(Opening scene: Cut to Strawberry's house and we see Plum and her pups dancing on the computer as Plum, Apple, and Strawberry watch it)

Strawberry: This video of a pup's dog show is awesome!

Apple: Just think, guys. If we like their dancing, everyone at the dog show liked their dancing, people at the Berryweb are gonna love their dancing!

Strawberry: You want to post the video on your BerryBestBits page?

Apple: If it's okay with you, Plum.

Plum: But...(Cut back to the computer) This music on this video is kinda hard to hear. (Cut back to the girls) Especially with all the barking.

Apple: That's okay. I'll just use some other music instead.

Plum: You can't use just any music, it has to match the dancing.

Apple: Oh, yeah. I hadn't thought of that.

Strawberry: Wait a minute. We happen to have our very own world famous singer composer right here in Berry Bitty City. I'd bet she'd be happy to write us a new song! (The scene cuts to Cherry Jam who is depressed by trying to sing her song)

Cherry: (singing) We love our queen! (She plays the piano) She's never mean. (She plays the piano again) She's super clean! (She plays the piano again) Like a big green bean...(She plays the piano off-key and groans) Why is this so hard? (Strawberry, Apple, Plum, and the pups come by)

Apple: Hiya, Cherry!

Cherry: Oh, hi guys.

Strawberry: Is everything okay?

Cherry: Sure. Except...No! It's horrible! I've been asked to write a special song to help the Queen of Berryvania celebrate her reign. It should be easy, but it's so much pressure. I can't come up with anything!

Plum: Or, uh, maybe we shouldn't bother you then...(She, Apple and Strawberry turn around)

Cherry: (from o.c) No! No! (The girls turn back to her) It's okay. I need a break anyway. Maybe it'll help me clear my head.

Strawberry: Well, if you're sure...

Apple: See, I've got this dancin' doggies video and I wanna post it to my BerryBestBits page, only the music's too quiet so, I was thinkin' that maybe you could compose a new song to go with it. (She opens the computer. Cherry watches Plum and her pups dancing and Apple closes the computer)

Cherry: Well, you just need the old song fully produced. (Apple puts down the computer) I could do that, no prob. (She plays the piano) How 'bout you guys give me some backup? (Strawberry gets her guitar)

Strawberry: Yeah! (Pan to Plum and her drums)

Plum: Love to! (The girls start playing with their instruments)

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Doo doo doo do doo...Doo doo doo do doo...(Cherry plays the piano as she starts to sing)

Cherry: (singing) Stand up, get on the floor! Move your body to the beat.

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Oh, oh.

Cherry: (singing) You can do it, I know you can. If you just believe.

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Doo doo doo do doo...

Cherry: (singing) Don't be afraid!

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Doo doo doo do doo...

Cherry: (singing) Sing it!

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Doo doo doo do doo...

Cherry: (singing) There's nothing in your way...

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Doo doo doo do doo...

Cherry: (singing) Everybody dance! Let it go, feel the beat. Strut your stuff, move your feet. Don't hold back, take a chance. Don't be scared. Dance, puppy, dance!

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Da-a-a-a-ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, dance!

Cherry: (singing) Dance, puppy, dance!

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Da-a-a-a-ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, dance!

Cherry: (singing) Dance, puppy dance!

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Da-a-a-a-ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, dance!

Cherry: (singing) Dance, puppy, dance!

Strawberry, Plum: (singing) Da-a-a-a-ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, dance!

Cherry: (singing) Dance, puppy, dance!

Apple: Whoo! That's awesome! (The pups cheers happily)

Cherry: (Giggling) Thanks! That was fun! (She types on her computer) I just sent it to you on the Berryweb, Apple. You can call it "Dance Puppy Dance"! (Apple opens the computer)

Apple: Ooh! Super perfect! I'm gonna post it with the video right now. (She takes her computer home)

Plum: Thanks, Cherry.

Cherry: Happy to help.

Strawberry: Good luck on your song for the queen.

Cherry: Oh, yeah. The queen (She types her computer to write the song as she sings)

Cherry: (singing) Oh, great queen, you're a rulin' machine. You got style and a...fancy sardine...(She moans sadly and her stomach rumbles) Well, there's the problem. I need fuel. I mean, even composers of the most important songs where important people were important people were really, really counting on them had to eat. (The next scene cuts to Cherry on the table with her sandwich typing on the computer while writing her song)

Cherry: (singing) Oh, queen, your rule's the very best...Oh my gosh! I am so, so stressed! (Strawberry comes to her)

Strawberry: Still havin' trouble, huh?

Cherry: It should be easy...I mean, I write songs all the time. It's just...this is for the Queen of Berryvania! She's depending one me. We're talking about actual royalty! It;s so much pressure I can hardly concentrate...

