Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventures began to spread word beginning in 2009 with the pilot cartoon episode "A Berry Grand Opening", and a movie by the name of "Sky's the Limit". 

It is the third reboot of American Greetings Strawberry Shortcake series. On October 10th, 2010 the series aired its first season, which ended on November 15th, 2010.

On November 5th, 2011, Season 2 began its 13-episode long run and introduced Cherry Jam. Season 2 ended on March 29, 2012. February 24th, 2013 brought Season 3 to the screens with another 13 episodes. It also saw a change in graphics, updating them for a more fluid 3D format and added a classic character to the cast, Huckleberry Pie and several puppies. Starting with this season, the opening sequence was changed.

On March 31, 2015 it was announced that the series was renewed for its fourth season, which started airing on Saturday, June 20, 2015. Like the past two seasons, it only has 13 episodes and introduced four character: Sweet Grapes, Sour GrapesApple Dumplin and Tea Time Turtle. The opening sequence was once again updated. Its final episode aired on Sept 12, 2015 and it was the final season for the series.

Season 1

# Name Air Date
Episode Summary
1 Fish Out of Water Oct 10, 2010
Orange Blossom begins isolating everyone when they grew frustrated with her new pet. With her priorities questioned, Orange tries to prove to them how responsible she is.
2 A Stitch in Time Oct 12, 2010
After she sees how worn out Raspberry has become, Plum Pudding takes it upon herself to help her in secret.
3 Vanishing Violets Oct 13, 2010
Lemon Meringue's beloved violets begin to vanish before an upcoming contest and she starts making accusations against others.
4 Babysitter Blues Oct 14, 2010
Strawberry Shortcake offers to watch a troublesome Baby Berrykin with a lot of magical power and tries to teach it to behave. 
5 Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Oct 15, 2010
Lemon considers leaving Berry Bitty City after questioning her selfworth when her new hair styling device proves to be too effective.
6 Pop Goes the Garden Oct 18, 2010
Blueberry Muffin refuses to believe she got the wrong seeds and tries to figure out what to do with them after the plant grows to be too big for Berry Bitty City.
7 The Berry Best You Can Bee Oct 19, 2010
Strawberry takes over for the Post Master Bumble Bee when he comes down with a cold. But did she bite off more than she can chew?
8 Strawberry's House Pest Oct 20, 2010
Seeing how stressed out Jadeybug is, Strawberry's patience is tested when she gets offers to take in two rude house guests.
9 Berry Bitty World Record Oct 21, 2010
The Berry Girls work together to try to set a World Record to win a Vacation for Berrykin Bloom.
10 Too Cool for Rules Oct 22, 2010
Frustrated over being bossed around, Plum Pudding makes up a bunch of silly rules. But out of revenge her friends begin to make even worse rules.
11 Berry Best BerryFest Princess Oct 25, 2010
The Girls compete to see who will be the temporary BerryFest Princess in place of the Berrykin Princess.
12 Strawberry's Berry Big Parade Oct 26, 2010
Strawberry learns what it means to be a leader while trying to deal with the stress brought upon her as everyone prepares for the upcoming parade.
13 The Berry Best Choice Oct 27, 2010
Strawberry learns about sacrifice and making decisions for the sake of others during her reign as BerryFest Princess.
14 Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves Oct 28, 2010
Orange Blossom becomes frightened after hearing a scary story, and once the power goes out in Lemon's Salon her paranoia spreads to the others while Strawberry tries to determine the cause of the blackout.
15 Where oh Where has my Blueberry Gone? Oct 29, 2010
Blueberry takes her obsession with Patty Permission too far after she starts to change herself to be more like her. It's up to Strawberry to bring her back to her senses.
16 Manners Meltdown Nov 1, 2010
To avoid embarressing herself in front of everyone again, Blueberry reads up on Manners and becomes very strict and frustrates everyone else.
17 Trading Sizes Nov 2, 2010
Raspberry accidentally invents a special spray that causes Berrykins to grow. At first everyone is happy but when they start to cause problems the girls must find a way to reverse the effects.
18 Different Waltz for Different Faults Nov 3, 2010
Irked by her rivals for a Dance Competition, Plum pushes everyone past their limits until they are forced to drop out.
19 Happy First Frost Nov 4, 2010
The girls play Secret Santa for each other, but Blueberry can't figure out why nobody likes her gift. Meanwhile, Strawberry goes to great lengths to get a special gift for Mr. Long Face.
20 A Circle of Friends Nov 5, 2010
Raspberry starts to think that her friends stole her Berry Lantern design idea and soon everyone else grows suspicious and the festival is threatened to be cancled.
21 Glimmerberry Ball Nov 8, 2010
After Plum finds the perfect spot to hold the Glimmerberry Ball she attempts to fight against the pesky chipmunks who want the spot for themselves.
22 Nice as Nails Nov 9, 2010
At first everyone loves Lemon's new Glamicure until it hinders their work, but they find themselves unable to tell her out of concern they will hurt her feelings.
23 How You Play the Game Nov 10, 2010
Everyone becomes too obsessed with a brand new game that has come to Berry Bitty City and soon, their respect for others lessens.
24 Good Citizens Club Nov 11, 2010
Kadiebug and Sadiebug invite the Berry Girls into their Good Citizens Club. But after not receiving her invite Plum goes to desperate lengths to be accepted.
25 Team for Two Nov 12, 2010
Lemon and Raspberry are tasked with redesigning the Berrykin Baby Daycare and struggle to work together.
26 Lost and Found Nov 15, 2010
Custard and Pupcake go missing while Strawberry attempts to be the perfect hostess. The others team up with the citizens of Berry Bitty City to try to locate the missing pets as she attemps to remain calm. 

