Lemon nails
The Glamicure is a special manicure that Lemon invented.

Nice as Nails

Lemon invited her friends to see "the most incredible manicure ever". They were amazed and excited to see how Lemon's nails sparkled and played music when she moved her fingers, and had their fingernails manicured with the Glamicure.

At first, the girls were happy with the Glamicure. Soon, however, it became a nuisance, interfering with their daily activities:

  • Strawberry unintentionally interrupted Mr. Longface's concert. The attending Berrykins were amused, but Mr. Longface was quite annoyed. Later she poured too much vanilla in her cooking because she was distracted by the Glamicure.
  • Orange could not think straight while hearing the music all the time. People came less to her store because they were getting tired of listening to the same music.
  • Plum could not dance to two tunes at the same time.
  • Blueberry could not take a nap, because her fingers moved while sleeping.
  • It clashed with everything Raspberry wore.

Plum, Orange, Raspberry and Plum gathered at Blueberry's book store. They had to wear shades and earmuffs while talking. The Glamicure has been driving them crazy and they wanted to get rid of it, but did not want to hurt Lemon's feelings, so they decided to put up with it. They tried to silence it by wearing gloves all the time, but found it was difficult and clumsy to work that way, especially for Orange and Raspberry.

Strawberry understood what the problem was. She invited the other girls to the cafe, and showed them she did not wear the Glamicure anymore: she had told Lemon the truth, and Lemon removed it. 

The girls came to Lemon's salon. When they all took off their gloves at once, the music was so loud, that Lemon realized what was the problem... and burst out laughing. She assured them that while she was disappointed the Glamicure didn't work out, she was glad they were honest with her.

Lemon announced she had a new idea: new improved super-Glamicure. She asked her friends for suggestions. They suggested: controllable colors, a way to change the tune, a way to change the beat, and the most important: a way to turn them off - what they all agreed about.


  • Glamicure is a mixture of the words Manicure and Glam.
  • The Glamicure is water-proof.


  • Lemon painted her nails green, although yellow is her theme color. All the other girls had their nails painted with their own theme colors.


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