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Cherry Jam
Biological Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Black/blue/purple, lighter colored highlights
Eye color Light purple
Talent Singing, guitar
Other Information
Job Singer
Theme Colors Purples, pinks
Icon A cherry blossom
Pets Her puppy Cinnapup
Voice Actor Shannon-Chan Kent

Cherry Jam was the newest member to Berry Bitty City and best friend of Strawberry Shortcake. A kind girl who comes from the big city, trying to find a place to accept her for her true self and not just the idol she's become.  Cherry Jam comes to Berry Bitty City to sing at the grand opening of the market but she didn't expect to fall in love with the place and find her true desires all on the same day! After many causalities she decides to make her stay in Berry Bitty City permanently.

Her theme color is hot pink and her symbol is the Cherry, usually attached to a pink flower known as the cherry blossom.

Cherry Jam is voiced by Shannon-Chan Kent.


Cherry Jam is a talented young girl filled to the brim with passion and joy for life. She is appreciative of everything life has given to her, but in all honesty she does not actually like the extra-special attention she is given due to her stardom. Nor is she the snobby diva everyone assumed her to be at first, providing to actually be a super-sweet and friendly girl, although a little quiet sometimes if she cannot show her true self or express it properly.  

Cherry Jam came to Berry Bitty City in hopes of finding a place that would accept her for her true self and find a true-blue friend. Which she found with Strawberry Shortcake, and eventually the other Berry girls. She loves them all and like Strawberry, usually tries to be honest with them. She seems to be pretty wise and calm most of the time, but sometimes can't help but find herself growing as excited as the others when involved in their random adventures or fun events. And, because of her previous busy life as a popstar, Cherry adores the most simplest of things in life such as just relaxing on a chair with a magazine or eating some cookies with the other girls.

Official Profile

"When this mega-star singer came to town, she found that Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were just the besties she'd been looking for! And they discovered that she's an ordinary girl and a great friend -- not a diva at all! Cherry and Strawberry totally inspire each other creatively, so whether they're singing or chilling, they're always in perfect harmony."


As stated, Cherry Jam is a pop star who is very talented in the field of music and singing. She is well known due to this, and in Berry Bitty City she has become a music teacher so that everyone can learn to create and play music together, and has taught every other character how to play a musical instrument. She is usually shown playing her guitar a lot as well and doesn't struggle when it comes to a song at any given notice.

Cherry also is shown to write her own music and whatever else she may be involved in, meaning she most-likely has done a lot of writing in the past when it comes to songs or other things and has an interest in literature.


  • Strawberry Shortcake: Cherry's best friend out of the all the girls. It was Strawberry was the one who made her realize Berry Bitty City was where she wanted to stay. The two sing songs together and are berry good friends.
  • Orange Blossom: Orange and Cherry are rarely seen together by themselves. But when they are, they support one another in their endeavors. 
  • Raspberry Torte: Cherry feels Raspberry is very talented in both outfit designing and music playing. There came a time when Raspberry was going to move to Berry Big City, but Cherry was worried for her. When Raspberry realized Cherry's concern, she decided not to leave. The two became good friends. 
  • Blueberry Muffin: Cherry taught Blueberry how to play the clarinet, and in Season 3, Huckleberry wrote a song with her and Blueberry felt she lost her writing partner. Blueberry tried to copy Cherry's style to get her writing partner back. When realizing that the song was for her, Blueberry admitted she was jealous and made amends.
  • Lemon Meringue: Cherry feels that Lemon is a good friend and defends her when her talents were questioned. They are cooperative are helpful to each other.
  • Plum Pudding: Cherry taught Plum how to play the drums and even helped her overcome her stage fright. The two work closely together since their careers are very similar.
  • Huckleberry Pie: Huck and Cherry wrote a song together for Blueberry. In a later episode, both Huck and Cherry get luck from the same charm, but realize that their luck actually comes from their abilities. They split the charm as a reminder of what they learned.

In season 3, Cherry gains a cute, pale-pink female dalmatian she names Cinnapup. Cinnapup has pink spots on her small, floppy ears, purple eyes, and a pink nose. She wears a dark-purple collar with a cherry blossom icon.


A special interview was made when Cherry Jam joined the cast, given to her by CNN.

CNN: What brings you to Berry Bitty City? How is it different from Berry Big City?

Cherry Jam: Strawberry Shortcake invited me to perform at the opening of the Berry Bitty Marketplace. And the truth is, I fell in love with the place, especially the people! So... I've decided to stay! I'm finding that Berry Bitty City is very homey. Everybody here is super friendly and wants to know the real me. In the Big City, I was only known as a super star which made it hard to find true friends.

CNN: We've heard you've become fast friends with Strawberry Shortcake. Tell me about your friendship.

Cherry Jam: Strawberry Shortcake is simply the best! She's such a good friend - always willing to lend a hand, offer good advice, or just share her cheerful personality. Plus, she loves to sing, just like me, so we sing and perform together all the time! She's quickly becoming the best friend I never had!

CNN: What's your favorite genre of music?

Cherry Jam: Pop music is my personal favorite, but I like all types of music.

CNN: Do you have a favorite song?