Season 2

# Name Air Date
Episode Summary
1 The Berry Big Harvest Nov 5, 2011
When items begin to overrun her shop, Orange Blossom tries to determine what to do with it.
2 Room at the Top Nov 12, 2011
The berry girls lend Strawberry a hand after asking to design her new room above her Produce Market. But they forget their initial goal of making Strawberry happy.
3 Starlight, Star Bright Nov 19, 2011
To surprise Strawberry the Berry Girls invite Cherry Jam for a visit. But in their attempts to make the Pop Star feel welcome they become too overrbearing.
4 Practice Makes Perfect Nov 26, 2011
Plum gets a case of stage fright after Cherry decides to hold a Recital, and fearing the worst Plum makes excuses to avoid it.
5 Top Talent Dec 3, 2011
In her desire for first place in the upcoming contest, Lemon isolates herself from the others when she refuses to accept help from them; or help them.
6 A Star is Fashioned Dec 10, 2011
After her fashions get noticeable attention, Raspberry considers moving to the Berry Big City. Knowing what the Big City is really like, Cherry attempts to convince her to stay.
7 No Blueberry is an Island Jan 28, 2012
Blueberry Muffin is accidentally left to believe that Strawberry is preparing a trip for the group until realizing she failed to hear the context of the statement. Unable to upset her friends though, she digs herself deeper.
8 Where the Berry Breeze Blows Feb 11, 2012
The Berry Girls are forced to think outside of the box after the Resort they booked is unable to keep their reseverations.
9 The Berry Best Vacation March 1, 2012
 A reporter shows up, getting in the way of the girls trip and ruining their fun- so they try to scare her away when she refuses to leave.
10 The Berry Long Winter March 8, 2012
At first everyone is upset by the early spring they get during Winter; but after the Winter lasts too long they are forced to figure out how to handle their supplies. 
11 The Big Freeze March 15, 2012
Blueberry is tasked with tapping into her creative juices to come up with a commercial for a new type of Ice Skate she invented.
12 On Ice March 22, 2012
Both Raspberry and Berrykin Bruce want to come up with a special Spring-themed event and struggle working together out of concern they will compromise their ideals.
13 On the Road March 29, 2012
Orange Blossom is too scared to leave Berry Bitty City for a long trip and tries to come up with various excuses to stay behind. 