(Suddenly Apple runs into the Cafe)

Apple: Guys! Guys! You gotta see this! (Apple turns Dance Puppy Dance video on the Berryweb on Cherry's laptop) You aren't gonna believe it! Look, Dance Puppy Dance has gone viral! It's got like a berry zillion hits and rising! (Apple turns up the music on the laptop)

Orange: What is that song?

Apple: Catchy, right?

Orange: You're not kidding? It's super danceable!

Strawberry: I gotta admit. That beat is awfully irresistible!

Apple: I could listen to it all day long!

(Cherry closes her laptop)

Apple: Hey, what happened to our party?

Cherry: I can't write my next song while I'm listening to my last song. I need some peace and quiet.

Strawberry: Oh yeah. The song for the queen. Sorry Cherry. I forgot.

Apple: We won't make a peep.

(Suddenly Plum and Raspberry run into the Cafe)

Plum: Cherry! Cherry, Cherry! You aren't gonna believe this! Dance Puppy Dance just made into Berry Bitty City top pop songs! (Plum turns Dance Puppy Dance soundtrack on her phone)

(Girls in the Cafe cheer and dance. But Cherry leaves the Cafe in bad mood)

(Cherry sits in the gazebo outside the Cafe)

Cherry: Ah, peace and quiet.

Strawberry I'm sorry we distracted you Cherry.

Cherry: That's okay. It's nice and quiet here anyway.

Strawberry You've got to admit though. It's pretty cool that everyone loves your song so much. I mean... isn't that what music is for, anyway?

Cherry: Well yeah. But right now I need a focus. How I'm supposed to think of a new melody when that other one playing in my head all over time. I mean... you might think I've gone bananas but... it's almost like I can hear that song right now. Wait. I can hear it right now!

(Postmaster Bumblebee listens to the music on his MP3 and whistles)

Cherry: I've created a musical monster!

(Cherry leaves the gazebo)

Strawberry: Cherry, wait!

(Cherry arrives to her bus exhausted and sits on the chair. Suddenly Mavis arrives startling Cherry who falls from the chair)

Mavis: Cherry Jam! And we’re on in five, four, three, two… Top of the charts to you, Mavis Maraschino here for another edition of “Berry’s Hits and Misses!” I am out here in Berry Bitty City with the big scoop on the song sensation that’s sweeping the Berry Bitty World, Dance Puppy Dance!

Cherry: Uh, sorry… I’ve gotta go and…

Mavis: Play your song on the radio? I, for one, cannot blame you one bit! Ooh! Tantalizing tympany, what is the secret behind this mesmerizing musical masterpiece?

Cherry: Look, I’m glad you all like the song, but…

Mavis: Like it? Raucous rhythms! Don’t be modest, darling. We love it! Why, we can’t get enough of it!

Cherry: Yes. I noticed that. Now if you don’t mind, could you please…

Mavis: Ask you for another question? Why, of course!

(Mavis turns Dance Puppy Dance on her phone)

Mavis: Tell me, Cherry Jam. Is this the hip way to move to your groove?

Cherry: If you want dance lessons, go see Plum Pudding and leave me alone!

Mavis: Diss me discordantly! We’re only talking about your song.

Cherry: I don’t want to talk about that song. I don’t want to hear that song! In fact, all I wanna do is go far, far away where I’ll never hear it ever again!

(Cherry leaves)

Mavis: Well! You saw it here first, pop fans. Exclusive coverage of Cherry Jam boldly bashing her own hit tune! Could there be more to this than meets the eye and ear? Ha!, You bet your downbeats, darlings! And I’ll bring it to you, live, or my name isn’t Mavis Maraschino!

(Cherry stops in the middle of the meadow)

Cherry: (sighs) Yes. No boom boxes. No Berryweb. Nothing but peace and quiet.

(Cherry sits on the rock)

Cherry: Oh, Queen of Berryvania. This song is to explain to ya. That we’ve got queenie-mania. We…

(Berrykin Bloom and Berrykins appear)

Berrykin Bloom: Hup! Hap! Hup! Hoop! Hep! Hup!

Cherry: Oh, hi, Berrykin Bloom. Um… you guys aren’t gonna turn on the radio or anything, are you?

Berrykin Bloom: Oh, no, my dear. You see, we’ve got work to do! There’s no time for radio’s when the berries need pickin’.

Cherry: Oh. (Chuckles) That’s splendid. Because I’ve got work to do, too.

Berrykin Bloom: Oh, very well ,my dear. You go on about your business, and we’ll go on about ours. And hup! Hep! Hup, hoop, hop!

