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Happy First Frost



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Nov 4, 2010

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"Happy First Frost" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Blueberry's personal desires influence her gift choice for the first frost Day secret gift. But after she notices everyone passing her gift to someone else, she wonders what was wrong with it.

Episode Review

The Berrykins are in the middle of harvesting berries while at Strawberry's Cafe, Strawberry is busy trying to make applesauce. She asks her friends if they wish to try it but they're having their own problems wrapping gifts at the moment. Just then Mr. Longface comes in and sees the girls busily working as Strawberry brings him tea. He mentions that the entire town has been preparing for an event but he has no idea what is going on when Orange reveals it is the holiday known as "First Frost". Seeing as Mr. Longface doesn't know what that is since he hasn't been in Berry Bitty City long enough, they go on to explain how it works and Strawberry allows him to participate with them - since he has nobody else to enjoy the holiday with. Everyone writes its name on a slip of paper and tosses it into a hat, then they draw names and run off to prepare their gifts for their mystery name.

Blueberry is trying to determine a good gift for Lemon when she comes across the "1000 Ways to Organize Books" book. She adores this book and realizes that it is the perfect gift, for herself. She reads, forcing herself to stop so that she can present it to Lemon and wraps it up before she drops it off at the Salon. But when she hears Raspberry and Orange nearby she dives into the nearby bush to hide. She watches as Lemon spots her gift and takes it inside with her. Then Blueberry takes off while she wonders if her present will be as good as the one she gave to Lemon.

Lemon has opened the gift but she is very confused as to what to do with it. She tries to read it but struggles to understand why she would get a book like this, since she has no need for it. She decides to re-wrap it and give it to Plum.

Strawberry, who had got Mr. Longface's name, explains to Pupcake and Custard that she's figured out what item to give to him, then she leaves to climb the nearby mountain in order to get the object.

As Blueberry did prior, Lemon dives into the bush before Plum spots her gift. She unwraps it and comments that while it is nice, she has no need for it either. It's also really boring, so she thinks Orange may like it and she re-wraps it before going to drop it off. She reaches Orange Mart and throws down the book before rushing off.

Meanwhile Strawberry is climbing a tall rock when she comes across the gift! She continues her way up onto the rocks.

Orange also doesn't enjoy the book and wraps it up before going to drop it off at Raspberry's Boutique, so she can use it as a foot stool while doing some designs. 

Strawberry finally reached the top of the rocks and plucks the pretty pink flower. But when she sneezes, the poor flower is left quite shaken up.

Raspberry asks the butterflies to help her bring the big book she was given to Blueberry's book store, since she figures that Blueberry loves books. She drops it off and quickly leaves just as Blueberry comes out to open the gift. While she is delighted by this, she realizes that it was the exact same one she just gave to Lemon and voices concern over this. She is unable to understand how she got it back like this and heads over to investigate Lemon.

Lemon criticizes the book and how she has no use for it, causing Blueberry to try to say it was not her gift. Then she dances with Plum for a while, then heads off to see Orange. She leaves to visit Raspberry after she sneakily questions Orange, then comments on how complicated this entire ordeal is. She just can't understand why nobody liked the gift and stops by at Strawberry's Cafe to speak to Strawberry about this. She sees her working on the present for Mr. Longface, then questions why Strawberry would suffer her allergies over something like a gift.
Braid Book

Strawberry explains to her what it means when it comes to gifts and Blueberry realizes she really needs to apologize to the other girls. She runs off to Lemon Salon and presents her a book about braiding techniques after she confesses that she was really the one to gift Lemon.

Lemon realizes that she should have been more thoughtful with Plum's own gift and she buys her a new pair of ballet slippers. Plum also realizes what she did and she gets a Pogo-stick for Orange, who then goes out to get a berry-cute hat for Raspberry. Raspberry then ends the chain of gifts by getting a blue stationary set for Blueberry. Raspberry was initially worried that Blueberry wouldn't like it as much as the berry big book on book-sorting, but Blueberry insists that the new gift was even better because it really showed her that Raspberry really thought about what Blueberry would like, which was something only a friend would know.

Later, the girls all meet up for nice warm drinks while showing each other their gifts and apologizing for just insincerely giving each other gifts that weren't really too thought out. Strawberry shows everyone the brand new super-duper apple smasher she got and she gives Mr. Longface his own present, the hibiscus flower she worked very hard to get. Everyone shares a laugh before Strawberry wishes them a happy first frost.


  • Mr. Longface: I don't mean to interrupt you on your get together.
  • Plum: You mean, gift together?


  • Plum: It's his first, First Frost!


  • Blueberry: Actually, astronomically speaking it's one of the shortest days. The days grow smaller and the sun rises quicker (slowly realizes how confused everybody is) ...being winter and all... (sighs) as you were saying...


  • Lemon: (calls out to Blueberry) Wait! You haven't been rinsed!


  • Plum: (calls out to Blueberry) Wait, where are you going? We still have the foxtrot to practice...



The girls learn that rather than think about their personal interests or to pawn off a gift they don't like, they should have thought about the person their gift was to be going to.


  • It is revealed that Mr. Longface does not like applesauce.
  • Lemon owns a skateboard, which she uses to transfer a gift over to Plum's.
  • The title is little likely a reference to Happy Tree Friends.
  • When it came to the gift the Berry Girls kept giving to each other, Raspberry was the only one to actually give someone something they liked, namely giving the book back to Blueberry.
  • Strawberry reveals Mr. Longface came to Berry Bitty City sometime after she did.
  • The idea of giving present for the First Frost is like "Secret Santa".
  • Strawberry reveals Lemon likes to watercolor.
  • Someone hides in a bush 3 times in this episode.
  • Apparently, 137 chapters is barely a quarter of the book that Blueberry gives as a present.
  • This episode reveals Strawberry's allergy to Hibiscus flowers.


  • Technically, Strawberry couldn't have gotten the flower beneath Mr. Longface's hat without him noticing.