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These mini-purse cuties are perfect when your a gal on the go who wants to bring her berry best friend. Miniature Strawberry Shortcake figurines that come in small rubbery yellow strawberry shaped purses with random colored pieces of material on the back.

In said purse is a doll that comes with a small brush for her hair, which can be brushed/combed. One of each girl has been made and they come with their usual outfits and have their hair pulled back.

Fashion Dolls

Lemon Meringue - Lemon has a hairstyle almost like her normal but with few rubber bands holding the side parts back. She wears a cute sky blue dress with darker blue spots and small yellow flower at her chest. Along with a flowery shaped yellow skirt with a small layering of translucent yellow material on top, yellow arm sleeves, yellow and white striped leggings, and yellow flats.

She comes with yellow brush, a Lemon themed purse, a green lemon wedge hair clip, blue lemon wedge clip, and four paper accessories (cellphone, journal ID, and coin purse)

Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry's doll lacks the rubber bands Lemon's has. She wears a red topped dress with rose at her chest and removable berry themed sleeves. Her skirt resembles a pink tutu with translucent, thin material on top. She also has pink flats and green and white striped leggings.

Comes with red berry brush, a pink strawberry themed purse, pink strawberry shaped clip, pale pink strawberry clip, and paper accessories.

Raspberry Torte - Raspberry wears a pale green top with tiny spots and raspberry in the center with a flowery pink skirt and translucent material along the top of her skirt, along with removable raspberry sleeves, pink and white striped leggings, and pale pink flats. She also has two pink raspberry hairclips, dark fuchsia raspberry brush, and a purse.

Series 2 Fashion Dolls

Strawberry Shortcake - Strawberry wears a pale pink dress with a red strawberry at her chest with red string tying it around her neck. At her chest and skirt is thin pink material with a pattern on it. She comes with a pink and red ladybug hair pick, pink ladybug purse, hairclip, purple bracelet for the owner of the doll to wear, and three different ladybugs.

Lemon Meringue - Lemon wears a flowery pale yellow dress with thin cyan belt and thin translucent pink material around her waist and sleeves. She came with blue and yellow butterfly purse, purple butterfly hair pick, dark teal bracelet for buyer, and 3 butterflies (cyan, green, golden-yellow).

Plum Pudding - Plum wears a blue silk dress with single sleeve and plum icon on the right side and thin, translucent purple material at he chest and waist. She has a green round purse with purple dragonfly on it, cyan dragonfly hair pick, a dark purple bracelet for owner of doll, and three dragonflies (lilac, purple, and dark blue).

Soft Body

Dolls that come with a hard head and soft everything else. Each doll has the same hair, pulled back and held with plastic in the box.

The outfits are based on the girls common attire and each girl has her unique ornament worn in their hair.

Berry Dazzling

Specially groomed dolls of the girls featuring them in fancy attire.

Plum: Stepping out for a fancy occasion, Plum has done her ponytail into many curled pigtails held by one center piece. Includes a sky blue brush and purple sandals. Her dress is icy blue with bright purple decorations on the skirt, translucent purple sleeves and a wrap-skirt.

Lemon: Lemon wears her very long hair straight down with a dress oddly resembling Plum's but with it all being lilac purple with sky blue straps and pattern all over the skirt. She has a yellow cloth tied around her waist with a blue piece attached to the center. Her shoes are sky blue in color straps around the ankle. She comes with a yellow brush.

Raspberry: For this line, Raspberry has pulled back her hair into a curly ponytail to the side. She wears a pale pink dress with a single strap held with a green ornament. Her shoes are purple flats and she has a green brush.

Garden Pretty

Garden Pretty Cherry Jam: A simple Cherry Jam doll.

Orange Blossom: With very puffy, curly hair, Orange Blossom is ready to party! Dressed in a cute orange dress with white and red stripe sleeves and translucent apron piece over the skirt, attached to the jean and green themed belt with orange flower on the side. Her shoes are bright neon orange sandals.

Blueberry Muffin: Blueberry's hair looks the same but with a cute braid on the side. She wears a blue dress with shiny, silky lilac straps and band at the waist. Her skirt is in two-layers and she also has on neon-purple leggings and wears thick blue sandals.

Strawberry: Strawberry's hair looks as it normally does, while she wears a green and white striped dress with a thin-material pink skirt resembling a tutu and matching straps. A big strawberry emblem is in the center. She also has short red leggings and pink flats resembling sandals.

Splashin' Surprise Berry Blends

Strawberry Shortcake: A cute doll featuring Strawberry with her pretty hair pulled back with a thick pale pink streak through it on the side. She wears a very shiny dress with translucent pink parts. This doll "magically" changes hair color upon touching it with the Ice Wand. Doll comes with: Red comb, two barrettes, a pair of shoes, two dresses, ice wand, ice wand holder, a paper photo frame of her and Plum, and paper hanger accessory.

