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Glimmerberry Ball



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Nov 8, 2010

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A Circle of Friends

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"Glimmerberry Ball" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Plum chooses a hollow tree for the Glimmerberry Ball, but two chipmunks spoil her plans. Not willing to take no for an answer, though - she does everything possible to see to it that the party goes on.

Episode Review

The Berrykins, dressed in winter gear begin to notice a lot of snow beginning to fall, which means winter has arrived! At Strawberry's cafe, Pupcake is playing with a ball when she offers the others more Apple Cider. She explains how its made while Raspberry mentions it may feel like winter if they drink a lot, while Plum wishes for it to snow. She then comments on how sometimes she thinks she may hear the snow fall only to look out the window and see it really is.

The berry girls then each take turns describing what they like best. Like warm jackets, Cranberry Cookies, and most of all the Glimmerberry Ball. Plum begins to plan but Strawberry tells her there isn't enough room to hold it in the Cafe as Berry Bitty City isn't so bitty anymore. So the girls soon leave in search for a place that's big enough.

Soon the girls return, saddened by lack of places found. Strawberry suggests they try again later when suddenly Plum bursts in with news. She's found the perfect spot! She then shows them, underneath a tree inside the bottom part. The girls go inside as Strawberry then officially puts Plum in charge of the rest of the work, since she found the spot to use. To which Plum begins to then give everybody else some tasks to do. She chooses to have Raspberry and Orange decorate, Strawberry can bring snacks, and she'll bring dishes and other important utensils, while Lemon and Blueberry can find lights.

That following evening the girls have decorated the entire location when Plum mentions how great it looks. Blueberry adds that since they're a day early, they got plenty of time to do more for the event, such as making more fancy tablecloths and finding music.

The next morning the girls are upset to see how bad everything looks. At first, Plum thinks it's a prank while Raspberry and the others comment on how cozy the crate paper feel. Plum's mood slowly worsens and she tries to figure out who could have done this, although the girls refuse to believe that anybody in town would actually try to purposely ruin the ball. This makes her believe it may be an outsider instead.

Meanwhile, Strawberry is having trouble baking with Pupcake, who wishes to play. She cannot figure out why when suddenly her phone goes off and she listens to Plum as she describes what happened. Strawberry promises to come over just as soon as she can finish baking her snacks. Before hanging up, she reconsiders after Pupcake knocks everything down.

Strawberry continues to try to figure out what the problem may be, until she spots the cranberry he rolls over. She realizes that he mistook the cranberry for his ball and is worried that she may be trying to cook it.

The girls hide to wait for the intruders to return when Blueberry points out the unlikeliness of someone showing up with a bright light just out in the open. As everyone begins to feel tired, Raspberry brings up the crate paper again and suggests that they could lay on it to relax for a while. Plum allows it, but she warns the girls to stay on the alert for any given moment - but as it turns out she's the only one still awake.

All of the sudden they begin to hear noise. The girls awake to see two big chipmunks making a mess. Plum proceeds to chase them and clanks objects together to scare them off. After they flee, Orange asks if they can go now, but Plum wants to make sure they don't return so she sets up a trap.

The next morning, the girls head over to Stawberry's cafe to show each other their pretty gowns. They are happy for Plum and cheer for her, due to all of the hard work she put into organizing. She is very happy the Ball will be fun for everyone and they go back to check on everything.

To their shock the mess has been made again. Plum is very angry and uses her dishes to wake the meddling chipmunks after they catch them asleep on the crate paper. The girls hear noise to find the chipmunks pushing acorns through the big hole from the top of the tree to chase them out. For revenge, Plum and the others lure the chipmunks out, causing them to go sliding down a nearby snow covered hill.

The girls try to redecorate when they hear something again. They investigate to find a giant snowball heading right for them. Now covered in snow, Plum makes a plan to make the chipmunks regret what they have done.

Once again the chipmunks are asleep on the crate paper. Plum uses the party objects to scare away the chipmunks and once they leave, the girls continue to set up when they then steal their dresses and run from the tree. Plum demands they come down, but gets interrupted by Strawberry. Plum informs her of what happened, when Strawberry goes on to say the Chipmunks are usually very timid and the girls are actually causing problems, not the chipmunks. It's their hibernation time and they were asleep in the tree. The girls need to realize how vital this is for the animals, then recalls what happened between her and Pupcake earlier.

As the girls start to understand what she means, Plum goes to apologize and personally asks the chipmunks if they can use their tree for the Ball. The chipmunks agree and bring the girls back their gowns.

That following night, Strawberry plays her guitar as the girls dance and play with the chipmunks and everyone is having fun. As the ball ends, the girls are whispering now so that the chipmunks can sleep. They agree that this party was a lot more fun then the Glimmerberry Ball, and while leaving, Plum returns to cover the chipmunks and wishes them sweet dreams.


  • Strawberry: Berry Bitty City isn't so bitty anymore.


  • Plum: And when I find out who has done this, they will have to answer to the wrath of Plum!


  • Blueberry: I have never been treated so... so...abominably!


  • Plum: (to the chipmunks) Sweet dreams... see you in the spring.



  • Plum learns to try to understand others' point of view, and the importance of doing so, even if she is unable to understand.
  • A friendly approach is preferable than aggressiveness.



  • While dancing with Lemon, Orange's hair goes through Plum's ponytail a lot more smoothly than it should have.

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