Cherry Jam: Yes! It's the song that Strawberry Shortcake and I are working on right now! It's not finished yet, but when it is, I'm sure it will be a crowd favorite! It's the kind of song you can really dance to!

CNN: Do you write your own songs?

Cherry Jam: I certainly do! Writing the song is half of the fun! Everybody has a song in their heart, so I just listen to my heart and it tells me what to write!

CNN: Which instrument(s) do you play?

Cherry Jam: I play a lot of instruments! I play the guitar, the drums, the piano and keyboard, violin, tambourine, and the saxophone! Whew! I also hope to learn more berry soon!

CNN: What will you sing about? Berry-related stuff?

Cherry Jam: I sing about anything and everything under the Berry Patch, especially about topics that little girls like me will relate to. And yes, lots of berry-related stuff!

CNN: When you aren't playing music, what do you like to do?

Cherry Jam: Hang out with all my new friends, of course! I also teach music lessons out of my tour bus.

CNN: What grade level of music do you teach? Are you a popular teacher - like Mr. Schuester on "Glee?"

Cherry Jam: I teach all ages! Anybody who wants to learn music is welcome! If popularity is measured by how busy I am, then yes, I guess I'm popular!

CNN: Do you have an alter-ego like Hannah Montana? Or a showbiz father named Berry Ray Cyrus?

Cherry Jam: No alter-ego here! Some popstars might act like "divas," but I'm not one of them. I believe that you should always treat people with dignity, respect, and kindness, no matter what!

CNN: Can we expect an album/video from the new band? A tour?

Cherry Jam: No plans for an album, video, or tour at this point, but who knows what the future might bring! Right now I'm taking a break from touring. I'm only playing and performing with my friends - just for the fun of it!


Cherry Jam is a pop star. She has many costume changes and unique
Cherry 2
attire for her concerts and performances but has two primary designs. Cherry is most likely Asian due to her yellowish skin color and the shape of her eyes. Cherry's hair is dark blue/black/purple in color, with lighter-colored highlights, sometimes appearing to be purple and about waist length with a tiny flip on the ends. Her bangs are spiked in a clump above her eyes, which are light purple/blue. Her lipstick/gloss is light pink. In her hair, she wears a magenta headband with a pink cherry blossom on the right and a cherry that dangles from it.

Cherry's primary colors consist of magenta, dark purple, and light pink.

Her typical outfit consists of a dress with the top being magenta and the bottom being light pink, separated by a purple band with a cherry blossom and a cherry on the side and a segment between the layers on the dress being magenta with purple spots. She wears neon pink leggings and magenta flats with a small bead part on the outer-corner and pink soles.

When performing Cherry Jam has two main styles. One includes multiple purple/blue glitter highlights and her same headband, but sparkly, and a hot pink star below her right eye. She wears a loose, hot pink sparkle dress-tank top with purple sparkle lining the top, and an open light pink jacket with frilled lining and purple sparkle segments on the ends of the sleeve. She also wears hot pink boots with X stitching on the sides and glittery purple pantyhose/leggings. On her right wrist, she wears a hot pink and green bracelet, on her left is a chunky hot pink and purple, and green thin bracelet.

To see a list of other outfits worn by Cherry, view this page: Cherry Jam (Other Outfits)


"You know? The stars shine much brighter here than in Berry Big City."

"Nothing there can make me feel like a star the way my berry best friends do."

"I lost my good luck charm bracelet, I...I have to find it."

"I said show time.. Not dig time! (Cinnapup continues digging) This will not win any ribbons

"Come on Cinnapup, you can find it!"

"(Opens bus door) Ah! What a beautiful day! (Picks flower and sniffs) La, la, la... Wait, better make sure! (Checks pockets) Did I forget it? (While looking in the bus) MY CHARM IS GONE!! I HAVE TO FIND IT, I HAVE TO FIND IT!!"


​"No, NO!!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT SONG!!! (Falls off chair)"

​"Oh, you did it alright! (Stands up) How could you bring that...SONG HERE WHEN YOU KNEW I DIDN'T WANNA HEAR IT?!?!?"


  • Cherry Jam is the third pink themed girl, the others being Strawberry and Raspberry.
  • Cherry Jam's icon references the plant known as "Cherry Blossom," which also happens to be her scent.
  • She is the only character to break the "color and white" striped leggings format. Her's having no white present.
  • Originally during development, Cherry was going to be either a veterinarian or an avid gardener.
  • Her favorite flowers are Buttercups, her favorite fruit is tangerine, and her favorite vegetable is the snap pea.
  • She is the second character to have a different singing voice, this being Victoria Duffield. Ironically, her voice actress is surprisingly and with no berry big adventurous doubt of course the singing voice for the one and only My Little Pony Friendship is Magic character: Pinkie Pie.
  • Cherry is the third character to normally wear a headband, the other two being Blueberry and Raspberry.
  • Cherry Jam is a completely original character to the universe of Strawberry Shortcake. She is not based on Cherry Cuddler, although some coloring and design matches Crepe Suzette.
  • Cherry has a slight southern drawl when she speaks.
  • In Starlight, Star Bright  it's revealed she's left-handed.
  • In The Berry Best Biscuit, Cherry taught Apple how to play the arpeggio.
  • Dance Puppy Dance was the first episode where Cherry threw a fit.


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