Blueberry: Single sleeve dress with fruit icon in different place, lilac colored multiple streaks instead of one big pink one, a slightly different mini-dress, neon pink-purple flats, icy blue ice wand holder, blue comb, and her ice wands handle is deep blue, not red. Her photo-frame is also of her and Raspberry.

Berry Beachy

A unique line of dolls that comes with items and a special pen that color changes hair.

Orange: Orange Blossom has her hair pulled back and a small ponytail. She wears a pale yellow-peach bathing suit with translucent yellow ruffles and flowers. She comes with a gold pen, orange flower barrette, pale green sandals, and a pale yellow with orange pattern skirt with two-layer ruffles.

Plum: Plum wears her long hair down for this doll. Her bathing suit is purple and white striped with the top being a very pale blue with translucent blue sleeves and a thin see-through ruffle layer along the bottom. Her shoes differ from Orange's and are icy blue. Her pen is purple and she has a pale-lilac and blue themed skirt. Her purse is green and blue with a single purple strap.

Lemon: Lemon has her normal hair and wears a yellow and blue plaid styled bathing with her top being blue with yellow slices of lemon on it. Her translucent ruffles are peachy-yellow. Her skirt is blue with lilac, white, yellow, and blue flowers. She also comes with a water blue pen, lilac sandals, and a fruity drink!

Strawberry: Strawberry's hair consist of one braid on the side while the rest is left down. Wearing a cute pink polkadot bathing suit with green see-through ruffles and a thick magenta stripe in the center, Strawberry comes with a pale pink and green visor with big strawberry on the side, a pink floral themed skirt, neon pink pen and sandals.

Raspberry: Raspberry wears her hair without a headband and her bangs are braided over. She wears a cute diagonal striped bathing suit with single strap and translucent pale green ruffles and single neon pink flower clipped to the side of her hip. She comes with neon pink multi-strap sandals, a pale green pen, a pretty pink floral skirt, and fuchsia/neon sunglasses.

Wave 2 Dolls

Cute dolls with multiple accessories!

Plum: Plum has the dragonfly set. Her hair is pulled back for this doll. Her dress is blue with lighter blue and purple segments. Her shoes are lilac colored. Comes with dark purple headband, sky blue butterfly clip, a dragonfly compact, and three dragonfly clips (dark blue, off-blue, and lilac)

Lemon: Lemon's set is themed with Butterflies instead of dragonflies. She has a small bundle of hair pulled up on the side of her head and she wears a pale chiffon-yellow themed dress with blue shoes. Her headband is blue, her butterfly clip is pale purple, and her butterfly clips are blue, green-yellow, and golden yellow. She comes with a blue and yellow butterfly purse.

Strawberry: Strawberry has a ladybug themed set. She wears a fancy pale pink-white dress with Magenta accessories and shoes. Her headband is dark magenta, as if her ladybug clip. She has a ladybug purse and three small ladybug barrettes. One being pale pink, dark pink, and normal pink.


Mini Doll Playset

A cute doll that comes in a strawberry shaped half-package. Each doll comes with a colorful hair piece, hairclip, and a big comb. So far released have been:

  • Strawberry wearing a cute red/dark magenta dress with tiny white spots underneath a pale pink shirt with a strawberry clasp. Her comb is pale green and her hairclip is pastel neon-pink. Her colorful highlight is bright pink attached to a strawberry.
  • Raspberry wearing a purple themed dress almost similar to Plum's gown. Her comb and hairclip are the same as Strawberry's while her highlight is dark purple on a purple strawberry.
  • Lemon wears a yellow and lilac striped ruffle-dress with her normal leggings and sky blue flats. Her hair highlight is pink colored attached to a yellow strawberry. Her hairclip is sky blue and her comb is light purple.
  • Plum wears her normal dress, pantyhose and shoes but with a soft-blue T-shirt jacket on top. Her highlight is teal-aqua colored on a purple strawberry. Her clip is icy blue as is her comb.
  • Orange wears a peach dress with orange and white lining. Her highlight is dark/burnt orange attached to an orange strawberry. Her clip and comb are peachy-pink.

Berry Best Collection Doll Set

A set of cute dolls, mysteriously leaving out Raspberry for unknown reasons. While the dolls may be cute, their outfits are semi-crudely made. However you are given the opportunity to mix-and-match the attire of each girl and create something all on your own! Dolls are also scented.

1st Wave Dolls

Dolls of the girls wearing unique, special made dresses and pulled back, but vaguely like their animated counterpart hair. They each come with a purse, food and/or drink items, and little makeup pieces. In the corner of the box is a little cardboard piece-based animal:

Mini Doll Collection

A cute four pack mini-doll set of Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, and Raspberry each in a cute unique outfit. The doll set includes: a brush and a comb, custard, 4 purses, 4 tops and 4 skirts, and 12 dresses.

Magic Braid dolls

Small figurines that look very similar to the purse Strawberry Shortcake dolls. They each come with a unique hat, but all wear the same outfit and hairstyle, but with their personal colors. Each girl comes with a brush and braid with a big clip shaped like her fruit/symbol. Using the top spinner on the hat, the braid will grow and shrink to the preferred length.