episode Review

While they finish the final touches on the camera skirt Raspberry made, the girls watch over Strawberry's video. Strawberry congratulates her on a job well done, then they ask if they can check Mavis' program on Apple's computer, since the segment will be ending in a few minutes. She turns it on, allowing the girls to watch on the skirt as Mavis is reminding everyone about the contest, including her voicing that the design entries she got from Berry Bitty City seem to be the most promising. She ends her segment after mentioning that texts can be sent in for voting.

Excited again, the girls discuss the wonderful news knowing that they may be a shoe-in for first place. But when Strawberry suddenly spots Lemon's nails turn blue, she questions her sadness. Lemon is worried because she thinks her nails are not as noticeable as Raspberry's camera skirt, but as Strawberry tries to convince her that her mood nails are fine, she suddenly gets an idea to make "Moody Hair".

Later on, in the evening at Lemon Salon, she and Raspberry attempt to make the Moody Extension, which is a cute little braid attached to a glittering bow. She explains Raspberry that while it may seem like it, the extensions aren't necessarily alive, they work with the Sparkleberry juice being sent into them through electronic currents through the cords she has on them, combined with the emotional energy of whoever wears them. 

The next day, Apple is sitting at a small booth to the side of the stage when Orange shows up. She is pretty disappointed that the girls aren't really ready yet, since she's been stuck there doing nothing else. But they still have a lot of work to do, and Raspberry explains the vitality of each step to Strawberry, who is a bit unhappy with it so far. The girls are joined by Sweet and Sour, who have come by to watch. Sour wasn't really looking forward to it though and claims that she was only dragged there by Sweet, so to hurry and calm down Lemon and Raspberry, Strawberry allows the Grape Twins to stay and she runs backstage. 

While they chat, the twins also do some chatting of their own. Strawberry suddenly gets an idea though, and she approaches them to ask if they would like to take over for her as models in the show. Sweet is delighted with the idea, though Sour wants nothing to do with it. Sweet attempts to appease her by saying she looks gorgeous, but this only causes them to bicker a little until Sour finally caves in. The girls are taken to Lemon salon and are given a matching hairstyle, and Lemon begins to apply the Moody Hair Extension to each girl, telling them that they must wear them all day until after the Fashion Show ends. 

In order to do some baking, the twins make a stop to Orange Mart. They start to look for some whole wheat flour, but as Orange reveals she just ran out of it that morning, a fussy Sour starts to throw a tantrum, saying that making anything would be impossible now. Sweet attempts to calm her down again, suggesting they just try to use almond or coconut flour, but this doesn't help. They watch as Sweet's mood hair turns red, then pink as she gets flustered, but when Orange points out how happy Sour's looks, she gets angry, causing it to turn red as well. As the twins try to calm down, their mood extensions suddenly spring to life and begin to chase everyone around the shop.

Almost caught the moody hair!
They give chase to the hair pieces as they make their way to Fresh Fashions Boutique. They hide, then dive out of the shop just as the twins enter, leaving with some tiny hats. The hairs continue to run, slithering by a shocked Strawberry and Apple, followed by the twins, who run past them.

It's then Lemon and Raspberry get a call and they are told to come to the Berry Works - where the hair extensions are causing problems. Raspberry is quite surprised and upset to find the extensions wearing some little spring hats she had been working on and hadn't shown anybody yet, since they were to be a secret until she was ready. As they watch, Lemon starts to realize that she may have filled the extensions with too much juice, and by making them so mood-filled, blew some circuits in them. 

She attempts to soothe her naughty hair extensions, and this seems to work as she calls them over. But they get distracted by some Berrykins hiding on a light above them, until Apple spots the two little hats on the ground and the girls use them to lure the hair pieces back to Lemon Salon. After getting them inside, Lemon tosses them into a drawer and shuts it tightly.

At this point, Sour is getting upset again and she refuses to partake in the fashion show, claiming that even if she sounds selfish she doesn't really care. Seeing how hectic everything is, Lemon tells Raspberry to just finish the Fashion Show on her own, suddenly filled with self-doubt. Raspberry refuses to do this though, because they wanted to do this together, but Lemon remains unconvinced. She goes over her various ideas, but Apple expresses an interest in her very original "Camera hair" idea and asks to know more. After Lemon tells her, she gets an idea and offers to help make some camera hair barrettes; which can also be wireless so that they don't need to worry over that.

Lemon is worried by this point, since it's so late but the girls are sure they can do this. Strawberry encourages her to keep going and with that, Apple sits down to get right to work.

Eventually the time for the Fashion Show dwindles down. The girls tried to get Sour to reconsider, and she does, but only because she feels that Sweet was forcing her into it. As Strawberry attempts to put a pair of glasses on her, Sour refuses, since she doesn't wish to look like Sweet, but the girls explain that they need to look like a single model, so she has to wear them.

