The Galumphalot is a fictional character in one of Blueberry's books.

Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves

Blueberry tells the baby Berrykins about the Galumphalot, while Orange stands nearby and listens. The babies enjoy listening to the story, but Orange gets scared, and does not stay to her the end.

Later that day, the girls (except Strawberry) are at Lemon Salon when the power goes out. Orange admits to her friends she is afraid of the Galumphalot. They chuckle, assuring Orange it is just a silly fiction story, but Orange is not convinced. She asks them how they can be sure there are no Galumphalots? Don't people sometimes make up stories based about real things? They think it over and admit they are not sure. Soon Orange's fear catches the other girls. The noises they hear (the Berrykins fixing the Berry Works) do not sound like "Woogie, woogie, woogie" but still scare them.

Mr. LongFace comes to tell the girls the power is back, but gets caught in the trap that Orange set earlier near her store. His screams for help are muffled by the trap, scaring the girls further. They set traps: Plum hangs a bucket of soap water above the door; Lemon pours a thick hair gel on the floor; Orange ties together the girls' hair elastics. Once Mr. LongFace finally gets released from Orange's trap and enters the salon, he falls into all the traps the girls set and is thrown outside. He rushes to the Berrykins and tells them the Galumphalot attacked him. The Berrykins tell him that Galumphalots aren't real, but he insists the one that attacked him is real. The Berrykins arm themselves with butterfly nets and head for the salon while making "Woogie, woogie, woogie" noises. The girls hear them and think the Galumphalot is back with reinforcements. They decide to charge at the Galumphalot, and pass by the Berrykins who charge at the same time into the salon. Strawberry comes and assures everyone it is just a story, and there is nothing to be afraid of at the dark.


  • It is unknown what the Galumphalot looks like, and what type of creature it is. The only known facts are that it likes the dark and makes sounds like "Woogie, woogie, woogie".

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