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Doggie Dance No-Show





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September 5, 2015

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The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster

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Dance Puppy Dance

Doggie Dance No-Show is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


When Apple's Groove Booties teach the dogs to dance, Plum decides to put on a dance show for dogs. Huckleberry offers Tom Tom's participation despite the fact he doesn't like to perform in front of others, so it's up to Strawberry to make sure that Tom Tom is not pressured into doing anything he doesn't really want to do.

Episode Review

At the patio outside Plum's studio, Plum gives Strawberry a dance lesson, while Cherry plays the music, Apple is busy with her computer, and Pitterpatch and Pupcake watch them. Soon Strawberry becomes dizzy and nearly falls at the last part, but Plum supports her. Meanwhile, Huckleberry and Tom Tom take a walk, taking a break from Berry Big City, playing with a stick. Huckleberry says "We're great team, huh, Tom Tom? You and me, always have been, always will be". They hear Cherry's music, and walk to the village.

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Plum tells Strawberry that she and Apple have been working on something that will help her dance: Apple has recorded Plum's steps to the computer. She takes out the notorious Groove Booties from her backpack. Strawberry is not excited to see those, after chasing them all over town in the previous episode. She hoped they disappeared, since they are a hazard. Plum explains that Apple reprogrammed the booties, and now they are harmless. Apple claims they are "instructional". She attaches cables from her computer to the booties, and downloads Plum's choreography to them. The booties sparkle. Apple assures Strawberry the booties will teach her how to
Groove booties
dance. Cherry plays the music, and the booties start to dance on their own, imitating Plum's steps perfectly. Plum and Apple ask Strawberry to try them on. She hesitates, asking if they are safe. Plum jokes that the only risk is that Strawberry will become too good dancer. Apple jokes that maybe the computer crashes and Strawberry's feet get deleted, explaining immediately it is a "tech humor". She assures Strawberry the booties can change their shape to match the feet of whoever wears them. Strawberry finally agrees to. At first she finds it difficult, but soon gets used to, and she performs the dance perfectly with Plum. Apple says the booties can also dance on a demo mode, and demonstrates. Pitterpatch and Pupcake join the booties in the dance, and imitate their moves. Then Plum has a great idea: she asks Apple if she has more booties. Apple says she can make some. Soon, Pitterpatch and Pupcake have their own booties, and they dance perfectly with Plum. Plum tells her idea to hold a show of the dancing dogs, and Strawberry agrees.

Huckleberry and Tom Tom arrive, and are astonished to see the puppies dancing with Plum. Suddenly Huckleberry, knowing how poorly he dances, becomes worried that the girls will ask him to join. Before he can leave, Strawberry spots him. The girls greet him. Plum tells him they are going to have a dance show of the dogs for one night only. Then she suggests: why only two dogs? She suggests that Tom Tom joins the dance. Huckleberry agrees, but just to be safe he asks if the show is only of the dogs, not including him. Plum assures him that only the dogs. Tom Tom does not look excited.

Huckleberry and Tom Tom go to Blueberry's store to borrow a book about dancing, so Huckleberry will teach Tom Tom to dance. Suddenly Huckleberry worries that Blueberry may think he wants to learn how to dance, then volunteer to teach him herself, then he will have to dance in front of her... he has a day-dream of himself dancing at the studio, with all the girls watching. He decides to leave, but then Blueberry steps out. Huckleberry tells her evasively he wants to borrow a book. She guesses he wants the new Patty Persimmon mystery, and tells he can help himself, for she must go to Lemon and help her alphabetize the fingernail polish collection.

Huckleberry enters and goes over the shelves. He finds a book "Learn to dance in three easy lessons, amaze your friends". Tom Tom barks approvingly. Blueberry returns. Huckleberry quickly hides the book behind his back. Blueberry tells him she intends to go to Plum's dancing dog show and that Plum is looking for a third pup, but Scouty has a sore paw. Blueberry asks the pup if he wants to dance on the big stage before an audience. Tom Tom looks worried.

At the forest, Huckleberry reads the book. First he finds a tune on his cellphone and places it on a nearby branch. He starts dancing, but the pup does not react. Huckleberry picks a stick and shows Tom Tom the steps. Then Tom Tom imitates him accurately. The music becomes faster, and Huckleberry fumbles with the steps, loses balance and stumbles against the tree. The cellphone falls down and the music stops. Huckleberry shakes the phone but to no avail. He sighs "No music, no lessons. No lessons, no dance. The girls are really gonna be disappointed with me".

Huckleberry and Tom Tom return to the village, playing with a stick and dancing a bit. Plum meets them and compliments them. She says that Tom Tom can dance, she recognizes raw talent. Tom Tom does not need to audition, she has a special way to teach him the steps very fast, and have him on stage in no time. She asks Huckleberry to bring Tom Tom to her studio in an hour. Tom Tom look unsure. Plum thanks Huckleberry for saving the show and leaves. Huckleberry tells the pup how lucky that he does not suffer from stage-fright like him.

