Fruit stand.
Fran is a tropical fruit stand seller. She appears on Apple's story about the Berry Bitty Great Race.


Fran is portrayed by Lemon. Her outfit is identical to Lemon's winter clothes: a yellow fur coat, blue mittens, a green-white striped scarf and a pair of fluffy ear muffs with a green part.


Apple and Tea Time Turtle were led by the rescue dog to the tropical fruit stand at the snowy mountain, where they met Fran. Fran said that she saw a real treachery going on up there in the sky, and offered Apple a frozen banana chocolate popsicle. Apple asked instead to take a sled shaped like banana peel. Shortly after Apple and Tea Time left, the bad guys arrived: Guava and McSnivels took a coconut peel sled without permission, and Crudy rudely snatched a popsicle from Fran. Fran protested that was stealing, but the bad guys taunted her.

In the end, it was revealed Fran was one of the observers assigned to monitor the race and report the judge about the way the competitors behaved.