This page is for outfits not regularly worn by Cherry Jam. For character information then view her character profile page.


  • While resting/sun tanning, Cherry wore a Magenta/Fuchsia bikini top with a cherry blossom in the center and a matching skirt with the cherry blossom on the hip patterned with small purple polka dots and pale pink ruffled hem. Her sandals are pale pink on the bottom and have magenta straps. Later she adds a light pink sun hat with magenta band and cherry blossom, and a light pink purse with polka dots on it.
  • Raspberry made the girls berry special beach vacation attires. Cherry's consisting of a magenta-red bathing suit with a cherry blossom at her chest, her normal headband, and a very pale colored wrap-skirt with flowers and cherries on them. While all the skirts are translucent, hers is most noticeable. Her skirt also lacks the frills all the other ones have, instead just having very thin lines of magenta-red on them, clipped shut on the side with a cherry blossom. Her sandals on the bottom are pale colored, while the straps are magenta-red with cherry blossoms.
  • During the relay race Cherry wore a pale pink top with fuchsia shorts, deep purple leggings, and a pair of magenta and white themed sneakers. On her head was a fuchsia and magenta-red themed helmet. She also had a pink and red life jacket. Her hair was worn in a big bun at the bottom of her head.
  • A special ballet performance dress consisting of a pink shirt with feathery sleeves and a Cherry blossom icon at the center of her chest, a magenta-red tutu, dark purple and purple-pink striped leggings, red-magenta ballerina slippers with cherries at the toe, and her normal headband. Her hair was pulled into a low, perfect circle bun.
  • For pajamas, Cherry Jam puts on a light pink top with a Cherry Blossom in the center with red lining, Magenta just below the knee pajama pants with markings on them and light colored slippers. Noticeably she also wears a flower ring.
  • Cherry's winter gear consists of a neon pink jacket with multiple buttons and a very thin belt with a cherry dangling from the side. The jacket has very pale pink-white fur at the neck, bottom of dress, and ends of sleeves. She wears pink gloves or mittens and her normal leggings. Her winter shoes are soft pink with cherries on them and white fur trim on top. Her hat is magenta and purple striped with a cherry hanging off the side.
  • A lilac dress with pale pink sparkly ribbon worn as a belt and held with her cherry blossom pin. Pale pink and pastel pink leggings, sparkly pale pink maryjane shoes with cherry blossom clasps, and a sparkly pale pink headband with a pale pink themed cherry blossom flower pinned to the side.


  • For a special band theme on hub, the girls were given Black and color attire. Cherry has dyed her hair with hot  pink glitter highlights and a very thin white headband with her common cherry and flower design, but with single gray leaf and the cherry being hot pink. Her outfit consist of a light pink tank top with cherry pattern over a white and pink-purple striped sleeves. Sparkly black-gray shorts, a black studded-belt with a cherry blossom on it, a loose white scarf, and hot pink-purple pantyhose with very thin light pink glittery stripes and black slip on shoes.
  • For her fashions during a talent show, Raspberry designed 3 dresses. Cherry pulled her hair back into a low bun and shifted her bangs a bit while keeping her normal headband. She has a magenta top with a thick single strap/stripe of light pink, and a pale pink-purple skirt with purple curvy lining. This skirt is over a very pale, ruffled skirt. The lilac skirt has many flowers all over it and a frilled sparkly pink skirt on top of it.
  • Her other special outfit consist of the same headband and star mark, along with glitter highlights but her hair is now worn in a side bun. She wears a hot pink sparkling dress with a ribbon and blossom around her waist, purple silky/sparkle skirt, hot pink bracelets and purple shoulder straps. She wears a pair of hot pink maryjane like slip on shoes.
  • As the royal golden berry fairy in The Littlest Berrykin, Cherry wore a pink-violet colored princess-puff dress with the skirt resembling a two-layer flower with purple glittery segments, matching the one around her waist. She also wore hot pink shoes, a tiara, and her hair had been worn up in a bun. Her wings were shades of pink with a strawberry icon on each wing. She carried a gold wand with a pink berry on top.
  • A purple and black version of her first outfit, hair down, with glittery hot pink highlights, and tutu-pink too. She wears black patented-leather boots with a cherry zipper too. She also wears a glittery pink and black fingerless glove on her right hand and a hot pink and dark purple bracelet on her right hand. Also, her star mark is now tutu-pink with black sparkles. And a star collar.
  • A pale pink silk dress that begins at her chest and lowly cuts at the back, above a very long magenta silk ribbon with a cherry blossom pinned in the middle. She has above the elbow white gloves and has pulled her hair up into a multi-curled bun. Her crown is very thin and pale pink, with magenta studs lining the top and her cherry blossom pinned to its side.


  • Disguised as "Kumquat Cool Dude" ("Dance Puppy Dance"), Cherry wore light purple jacket and pink pants, a dark purple shirt with orange rhombuses, orange shoes, a light purple fedora hat with a pink band and two kumquats. The disguise included fake orange beard and moustache, and orange glasses with round purple lenses.

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