Cherry: Now where was I? Oh, yeah… Oh, Queen, our Queen, fair ruler of our patch. From the very biggest berry to the littlest of the batch. Uh… How we praise your… Your beauty… Beauty! Yeah, that’s it. How we praise your beauty, and the fairness of your rule. Oh, Queen of Berryvania. You…

(Suddenly Dance Puppy Dance music starts to play on the speaker)

Cherry: You…

(Berrykins dance to the music)

(Cherry starts to getting very upset)

Cherry: Ugh! (Screams) That does it!!! If I can’t get away from that song, then I’ll destroy it.

(Mavis sits on the chair in the gazebo)

Mavis: Mavis Maraschino here, with a startling development! Earlier this afternoon, I paid a visit to Dance Puppy Dance’s composer, Cherry Jam, when Cherry Cherry Quite Contrary painted quite the perplexing picture!

(Mavis shows a scene on her phone)

Cherry: I don’t want to talk about that song. I don’t want to hear that song! In fact, all I wanna do is go far, far away where I’ll never hear it ever again!

Mavis: Why would the pop princess pooh-pooh publicity at the peak of her popularity? Has she cracked under the pressure of her…

(Suddenly Mavis hears a mysterious voice)

Cherry: Yo…

Mavis: Ah!

(Cherry appears disguised as a guy)

Cherry: Hey, what’s up, Mave?

Mavis: Captivating crescendo! Who in the name of pop culture are you?

Cherry: I’m Kumquat Cooldude from Berry Big City.

Mavis: Kumquat Cooldude? Well, I’m from Berry Big City, and I’ve certainly never heard of you.

Cherry: That’s because I’m so far out on cuttin’ edge of style and taste, that only the coolest of the people been allowed into my cool circle of coolosity. You sure you never heard of me?

Mavis: (starts thinking) Oh! Now I’m remember you, of course! Mr. Cooldude and I go way back. Way, way back. So tell me, Kumquat, from one trendy pop culture expert to another, what do you think of this whole Dance Puppy Dance craze?

Cherry: The Cooldude is here to tell ya Dance Puppy Dance is… super lame.

(Mavis gasps)

(The girls in the café also gasp)

(On Apple’s laptop)

Cherry: As anybody who’s truly cool will tell you, it’s, uh… Well, it’s musically horrible. And Cooldude says anyone who doesn’t wanna look like a total banana brain should just stop listening to it!

Plum: How could that guy bash Cherry’s song like that?

Cherry: So if you wanna be cool and, you know, sophisticated like me and Mavis, then by all means, (in normal voice) turn off that song and never play it again! (Chuckles nervously) You, big Mavis, am I right or am I right?

Mavis: Uh…

(Suddenly Mavis phone rings and she has Dance Puppy Dance ringtone)

Mavis: However did that horrid song become my ringtone? (laughs) Of course, you’re right!

Cherry: There you go, folks, you heard it from Mavis herself! That song is crummy! (in normal voice) So stop listening to it! Stop singing it and playing it in public! Stop dancing and stop whistling! What this town needs is some peace and quiet so I can write the queen her song!

Mavis: Wait, what?

Cherry: Did I say the queen’s song? Uh, what I meant was…

(Mavis takes off a hat from Cherry’s head)

Mavis: Heinous harmony! Cherry Jam?

Orange: But why would Cherry do that?

Mavis: I have no idea why you would pull such a charade, Cherry Jam, but I assure you that we will not stop playing your hip masterpiece!

(Mavis turns Dance Puppy Dance on her phone)

Cherry: Fine then! Enjoy the song! ‘Cause it ‘s the last song from me you’ll ever hear. I’m never going to write music again!

Mavis: (Shocked) What?

(The girls in the café gasp)

Strawberry: What?

(Everybody is attending a meeting organized by Strawberry)

Apple: I can’t believe that Cherry is giving up music.

Orange: If only we had kept it quiet.

Plum: You’re right, Orange. But it’s just so catchy!

Strawberry: It is a catchy song. And sure, we’d love to play it 24-7, and, yes, we could all dance and whistle and hum along and we’d never ever get sick of it.

(Everybody is agreeing)

Strawberry: But friendship comes before music. And if my friend needs me to stop listening to her super catchy song so she can compose a brand new super catchy song for the Queen of Berryvania, well, I’m willing to do it!

(Everybody is agreeing with big enthusiasm)

Strawberry:How ‘bout you, Berry Bitty City? Are you with me?

Berrykin Bloom: Yeah!

All: Yeah!

Strawberry: No more Dance Puppy Dance!

All: No more Dance Puppy Dance!

Strawberry: Do we promise?

All: We promise!

