The original

Cherry Jam's tour bus is her road vehicle. It is also used as a home for her and Cinnapup.

In "On the Road", the bus was modified by Berrykin Bruce at Cherry's request, to match the name of the band "Strawberry and the Sweet Beats" and to make it comfortable for all seven Berry girls.




The bus is painted white and shades of purple and pink. On each side there is a symbol of cherries and three musical notes on white background. The bottom frame is dark purple, and the hubcaps are dark pink with white five-pointed stars. On the front and the rear there are large five-pointed stars with symbol of cherries. The doors are located at the front part.



On the Road3

The modified

The modified bus is painted mostly shades of pink, with a bit of red and white. The front resembles a strawberry: it is decorated with white spots shaped like strawberry achenes; on the roof there are green decorations shaped like leaves; a strawberry symbol below the front windshield. On the rear there is a symbol of strawberry with branches. The wheels are purple with pink hubcaps. Each side is decorated with pink five-pointed stars, musical notes and a strawberry.


The inside is painted pink with stars. There are chairs, sofas with fruit-shaped pillows, cupboards, shelves, tables and a chandelier. It is decorated by various strawberry-shaped ornaments, among them a guitar that resembles Strawberry's.


  • The tour bus is used for travelling on "Starlight, Star Bright", "Top Talent" (for a few seconds), "A Star is Fashioned" and "On the Road". Most of the time it is motionless.
  • It is the first of four road vehicles shown in the show, preceding Mavis Maraschino's news van, Huck's Pup-Mobile and the Grapes twins' food truck.
    • Of all the above vehicles, the tour bus appears in the show more times than the other three together, and in three seasons - while each of the other three vehicles appears in one season only.
  • It has broken down in "Top Talent". In the following episode "A Star is Fashioned", Berrykin Becky and her two mechanic companions, who were saddened that Cherry would leave Berry Bitty City as soon as the bus was ready, tried to delay the fixing by hiding the necessary part, but eventually it was fixed.
  • Cherry loaned Mavis the tour bus in the end of "A Star is Fashioned". It is unknown when it was returned, but it had to be before "On the Road".
  • It is the only of the four vehicles which has been driven by others (Berrykin Bruce and Mavis) apart from its owner.
  • Giving the bus an overhaul was like Henry from that Thomas & Friends episode: The Flying Kipper.
  • The bus's six wheels could make people think of Thomas's six small wheels...


  • On "On the Road", Berrykin Bruce drives the bus for a short distance, although he is too small to reach the pedals.
  • On "The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show", the tour bus initially has its modified appearance, but on the scene in which Cherry tries to make Cinnapup jump over obstacles - it has its original appearance.
  • On "Dance Puppy Dance", the tour bus is painted mostly red, much more than in the previous episodes.


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