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Good Citizens Club
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Nov 11, 2010

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"Good Citizens Club" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Plum tries to get into the new club run by Kadiebug and Sadiebug after she incorrectly thinks she is the only Berry Girl who was not accepted to it.

Episode Review

At Strawberry's Cafe, Strawberry is giving the girls some sandwiches to eat. They hear sound coming from outside and investigate to spot the twin ladybugs - Kadiebug and Sadiebug setting up something. They welcome the girls to their new club, one for Good Citizens. They are expecting the girls to want to join but are surprised when they begin to leave. They ask the girls why they won't even consider it and they reveal their reasons - stating that the twins fight too much. They ask Blueberry to confirm this, then they try to convince the girls by telling them what the club has to offer.

The berry girls begin to reconsider if it means helping the community, and Plum begins to question some things as Strawberry asks of their goals or plans. The twins mention that a meeting will be coming up soon, after they determine who they want to join the club. Once they get this settled they head to the Post Office, located in Orange Mart, and ask Postmaster Bumblebee to deliver them before tomorrow, but unknowingly they end up dropping Plum's invitation.

After a few days, Plum begins to notice that something is odd. She hasn't been asked to join the club and stops to pay the twins a visit.

Later Strawberry knocks on Plum's dance studio door, but she doesn't answer. So she leaves a note, saying that they are trying to help the Berrykins create a pathway that avoids going over the nearby stream and had come by to ask if she wished to help them.

Plum meanwhile, arrives at the Club's location to see the two locked in a game of tug of war, trying to figure out where to place the Banner. Plum asks about the pin, and why she hadn't gotten her own yet since everybody else did when the twins suddenly claim she had to be tested first. They send Plum outside to wait, then out of earshot they start to bicker again trying to determine who "forgot" to give Plum her invitation. Not wanting to hurt her they decide they'll give her test, as they claimed. They make her paint the clubhouse multiple times, inside and out. She doesn't want to but hurriedly agrees when they threaten to not let her join.

The twins proceed to order her around as she does this, and eventually they begin to argue over colors, shade of a color, and soon make quite a colorful mess of things. Plum is highly confused by the time she finishes but she is unsure of it, so she asks for the pin. When the girls refuse to hand it over she asks how many more she may still need to do. 

Meanwhile, Strawberry and the others wonder where Plum is, then Orange goes on to say that she is missing the mud.

Back with Plum and the twins, they are now demanding drinks and snacks. She doesn't see how this is really helping but she wants to join so she decides to make sandwiches with Glimmerberries and Peanut Butter. She also decides on having Kiwi drinks and soon arrives back to her Dance Studio to see the note Strawberry left for her.

Later, the girls have finished building the pathway, but Strawberry is sad Plum missed everything, which also has made her concerned. But Plum is busy setting up and trying to carry all of the snacks over. Struggling on the way.

The girls once again go to Plum's when Blueberry sees the note is missing, so she feels Plum must have gotten the note after all. Raspberry then asks what they should write this time.

Plum meanwhile has a hard time pleasing the twins since they hate her snacks. She mentions however having made them for everyone and not just them, so they shouldn't waste them all if they don't like them. They assure her one more test is all she needs and then she'll be done and get her pin. Plum is angry, but leaves anyway in order to finish.

At Orange's Store, the girls decide they will plant flowers and they go on to discuss Plum as Orange mentions how Plum picked up crackers for everybody earlier that day. So they decide they'll go over to greet her and pick her up for the meeting.

It's then the twins decide they want more fragrance for the club and demand Plum picks flowers from the Community Garden. Plum is against this as the flowers from the community garden aren't to be picked, so that everyone else can enjoy them. It wouldn't be right if people took them for themselves, then nobody in the city could enjoy them. She refuses, and tells them no before dismissing herself from the club and leaves. She will not join one so "crooked" and wrong. She then finds another note on her door and pulls it off as she heads inside.

The other Berry girls have just arrived and see how upset Plum looks and she explains to them how she didn't pass all of the tests to get into the club, which everybody else must have passed. But she suddenly realizes that something is wrong when the others have no idea what she's even speaking of. They all go to speak to the Ladybug Twins to get to the bottom of this problem.

Soon the berry girls catch them trying to steal the community garden flowers! Strawberry asks them why they made Plum take tests to join when they didn't have to. Plum is always a good citizen anyway and she wouldn't need to take any "tests". Suddenly one of the ladybug twins drops the pair of scissors she was holding and Strawberry asks about them. They explain how Plum refused to take the flowers for them as Plum asks about the pin once more. They explain that they mailed it with the others, which makes Plum pretty upset and ask why she was forced to take tests then if everybody else didn't. To which they explain the only reason they made the club was because they were never accepted into clubs, as they always argue and are selfish...

They apologize soon after, and ask Strawberry to be the new leader so that she may make more fair rules and such. However, she hands her pin to Plum and votes for her and asks for Plum to be the leader instead. She quickly agrees and the meeting comes to order! Blueberry then states they should have a camp out where Plum holds a poll to see what they should do during the camp out before they all agree to spruce up the Gazebo and plant more flowers there. And also make some winter outfits for the berrykins and make snacks for the workers at the berry works.

Plum then mentions they should close the meeting with a song and the episode comes to an end as the girls are shown walking along a long trail, working at the Gazebo, and dancing around a fire...


Plum learns that sometimes to be accepted she may be asked to go to extreme lengths, but she remembers that she should have been truthful to herself and do what she felt was best, not what others demanded from her. If the club couldn't accept her for herself, it was not worth joining.


  • Plum: Unless it's a debate club....


  • Lemon: (seeing Plum crying) Was it something I said?




  • It seems unlikely that nobody would contact Plum or inform Orange of the letter if they found it. It also seems unlikely that the girls wouldn't have checked the post office before going through this entire ordeal.

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