Having no choice, the glasses-clad Sour approaches Apple. She mistakenly believes that she is Sweet, and at first Sour attempts to tell her that she isn't her, only to realize she has to pretend to be her, so she modifies her voice to sound like her twin. She asks how everything works, along with how it gets plugged in until Orange asks for some help with a nearby light stand. After Apple walks off, Sour begins to mess with the program in hopes of shutting it down. She pulls out the power cable, then takes off after she hears Apple in the distance.

Apple returns and begins to panic, worrying that she may have crashed the system. She quickly tries to fix everything as Raspberry tells her they will be finished in about ten minutes. Apple is beyond worried that she will not finish, but she is able to give everything fixed with five minutes to spare, then runs off to remind everyone.

Unknown to them, Mavis is starting her own program. She voices that they had five minutes but for some reason. Berry Bitty City is going to be starting their own segment ahead of schedule. So she uses her own system to change the camera, allowing the audience to watch and see what she does.

To the side, the twins are bickering while Raspberry and Lemon try to find them to put in the camera clips. Sour believes that Sweet manipulated her into doing this, despite her claims that she did no such thing, then she accuses Strawberry of the same thing. While the girls try to calm her down, the girls are alarmed to find out that the hair extensions have been set loose.

They attempt to capture the naughty, moody hair extensions but in the process only wind up into a big heap. As this occurs, the twins continue to argue, unaware that the hair extensions jumped onto their heads and are worn around their hair again. 

At the realization that the entire ordeal that just occurred was being recorded, Raspberry and Lemon begin screaming.

At Berry Bitty Cafe, the girls all sit down for some tea while lamenting what they just witnessed. They rewatch the program, but refuse to look at their cellphones in fear of having got tons of mean and nasty texts. They also fret over their careers and shops, then consider changing their entire identity - though Strawberry attempts to calm them. Apple apologizes and attempts to take the full blame for what happened, but to the girls surprise, Sour shows up with her suitcase, preparing to leave.

She sadly reveals that she was the cause of everything that happened. She rewatched the program and could hardly believe how mean she came off in it, so she has decided to leave Berry Bitty City, and Sweet, behind. However, Sweet refuses to leave her twin sister, and also shows up with a suitcase. Sour is touched by the gesture and they both begin to leave, just for Apple and Strawberry to stop them. They convince the twins by saying that they will be very happy, and loved here, and the twins agree to get along better.

While they seem to be happy, Strawberry decides to check the texts and what-not, finding out that the girls have actually won the contest! This shocks them both, as Strawberry keeps reading the text message that Mavis has found the idea of making a comedy fashion show - very surprising, inventive and bold, and she loved it a lot! With that, the girls celebrate their wonderful news.

Late in the evening, Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Lemon leave the Cafe. Strawberry asks Lemon about the Mood extensions but Lemon is just happy they are gone for now - given all the problems they caused. She has no idea where they actually are though, but as it turns out, the berrykins took them to use the extensions as race horses.


  • Sour did not want to participate the fashion contest. The other girls should have respected her wish and left her alone, rather than nag her into joining reluctantly.
  • There is no need to despair soon at what seems to be a failure; in life there are unexpected turns of events, which may turn an apparent failure to a success.


  • Strawberry: Lemon, your mood nails turn blue. Are you sad?
  • Lemon: I was just thinking. Raspberry's screen skirt is so unearthly wonderful. I don't know if my mood nails make much of a statement.
  • Strawberry: Well I think they're great.
  • Lemon: Thank you, but you can barely see them on the webcast. They're not as prominent as like a hairstyle or.. Aaah! That's it! Forget the mood nails! I'll do moody hair! We'll call them "Moodies"!
  • Raspberry: Whoa! Whoa! It's kinda last minute. Can you pull it off in time? The contest is tomorrow.
  • Lemon: I can try and I always have the mood nails as a backup.
  • Apple: Well, you better get do it.
  • Lemon: It's gonna be a long night.


  • Lemon (says this like when Frankenstein's monster is alive): Behold, MOODY HAIR!!!


  • Orange (sees the twins coming): Here comes peace and harmony.


  • Sour (sneers at Strawberry's outfit with the electric cords): Ha! Little early for Halloween, isn't it?


  • Sour (bored): I thought the thing was technology in fashion, not monotony in fashion.
  • Sweet: I'm sure they're just ironing out some glitches. Ironing - fashion - clothes (chuckles) funny, eh?
  • Sour: No.


  • Strawberry: There's no time for arguments.
  • Sour: There's ALWAYS time for arguments. Like jellybeans - you can't have just one.


