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Fish Out Of Water
Froggy Bath





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October 10, 2010

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Fish Out of Water is the very first episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Orange Blossom struggles to care for her new pet and inadvertently isolates herself from her friends when she refuses to do anything about his bad behavior.

Episode Review

Strawberry and Orange are relaxing by the pond one day when Orange suddenly begins to panic upon feeling something touch her foot. She finds a small green fish in the water and both girls comment on how cute it looks. It shyly comes over so that Orange can see it more clearly and she decides she wants it as a pet, but Strawberry insists that she gives it some thought first and reminds her that it will eventually grow and be harder to take care of. However, Orange is sure she can handle it because she believes it really likes her and wants to come. She then asks if Strawberry trusts her and takes off to show everyone her brand new pet. Against her better judgment, Strawberry decides to just let things go and see how they turn out.

At Orange Mart, Lemon Meringue looks into the fish tank when Orange reveals that she named him Stuart. As Plum and Raspberry walk inside to check out the adorable new pet, she changes her mind and calls him Todd. She shows them a trick he learned and while everyone is genuinely impressed- it soon turns into a big hassle over the course of two days; in which he's already outgrown five tanks.

Strawberry is trying to decide on a book at Blueberry's when a panicked Orange runs inside to ask for a book about fish. She explains that Todd is sick and Blueberry asks her to list everything wrong, since she thinks she can help better that way, and as soon as she hears the information, she reveals that he isn't sick. He's actually a frog. The trio run back to Orange Mart, where Orange keeps insisting that Todd is a fish. Blueberry tries to make her listen and with this, Strawberry suggests they just return him to the lake now.

Orange refuses to listen though, and claims that a minor oversight isn't enough to make her just give up now. She reminds Strawberry of what she usually tells them and from then, things go from just annoying to downright bad.

A day or so later, Strawberry and Plum go to the Lemon Salon, but hear noise coming from inside. They check to find Todd sitting inside of a metal pan getting a bath. Lemon begins explaining why he is there while going to spray him with some perfume, which he does not seem to like because when she does he suddenly jumps out, splashing water on everyone while making a daring escape for outside. They give chase until they find him washing himself in a waterfall as Orange comes along. Once again Strawberry tries to convince Orange that he belongs in the wild, but she refuses to listen. She takes Todd and promises to come back to the Salon later - much to Lemon's chagrin.

That night, the very loud croaking suddenly wakes everybody up. All of the girls, except for Orange get up to check it out by the lake when Plum asks why Orange hasn't shown up. She is informed that Orange was so worn out from chasing Tad all day that she went to bed early, so the croaking isn't even bothering her. Raspberry suggests that they try to sing it a lullaby, but this only temporarily works. 

The following morning, all of the girls except for Orange are equally cranky from a lack of sleep. Even Strawberry is growing frustrated by the turn of events. They visit Orange's Store to see that she isn't home, but at a new area where Orange and Plum are building a swimming pool for Todd. This makes Strawberry slightly angry at both of them, and she scolds Plum for doing this. Plum explains that she was helping, because Orange promised she could use the pool for water ballet classes.

Later that day, Strawberry is in the middle of reading to Custard and Pupcake when she suddenly gets a call from a very upset Princess Berrykin. She runs to the Berry Works to see Tad pop out of the juice vat and
promises to speak to Orange, then goes on to find that he has also caused a lot of water to splash out of the pool, where Plum was in the middle of her water ballet. By now her limit has been reached. Strawberry goes to have a word with Orange, but she is interrupted by an upset Raspberry. She explains that Tad ate her art designs that she worked on to make some cute pet fashions, and she's angry because Orange didn't even apologize. She just left, causing Raspberry to remark how rude she's been lately. 

Strawberry continues to try to locate Orange - who just happens to find her to reveal that Tad ran away. Strawberry gives her a cup of tea to try to calm her down when Blueberry and a bunch of Berrykins suddenly come in to inform them that Tad is sleeping on the top of the Café. They run outside to see the Berrykins stack up on each other in order to wake the sleeping frog, despite Strawberry's warnings, and soon Tad awakens with a Berrykin on him and hops off.

The girls chase after him on their scooters and ropes, finally managing to tie him up as Strawberry tells Orange they really need to have a word right that second. With Tad on a leash, Strawberry begins to explain that because Orange only pays Tad attention, she's forgetting to be considerate and nice to everyone else, and she even claims that Orange doesn't realize that Tad isn't happy either. Orange tries to defend his actions, but Strawberry sternly tells her that this isn't the life for him and he needs to be set free. Orange begs for another chance, but she is unable to get Strawberry to back down from her decision.

Orange tries to make amends in hopes of making everyone happy again. She promises to clean up the messes and apologizes, then gives Plum permanent use of the pool, and lets the Berrykins ride on Tad by tying him to a post on a circled area where he can't get loose. While Orange believes this fixes everything, Strawberry reminds her that Tad can't stay. He isn't happy here and she knows it wont be easy, but if Orange values his happiness she will do it.

Finally Orange agrees, but she feels very sad when Tad simply hops off without so much as a goodbye. However, she does see how happy he can be now after Strawberry mentions it, so she also feels happy too. Strawberry then comes up with the idea for them to go on a picnic.


  • Orange: I won't turn my back on him just because he switched... (sputtering) species!


  • Blueberry: Tad is doing his night croaking...
  • Lemon: What about our night sleeping?


  • Strawberry: Sometimes the berry best things we need to do are the things we can't even see.


  • Orange: His name is Todd.
  • Lemon: I thought it was Stuart.


  • Orange: I promise he'll be better behaved.
  • Strawberry: He may be little now, but soon he will be more than what you bargained for.


  • Strawberry: Maybe just a water plant, huh?


  • Orange: Well, he has growths...
  • Strawberry and Blueberry: (looking at each other) BLEUGH!


  • Orange: I think I'll name you... Butch.
  • Strawberry: Butch?
  • Orange: He looks like a Butch.
  • Strawberry: He looks like trouble. Cute as he is.


Orange learns that adopting and raising a pet means more than admiring how cute it is. It is about taking responsibility for its behavior and actions. She also takes immense steps to rectify the problem and to appease her friends, but learns that she should think about his happiness and in letting him go, is able to be happy seeing how happy he has become. 


  • Orange is the first Berry Girl and character to appear in the series, while Strawberry is the first to speak.
  • In this episode, Plum's hair appears lighter than usual.
    • Also note Raspberry's slightly deeper voice.
  • In this episode, Plum was given ownership of the pool Orange made. It does not reappear in the series, though.
  • In Blueberry books, there are some upside down pictures on a bookcase behind Strawberry.
  • Since Orange couldn't decide a name for her frog, she had gone through four different names in this order:
    • Butch: When Orange first found the frog at the river.
    • Stuart: At the Orange Mart as the girls arrive.
    • Todd: After the Berrykins enter the Orange Mart.
    • Tad: Final name Orange chose.