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Clem Cricket's house

Clem Cricket is one of the minor characters featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. He lives in Acorn Acres.

He is voiced by Scott McNeill, who also voices Postmaster Bumblebee and Berrykin Ed.

The Berry Best You Can Bee

Strawberry volunteers to replace a sick postal bee. Postmaster Bumblebee assigns her to deliver Clem Cricket a package for his birthday.

Unfortunately, the road to Acorn Acres is strewn with various obstacles. Strawberry and Pupcake manage to overcome most of the obstacles, but not the last one - a broken bridge. Strawberry has to return without fulfilling her task.

The other Berry girls and Berrykins come up with an idea: they tie butterflies to Strawberry's scooter, and that way she manages to reach Clem's house in time. He is overjoyed to receive his present.


  • Clem Cricket does not make an actual appearance, only his voice is heard on the final scene of "The Berry Best You Can Bee".
  • The ladybug twins claimed Clem was their friend. It is possible, since they knew when was his birthday.


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