Henna is the hairiest little cocker spaniel of the bunch. She belongs to Lemon Meringue, who adopted her during "A Boy and his Dogs", when the berry girls offered to host the dogs while Huckleberry Pie was recovering from his rough trip.


When trying to do much, Henna struggles and displays worried, frightened mannerisms. She is a total lap dog who prefers not to have to do much and be given plenty of attention.

She also has a sneaky side and likes to hide things, instead of finding them. 


Henna is a lemon yellow spaniel with long fur at her paws, giving it the appearance of sleeves and pants at the "cuff". Her paws are cream colored, while the fur at her chest appears to be a rich shade of gold. Her hair (which is most likely a wig) covers her ears, given them the appearance of sectioned pigtails held by cyan ribbons, along with a big tuft of bangs in the center. She has a black nose and deep blue eyes. To match her pretty bows, she wears a cyan collar with a lemon wedge.


Originally, Henna (named Sleuth) was under the care of Blueberry Muffin. However, she was frightened by most things and did not enjoy the "fun tests" Blueberry set up for her. Until she found Huck, hiding in the bushes, anyway.


  • Henna is one of the two dogs who resembles their owner. The other is Chiffon, who belongs to Raspberry.
  • Henna is one of the bigger dogs.
  • Due to Henna's hair, it is unknown what her ears look like.
  • On Season 3 she appears often. On Season 4 she appears only in the final scene of "The Berry Best Biscuit".