Season 3

# Name Air Date
Episode Summary
1 A Boy and his Dogs Feb 23, 2013
The girls help a boy after his vehicle breaks down in Berry Bitty City. With him come many puppies that they offer to babysit.
2 Partners in Crime Feb 23, 2013
Blueberry bonds with Huckleberry Pie but grows envious when he begins to hang out with others when they tried working on a mystery novel together.
3 The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show March 2, 2013
A Dog Show is held but Plum ends up taking things too far- ruining everyone's good time.
4 Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins March 9, 2013
Plum directs a play but makes so many strange decisions that it soon turns into a disaster!
5 Berryella and Prince Charming March 16, 2013
Huck is drafted to play Prince Berry Charming for a new play, but as he struggles to do his part the others find themselves frustrated.
6 The Littlest Berrykin March 23, 2013
Everyone imagines themselves in a brand new story written by Blueberry and Huckleberry.
7 The Berry Big Relay Race March 30, 2013
While they wait for the Sparkleberry Juice System to be fixed, the girls decide to partake in a relay race to pass the time!
8 The Berry Best Treasure April 6, 2013
After their beloved puppies go missing the girls set out on a treasure hunt in hopes of finding them. 
9 The Berry Scary Fun Adventure April 13, 2013
While they go camping the girls set up a bunch of traps after worrying a monster may be after them.
10 The Berry Lucky Day April 20, 2013
Cherry Jam and Huckleberry learn a lesson in believing ones natural luck after their charms go missing.
11 All Dogs Allowed April 27, 2013
While planning a tea party something frightens the dogs.
12 A Basket of Blue Berries May 4, 2013
Blueberry becomes ill after she invites Huckleberry to attend the Masquerade Ball with her and the others try to help her feel better.
13 The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff May 11, 2013
A sweet gesture turns sour when the Berry girls get competitive with each other.

Season 4

# Name Air Date
Episode Summary
1 Berry Double Trouble June 20, 2015
Raspberry and Lemon enlist the help of some bickering twins to help at the Berry Bitty Cafe. Unable to focus, the twins mess everything up.
2 Berry Bitty Adventurer June 27, 2015
Strawberry's world-traveling cousin Apple Dumplin' stops at Berry Bitty City. What starts as a brief visit becomes a series of comical misadventures!
3 High Tech Drama July, 4, 2015
Lemon and Raspberry's fashion podcast is saved by Apple when Lemon's "mood hair" runs amok, fueled by the twins bitter arguing.
4 A Berry Merry Birthday July, 11, 2015
Sour wishes she didn't have a twin to share a birthday wish, so Sweet grants her this wish. When Sour ends up missing her twin and feels remorse she tries to make ammends and realizes how rotten she's been to everyone.
5 Tall Tale Trio July, 18, 2015
When a comedy of errors causes Orange, Plum and Cherry to arrive late to their campout, they start off their annual tradition of telling tall-tales around the campfire by making up three outrageous, hysterical accounts of what held them up.
6 Berry Big Tale-Teller July, 25, 2015
Sour embellishes the adventures she and Sweet had in the "Berry Deep Dark Forest." She tries to get Sweet to participate in spinning the tale but Sour's over-the-top performance leaves Sweet behind.
7 The Berry Bitty Great Race August, 1, 2015
Apple isn't paying attention when Strawberry describes their campout tradition of telling "Tall Tales." So Apple tells her thrilling adventure of a wild road rally she entered- surprising them when they found out it really happened.
8 The Berry Best Taste Test August, 8, 2015
Apple's rave review of Strawberry's dessert encourages the Queen of Berryvania to order her new cake for her ball. When Strawberry's stuffed-up nose makes her bake a bad-tasting cake, Apple tries to stop the postal bees from delivering it.
9 The Berry Best Biscuit August, 15, 2015
Sour and Apple begin a "prank war" and are sentenced in a Berry Bitty City-style trial to camp alone together for a whole weekend. They emerge best buds, relieving their friends until Sour's influence on Apple turns her into a mini-Sour.
10 Hot Sauce Cook Off August, 22, 2015
Berrykin Bloom's braggart cousin, Berrykin Bertram, has won the hot sauce competition at the local county fair year after year. But this year, Sour and Apple are determined to help the kindhearted Bloom win... whether he wants to or not!
11 The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster August, 29, 2015
Apple is left out of a Berryball game and a ballet class, she invents some groove booties programmed to dance to any beat. She temporarily impresses her friends with her dance moves but soon the new shoes cause problems around town.
12 Doggie Dance No-Show Sep, 5, 2015
Apple's groove booties can teach the pups to dance in a Doggie Dance Show. Huck offers to have TomTom join the show... despite the pup's obvious dislike of performing.
13 Dance Puppy Dance Sep, 12, 2015
When a simple tune Cherry composes goes viral, Cherry quickly gets fed up with everyone listening to this song and is unable to focus on the work for the Queen of Berryvania.