Before her debut, a special interview took place between Cherry Jam and the channel CNN.

CNN: What brings you to Berry Bitty City? How is it different from Berry Big City?

Cherry Jam: Strawberry Shortcake invited me to perform at the opening of the Berry Bitty Marketplace. And the truth is, I fell in love with the place, especially the people! So... I've decided to stay! I'm finding that Berry Bitty City is very homey. Everybody here is super friendly and wants to know the real me. In the Big City, I was only known as a super star which made it hard to find true friends.

CNN: We've heard you've become fast friends with Strawberry Shortcake. Tell me about your friendship.

Cherry Jam: Strawberry Shortcake is simply the best! She's such a good friend - always willing to lend a hand, offer good advice, or just share her cheerful personality. Plus, she loves to sing, just like me, so we sing and perform together all the time! She's quickly becoming the best friend I never had!

CNN: What's your favorite genre of music?

Cherry Jam: Pop music is my personal favorite, but I like all types of music.

CNN: Do you have a favorite song?

Cherry Jam: Yes! It's the song that Strawberry Shortcake and I are working on right now! It's not finished yet, but when it is, I'm sure it will be a crowd favorite! It's the kind of song you can really dance to!

CNN: Do you write your own songs?

Cherry Jam: I certainly do! Writing the song is half of the fun! Everybody has a song in their heart, so I just listen to my heart and it tells me what to write!

CNN: Which instrument(s) do you play?

Cherry Jam: I play a lot of instruments! I play the guitar, the drums, the piano and keyboard, violin, tambourine, and the saxophone! Whew! I also hope to learn more berry soon!

CNN: What will you sing about? Berry-related stuff?

Cherry Jam: I sing about anything and everything under the Berry Patch, especially about topics that little girls like me will relate to. And yes, lots of berry-related stuff!

CNN: When you aren't playing music, what do you like to do?

Cherry Jam: Hang out with all my new friends, of course! I also teach music lessons out of my tour bus.

CNN: What grade level of music do you teach? Are you a popular teacher - like Mr. Schuester on "Glee?"

Cherry Jam: I teach all ages! Anybody who wants to learn music is welcome! If popularity is measured by how busy I am, then yes, I guess I'm popular!

CNN: Do you have an alter-ego like Hannah Montana? Or a showbiz father named Berry Ray Cyrus?

Cherry Jam: No alter-ego here! Some popstars might act like "divas," but I'm not one of them. I believe that you should always treat people with dignity, respect, and kindness, no matter what!

CNN: Can we expect an album/video from the new band? A tour?

Cherry Jam: No plans for an album, video, or tour at this point, but who knows what the future might bring! Right now I'm taking a break from touring. I'm only playing and performing with my friends - just for the fun of it!

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