Strawberry: All right then! From this moment forward, Dance Puppy Dance is banned from Berry Bitty City. May we never hear that wonderful tune again!

(Everybody is cheering)

(Postal Bumblebee is listening to his MP3 and humming Dance Puppy Dance. Suddenly Orange and Sour appear in front of him. Orange clears her throat and Postal Bumblebee turns off his MP3)

(Berrykin Bill is whistling Dance Puppy Dance while making some repairs on the bridge roof. Suddenly Plum and Sweet appear in front of him. Plum tells him to be quiet and Berrykin Bill stops whistling)

(Plum is using sound detector to track any suspicious sounds as well as Strawberry on the hill behind Blueberry Books)

Plum: I can’t hear that song playing anywhere.

Strawberry: Perfect. It’s time to talk to Cherry. Once she sees how everyone pitched in to keep things quiet for her, she’s bond to start writing music again.

(Plum and Strawberry see Berrykin Bloom on the road)

Strawberry: Hi, Berrykin Bloom!

(Berrykin Bloom is ignoring Strawberry)

Plum: Hmm. That’s weird.

Strawberry: Berrykin Bloom, is everything all right?

(Berrykin Bloom notices Strawberry and gasps)

Berrykin Bloom: Oh! Uh, hello, ladies! It really is a lovely day, so if you don’t mind, I’ll be on my way.

Strawberry: (very suspiciously) Berryking Bloom?

(Strawberry opens up a small strawberry in Berrykin Bloom’s wheelbarrow and gasps because it contains radio which is playing Dance Puppy Dance)

Berrykin Bloom: Well! Imagine that! However did… That thing get in there?

(Suddenly a squirrel appears and steals the strawberry with radio)

Strawberry: No, no, no! We’ve gotta get that berry!

(Plum and Strawberry chase the squirrel around the town. Orange opens the door of her mart and sees what’s going on)

Plum: After that boom-berry!

(Orange runs out of her store to help)

(Cherry steps out of her bus yawning)

Cherry: Ah, much better. Nothin’ like a little nap to change your whole outlook. Maybe I’ll finish writing the queen’s song after all. Oh, queen, the land is so serene…

(Cherry hears Dance Puppy Dance music)

Cherry: Huh? No… No! Anything but that song!

(The squirrel pushes Cherry who fall from the chair but the girls manage to catch the squirrel and get the radio back)

Strawberry: Ugh. We did it!

Cherry: Oh, you did it all right. How could you bring that song out here, when you knew I didn’t want to hear it?

Strawberry: We’re sorry, Cherry, honest. Ugh. We tried to keep it quiet. We really did!

Cherry: Can’t you turn that thing off?

(Cherry pulls out the radio from the plastic strawberry)

Cherry: How do you turn it off? Dopey boom box! Don’t any of these switches work?

(Suddenly Strawberry, Plum and Orange bent with grace)

Cherry: I mean, seriously, who made this thing, the…

(Queen of Berryvania approaches Cherry)

Cherry: …Queen of Berryvania? The Queen of Berryvania! (Cherry talks to the Queen and tries to turn off the music) Your Majesty, what an honor to receive you at my humble (tries to turn off the music)… Tour bus! To whatever do I owe this… (Cherry grunts and again tries to turn off the music) Honor?

Queen of Berryvania: Why, I’ve come to observe your progress on my royal song.

Cherry: Oh!, Uh, well… You see, the thing is that…

(Cherry is getting confused as Queen of Berryvania starts to dance to the Dance Puppy Dance song)

Queen of Berryvania: The thing is, young lady, it’s quite obvious that you’ve finished it!

Cherry: I… I have?

Queen of Berryvania: And I love it!

Cherry: Oh, well, actually, Your Majesty, I was working on another song. I mean, this one is for dancing.

Queen of Berrvania: With a groovy melody like this, what difference does it make? Whoo-hoo-hoo! Everyone, please let’s put formality aside. Come join me as we get our bad selves down to the official royal song!

(Orange, Strawberry and Plum cheer happily)

(Everyone is dancing much to Cherry’s confusion)

Strawberry: You’ve gotta admit, Cherry, this is one catchy tune.

Cherry: I guess. Sorry, if I was kind of a grouch. You’re right, I should be happy if people like my music. But seriously, you’ve gotta let me have a break from it some of the time!

Strawberry: Of course. And we’re sorry we weren’t respecting your space. After all, the Queen loves this song so much you’ll need to concentrate when she asks you to write another!

Cherry: You really know how to cheer a girl up.

Strawberry: (giggles) How about a dance?

Cherry: Why, I thought you’d never ask.

(Cherry starts dancing with everybody)

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