Groove Booties

Groove Booties created by Apple.

The Groove Booties are a pair of magical dancing boots made by Apple Dumplin in "The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster".

The Booties are pink and sparkled. Programmed with Berrynet files from the biggest database of dance moves, they help with all kinds of dancing, like: street dancing and ballet dancing. They can also dance on a demo mode.

As sometimes happens with Apple's inventions (the light/music display on "Berry Bitty Adventurer"), she did not program the Booties properly. Soon they became too independent, making a lot of havoc, like Lemon's Moody Hair extensions ("High Tech Drama".)

They were later reprogrammed to teach Strawberry and the pups how to dance in "Doggie Dance No-Show".

Those that have used them (original and modified)


  • Berrykin Bruce: While giving last instructions to the Berryball team.


  • Tom Tom: He didn't want to wear them in the first place, so he got rid of his pair...


  • The Groove Booties appear in two episodes.
  • In "Doggie Dance No-Show", Apple made several more pairs of them.
  • There have been 8 users of the Booties, half and half in both original and modified.
  • The original Booties reacted to any rhythmical sound, including non-musical.
  • The Booties can adjust themselves automatically to the feet size of whoever is going to wear them (willingly or not) - human, animal or Berrykin.
  • A moment before the Booties put themselves on someone's feet, they disappear from view; then they re-appear on their current wearer's feet.