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Different Waltz for Different Faults



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Nov 3, 2010

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"Different Waltz for Different Faults" is episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Plum plots to win a dance contest and refuses to admit that she is pushing everyone too hard when her competitiveness gets the better of her. 

Episode Review

While waiting for Dance Class to begin, Strawberry offers everyone a muffin as they stand outside of Plum's dance studio. They can hear music so they know she's there, but she hasn't let them in yet. With a loud whistle she gets Plum's attention and they are brought inside, where Plum explains that she had been so busy she didn't realize the time. She goes on to mention how the Big Bitty City Dancers always win the dance competition and she is tired of losing to them, so she has put together a special dance routine in order to impress everyone.

The other girls do not share her enthusiasm for it once they see just what she has in mind.

Hoping to encourage her friends, Plum shows them a video of the Big Bitty City Dancers performance from last year but it fails to inspire them, instead making them excited to see what they'll do this year. An energetic speech also fails to please because the girls know they can't give Plum want she desires, since they lack the dancing experience. She refuses to reconsider though, voicing confidence that she is sure with enough practice it will be fine. When she shows them, they note how even she seems tired and got confused doing it. They try to remind her that she should focus on just having fun, but she really wants the trophy and refuses to back down.

Seeing how much their friend wants this, the girls offer to just simplify the dance instead, since they are sure if it goes well they still stand a chance at winning. But this tampers with Plum's vision so she refuses to compromise. While this worries the girls they offer to at least give it a try, spending the entire rest of the day and well into the night practicing until Plum finally decides to let them go home and rest.

Throughout the weeks things become very tiring and Plum has begun to make them practice while they work. Resulting in some messy situations until eventually, the day of the Dance Competition arrives.

The Berry girls go to greet the Dancers before Plum calls for an emergency practice and gives each girl a specific detail for herself to work on. Like having Raspberry balance a Vase on her head, or have Lemon practice the Team Hairdos from a sketch she provides, Blueberry a book on dancing to read, and she asks Orange to pick a bunch of Glimmerberries for nutrition. She only tells Strawberry to keep practicing.

Time proceeds to go by as Lemon is working on Plum's sketch for the perfect hair style, Raspberry drops her

Foot stuck in vase... now I've seen everything.

vase and accidentally gets her foot stuck inside of it, and Blueberry despairing over having to read an entire book in one night. Orange meanwhile is trying to figure out to reach the Glimmerberry's, as they are too high up. She solves this quickly with springs for the little Berrykins. Strawberry meanwhile isn't having any problems, cooking, serving, dancing.

Plum is confident they will win until the very next day when nobody shows up, so she goes to check on them all. She finds Lemon refusing to leave her Salon because her hair is a mess after botching her attempt at styling the "team hairdo". While Raspberry can't get the vase off of her foot, even with Plum's help. Blueberry read the entire book but now her eyes can't focus. Orange mashed all of the Glimmerberries but she can't get the juice to wash off of herself. And Strawberry danced so much that she gave herself blisters.

Which makes Plum realize she has no dancers and no time to replace them either.

Strawberry suggests that Plum could ask some Berrykins to dance with her instead, considering they were on the team last year. Plum really doesn't want to but she doesn't see any other options either, so she decides to call them up and make some modifications to her dance so they can do it right.

Unfortunately, the berrykins refuse to take the dance seriously.

The dance off begins with a performance from the Big Bitty City Dancers. An intermission takes place between performances and Plum decides she wishes to back out now, not being able to handle the humiliation. To which Strawberry explains to her that this entire time, she was only thinking about her self and not what anybody else had to say or felt. A lot of people put work into all of this dancing and tried their hardest.

With nothing left to lose, Plum agrees that the dance should be fun at least and decides to let the Berrykins do as they please.

As the berrykins bounce around and make a commotion, even Plum forgets about the problem and joins in with them. But she worries upon spotting how confused and shocked the audience looks - but just for a second, when they start to clap for her. Even the Big Bitty City Dancers compliment Plum on the fun dance.

Once the judges have made their announcement, it is revealed Plum won.

She then admits it's because everyone worked together and she can already just picture next years dance as the episode comes to an end.


  • Lemon: I can't wait to see what they do this year!
  • Plum: Whose side are you on?!



Plum learns a harsh lesson about letting her competitive nature get the better of her when it alienates her friends after a series of mishaps when she pushes them too hard. She is forced to work with a less-than good team but during this time, learns that having fun is more important than focusing on winning.


  • Plum highlighted that Orange and Strawberry are good at spins and twirls, while Lemon is good with movement involving kicks.
  • In some contests, flying during a dance competition would be against rules and be seen as an illegal advantage.


  • It is unknown why Plum decided not to ask the mature Berrykins to dance with her.
  • At one point, Lemon and Orange are sitting behind the ladybug twins. But during the performance they are next to them. When it finishes, they are behind them again.  
  • One shot we see Blueberry wearing her dancing outfit, but when she falls dizzy she is in her normal outfit.
  • One moment Strawberry was wearing her regular outfit. When the dancers arrived, she is wearing her dancing uniform.

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