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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow





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Oct 15, 2010

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Babysitter Blues

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Pop Goes the Garden

"Hair Today Gone Tomorrow" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty adventures.


Lemon Meringue worries about her place in the community, after her new machine makes her salon more efficient and herself less essential.

Episode Review

Strawberry shows up for her appointment at Lemon's Salon to see the others still awaiting their turns. With Lemon's recent amount of clients all wanting to look nice for the recent opening of Mr. Longface's croquet court, she's been very busy. It's then her equipment turns against her and goes haywire. While the other girls find amusement in this, they are pretty shocked by their horrendous hairstyles from the resulting equipment failure. But, they still wind up laughing as Lemon tries to fix everything.

After she is able to the girls go over to find out that the doors are locked to the croquet court and Lemon worries she made them late and Mr. LongFace locked them out as a result. Strawberry grows suspicious that it is something else though, and she asks the other girls to lift her for a better look. She finds Mr. LongFace obsessively trying to get the grass of the court perfect, which is why the opening has yet to begin.

The girls don't really see anything wrong with it, so they ask to play anyway. He stops them and continues refusing, to let the Berrykins keep working. With their plans canceled, Strawberry suggests they go on a picnic and everyone leaves to get ready. Lemon decides not to go though, wanting to do some work at the Salon to make it run a bit smoother. Strawberry offers to bring her some sandwiches later and leaves.

Lemon proceeds to work very late into the night while trying to fix everything when she notices an ad in the nearby magazine that may solve all of her problems.

Sometime later, when the new object arrives, she invites the others to see the "Salon-o-matic". Despite her eagerness to see it work, the others are somewhat apprehensive and make Strawberry be the first to test it. Just by pressing a button, her hair is washed, dried, styled, and she's given a manicure. While Strawberry overlooks the magazine and sees something she wishes to buy, the other girls are trying the machine now.

Strawberry purchases "The Wonder Waffler", which is supposed to make perfect waffles with the butter and syrup already included. Blueberry shortly after comes by something she wishes to purchase as well, the "Clean-o-matic" that soon is asked to be borrowed by the others.

However, while this is good Lemon finds herself bored now. She is given much more time to do other things and has no clue what exactly to do to fill it. Nothing seems right, like when she tries to work at Strawberry's cafe and while she does a fine job, she isn't having any fun. She then tries to be a dance teacher at Plum's Studio, but to no avail. She also has no luck working at Orange Mart. Orange soon encourages her to try to make a new business instead, if she really wants to have more work.

It's then Lemon's Ferry Boat Service is born. In order to support Lemon's career change, the girls pay her a visit daily, but Lemon is pretty suspicious. She realizes that a Ferry isn't needed, and she wishes for her friends to not go out of their way so much, so she closes down the Ferry for the time being.

Blueberry and Orange start to worry and they head back to her place to find her packing. Seeing as she has no way to contribute anymore, Lemon is heading to Berry Big City in hopes of finding work there. But she does promise to visit on occasion.

In a last minute effort to keep Lemon from leaving, the girls come with a plan to sabotage their hairstyles and claim the Salon-o-matic had something to do with it. Then she would realize it wasn't needed and stay there. Lemon does fall for this trick while Blueberry begins to wonder what Strawberry would have thought of their plan.

As things seem to return to normal, Lemon happens to spot a bunch of screws hidden beneath a magazine. She recognizes them and realize that the other girls sabotaged her machine to make her think she would be needed.

Meanwhile, Strawberry is trying to get Mr. LongFace to give up in making the lawn perfect and come back to reality. After he resumes spouting about the perfection she grabs the clippers right out of his hands and promises the Caterpillar with a picnic and boat ride, reminding him that she and everyone else care about him, rather than the perfect lawn. Once she says this however, Strawberry realizes that Lemon needs to hear it and rushes over to the Salon just as Lemon is about to leave again.

Strawberry is shocked to learn that Lemon plans to leave as she mentions wanting to feel useful. Strawberry tells her that they need her there, and even adds that she is getting rid of the waffle machine she bought because it was too perfect, that it lacked the individual touch of the cook, leading Blueberry to wonder if she will have to return her item the Clean-o-matic as well, much to Plum's dismay as it hasn't yet cleaned the dance studio, but Strawberry reassures Blueberry that the Clean-o-matic doesn't have to be returned.

Strawberry clarifies her point once more, they like Lemon for her and that she wishes Lemon would stay, then proceeds to ask her. Lemon agrees as Mr. LongFace shows up and apologizes for not visiting her Ferry while it was open. Lemon then asks for his help to the Post Office to return her salon-o-matic. But as they push it out the door the machine suddenly takes off and winds up heading to the croquet court! The top comes off, and the girls chase it around until Lemon finally reaches the switch, she then apologized but it turns out this piece actually came in handy and trimmed the lawn to the proper length.

So as a nice gesture, Lemon gives Mr. LongFace the piece in order to use it for cutting the grass when it's finally opened a few minutes later. In honor of this, they allow Lemon to hit the very first ball. Which she does, unfortunately in the wrong direction.



  • After noticing how efficient her new device was, Lemon feared she no longer contributing anything to the society. But she learns that with her good friends who love her, a machine can't replace what she offers them in return.
  • The Berry girls should have explained Lemon how they feel about her, rather than use some trick that she quickly discovered.


  • When Plum gets her badly messed up hairdo, she resembles a Troll, which are dolls with very colorful and wild hair.
  • This is currently the only episode in the series to end with a vignette transition instead of a fading out transition.


  • Raspberry's wet hair has a different color than it should be.
  • Lemon mentions returning what is left of her Salon-o-matic. However, realistically speaking they probably wouldn't have accepted it back without the entire machine.

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