On the way to the studio, Tom Tom walks heavily, as if something bothers him. They meet Strawberry and Apple. Tom Tom is glad to see them. Huckleberry tells them Tom Tom is excited, but needs help with the dance moves. Apple offers Huckleberry her Groove Booties. Huck puts them on Tom Tom's rear paws, and he starts dancing to the sound of Cherry's music. Huck and his pup dance a bit, Huck waving the stick, and they certainly have fun. Then Huckleberry takes the pup to the patio, where Pupcake, Pitterpatch and the girls are rehearsing. But as soon as Tom Tom is on the patio, noticing that Huckleberry and the four girls are watching him, his expression changes to anxiety and he whimpers. He fumbles with the dance, uncoordinated with Pitterpatch and Pupcake. Only Strawberry notices that Tom Tom is clearly unhappy. He takes off the booties and hides behind the stool, but Huckleberry does not notice. Plum tells Huckleberry to bring Tom Tom to Lemon's Salon in an hour.

At the salon, Lemon dresses Pitterpatch and Pupcake for the show, and they like it. Tom Tom refuses to enter, looking sad. Strawberry asks if everything is OK, and Huckleberry says he has no idea what's wrong with Tom Tom. She asks if he is sure the pup likes to dance. Huck answers that Tom Tom does, when he is with him. Strawberry guesses that Tom Tom does not like to dance in front of an audience, and gently adds "like some else I know". She knows Huck wants to help with the show, but maybe he makes Tom Tom do something he does not want to do? Huck dismisses that, claiming that Tom Tom will be fine once the show starts.

Night falls. As the show is about to start, Huckleberry comes panting and says Tom Tom disappeared. All he found was the booties. Strawberry goes with Huckleberry to look for the pup. Strawberry guesses Tom Tom is hiding on purpose: she explains that there is a difference between dancing with a friend and performing in front of others. They go to Tom Tom's favorite spot, and he is there. The pup whimpers sadly. Huck apologizes for making him something he didn't want to, and asks the pup to forgive him. Tom Tom nods, relaxed, but then he notices the booties Huck carries, and recoils. Huckleberry gives Strawberry the booties and promises Tom Tom he won't have to wear them ever again. Tom Tom's expression changes to happy, and he cheerfully barks and jumps into Huck's lap. Strawberry walks back to tell Plum what happened. Tom Tom, playful as ever, finds a stick and gives it to Huckleberry.

Plum, trying to stall for time, dances with a dummy wearing a captain's suit, but the audience starts to get bored and there is hardly any applause. Plum looks at Apple, who shakes her head. Then Strawberry arrives and tells Plum what happened.

Dance fever!!!
Shortly later, Blueberry comes out and announces it is the moment they've been waiting for... and waiting for... Plum and her dancing dog duet! The audience applauds as Plum, Pupcake and Pitterpatch appear (without the booties). Cherry plays the music, and the dance starts: Plum and her companions dance in perfect harmony, the puppies bark cheerfully, to the audience's enjoyment.


Although Huck wanted to help the girls with their show, he should have been more attentive to Tom Tom's feelings, and not force him to participate something he was not comfortable with.


  • Apple: (showing the boots) Remember these guys?
  • Strawberry: Groove Booties!


  • Plum: You are visiting us at the perfect time! Guess what?
  • Huckleberry: Uh... (quickly) Cafe's closing lunch, so I'd better get over there as fast as I can?


  • Huckleberry: Come on Tom Tom, I've been saved by nail polish!


  • Huckleberry: Perfect! Like that uh... Let's get out of here before Blue... berry, you back already!


  • Blueberry: Absolutely! It's going to be great fun. She's looking for a third pup, but my Scouty has a sore paw!


  • Strawberry: There's a big difference play dancing with a friend, and performing in front of others.



  • The only season 4 episode in which Huckleberry and Tom Tom appear, and Huck has speaking lines. This is also their final appearance in the show.
  • The only season 4 episode in which Sweet and Sour do not appear.
  • The first time Pitterpatch, Pupcake and Tom Tom have different barking sounds.
  • Cherry, Raspberry and Orange have no speaking lines.
  • The only time Patty Persimmon is mentioned in season 4.
  • Huckleberry considers dancing in front of Blueberry as his worst nightmare.


  • It takes Huckleberry too long to realize what is very obvious, and that Strawberry notices immediately: that Tom Tom feels uncomfortable dancing in front of an audience, even a small one. Given the long time Huckleberry and Tom Tom have spent together, he should have been more sensitive to the pup's feelings.
  • While Huck and Tom Tom practiced dancing, the music pace became too fast for keeping up. Why didn't Huck simply pick another music, with slower pace?

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