  • (at Lemon's salon)
  • Sour: Are you sure this moody hair thing is gonna work?
  • Sweet: Wow! It really does the work. I'm impressed Lemon.
  • (Sour's moody hair turns red)
  • Strawberry: Is something wrong Sour?
  • Sour (her moody hair turns green): Sweet's hair looks better than mine.
  • Strawberry: Oh, I think I get it. Sour's hair is green with envy. (chuckle)
  • Lemon: Trust me Sour. If both your hairstyles are fabulous it'll be just as my reputation as yours. Now remember girls: the fashion webcast is tonight, so you'll have to keep your Moodies on for a rest of the day.
  • Sweet: Moodies? Oh, that's cute Lemon.
  • Lemon: I'll see you on rehearsal in half an hour.
  • Sweet: We will be there.
  • Sour: What is it with you and this "we" thing?
  • Sweet: We're twins.
  • Sour: Not if I can help it...


  • (at Orange's store)
  • Sweet: Hi Orange. You look nice today.
  • Orange: Sweet! Sour! So are you! Wow! Are those Lemon's Moody Hair pieces?
  • Sweet: She called them the Moodies. Aren't they the best? She is so talented!
  • Sour: Is that what talent is? Who knew.
  • Sweet: All we need is to pick up a few things to the cafe.
  • Orange: I'm here to help.
  • Sour: Then help me understand why there is no whole-wheat flour in this whole joint?
  • Orange (sighs): Oh, ah, I just ran out this morning.
  • Sour: Great! Well, I guess we can just forget about baking at the cafe this week. No pancakes, no pies, no muffins, no bread...
  • Sweet: Sour! Well, let's see: what if we try almond flour or coconut flour? Might be fun to improvise.
  • Sour (her moody hair turns yellow): No waffles, no half pastries, no cakes, and you can kiss cookies goodbye!
  • Sweet (scowls, her moody hair turns red): Do you think this is funny?
  • Sour (teasing): Ooooh! What's this? My sweet sister - angry? (points at Sweet's moody hair)
  • Sweet (fluttered): Ah... I'm not angry, why would you say that?
  • Orange: Because your hair is steaming! Oooh! This is so great!
  • Sweet (her moody hair turns pink): Oh, golly... That's just probably a static cord. I don't know.
  • Orange: Oooh! Your hair is blushing! That's awesome! Your hair is doing a joy dance! You must be very happy!
  • Sour (her moody hair turns red): Happy?! I am not!
  • Orange: I... was just saying what the hair is doing. And Lemon told me that these don't lie.
  • Sweet (her moody hair turns red): But... I've never told a lie in my life. That's just so... wrong.
  • Sour: As if!


  • (while chasing the Moody Hairs extensions, Raspberry notices they wear hats taken from her boutique)
  • Raspberry: Are those mine... are they wearing hats from my new puppy fashions? Nobody is supposed to see those until I release my spring line!


  • (Sour, dressed like Sweet and wearing glasses, approaches Apple)
  • Apple (mistakes Sour for Sweet): Hi, Sweet! Wow... you look terrific!
  • Sour: (scowls) I am not Swee... (an idea comes to her mind. She changes her voice, imitating her sister) eh... that is, I am not responsible, it's all due to Lemon's genius, and yours, Apple! Look at all this. How does this work?
  • Apple: This (pointing at the right monitor) shows what's airing on "Berry in the Know", and this (pointing at the left monitor) shows what our webcast film on stage in live.
  • Sour: (in her normal voice) Whatever... (in Sweet's voice) I mean... amazing! You're sooooo talented!
  • Apple: And the light turns red...
  • Sour: (in her normal voice) Never mind that. How is it all... (in Sweet's voice) eh... plugged in?
  • Apple: Well, the Sparkleberry juice power cables are connected to the... 
  • Orange: Apple, can you help me with that light stand?
  • Apple: Sure! Excuse me. (walking away to help Orange)
  • (as soon as Apple leaves, Sour sits and clicks the keyboard of the left laptop. The light turns red) 
  • Sour (mutters): Power cable, power cable...
  • (Sour unplugs the electric cable from the left laptop. Both monitors become dark. Sour gasps, smiles and leaves before Apple returns)



  • After Berry Double Trouble and Berry Bitty Adventurer, no more new main characters are introduced.
  • Huckleberry and Tea Time Turtle do not appear in this episode.
  • Cherry, Plum, and Blueberry appear in this episode, but have no lines.
  • The moody hair had a little reference to Frankenstein.
  • Sour comments that Sweet looks like her, which is why she thinks she is gorgeous. This implies that at one point, the twins did actually resemble each other.
  • The images of girl designs surrounding Mavis during her segment are pictures of Lemon and Plum.
  • This is one of the several episodes when the fourth wall is broken: Lemon breaks the fourth wall to see to the viewers being in the transition of background.
  • This is the conclusion of the fashion contest story arc that began on "Berry Double Trouble".
  • When discussing with Lemon about changing their identities, Raspberry says "I'll even start eating lima beans". Apparently this means she does not like that food.

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