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"Nothing there can make me feel like a star the way my berry best friends do."

Cherry Jam




Singer, Musician

Theme Colors

Shades of Pink and Purple


Cherries hung from a white and pink flower.



Voice Actress

Shannon-Chan Kent

Singing Voice

Victoria Duffield

Cherry Jam is one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends and main characters in the series. She joined the cast in Season 2.


This melodic Berry Girl came to Berry Bitty City to get away from the stressful life of a pop star. Little did she know, she would come to love this little town and its residents and decide to stay. But don't get her wrong, this musical diva is as nice as can be.  


Cherry Jam is fair-skinned with pale pink lips and purple-indigo eyes. She has long silky hair with a slight curl towards the tips, worn with a hot pink headband with a pink-white flower sewn to the side of it with two cherries hanging from it. Whenever she is performing, her hair gains glittery streaks of pale indigo while her cheek gains a hot pink glittery star. 

Normally, Cherry wears a dress split into three designed sections. The upper chest is hot pink with a thin purple band tracing beneath it. The material beneath this is pink with a split down the center, colored hot pink with dark purple dot print. She has the same cherry flower sewn to the band beneath her chest. She wears a pair of violet and purple striped leggings with hot pink flats. When performing she wore a similar outfit with a top styled like her dress, purple denim pants, and hot pink boots instead.

In season 3 and 4, Cherry could be seen with her hair pulled into a ponytail when the girls did stuff. She would wear a white shirt with a sparkling design surrounding a pink image of cherries, a hot pink collar to match her pants, and sky blue sleeves. She also wore a pale pink tank-top with a violet skirt, purple leggings, and hot pink sneakers accented with pale blue and white. Her other outfit was a purple shirt with lilac accents, fuchsia shorts, and white and hot pink flats.


Passionate and up for anything fun or exciting, Cherry Jam is a talented girl who enjoys life. She is appreciative of everything given to her, but she is practically spoiled sweet. She gains so much attention due to her pop star status, and has always been treated extra-special, but she honestly knew she never liked any of it. She was thought to be a Diva in personality by everyone, but they soon learned this was only what they were led to believe.

Whenever Cherry has trouble trying to express her true feelings, she can become rather quiet and sullen. However, she is able to confide her feelings to Strawberry, the first person to see who she really was.

Her general personality is very calm and even-tempered, and she appears to be pretty wise. She tries to be honest with everyone, and she takes nothing for granted. She enjoys everything life has to offer her, even a lazy afternoon resting with a book, or just chatting with friends. She is much happier with a less-than hectic lifestyle.

Official Profile

"When this mega-star singer came to town, she found that Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were just the besties she'd been looking for! And they discovered that she's an ordinary girl and a great friend -- not a diva at all! Cherry and Strawberry totally inspire each other creatively, so whether they're singing or chilling, they're always in perfect harmony."


As stated, Cherry Jam is a musical diva and pop star. Not only can she sing and play several instruments, she is also smart enough to be able to teach others to play too. She used her talents to become the official Music Teacher of Berry Bitty City.

She can often be found playing her guitar and at a given notice can quickly burst into a song or musical piece if needed, usually to calm down a tense moment.

Cherry also is shown to write her own music and whatever else she may be involved in, meaning she most-likely has done a lot of writing in the past when it comes to songs or other things and has an interest in literature.


  • Strawberry Shortcake: Cherry's best friend. Strawberry was the one to convince her to give the other girls a chance, and she did the same to them. They often perform music together.
  • Orange Blossom: Orange and Cherry are rarely seen together by themselves. But when they are, they support one another in their endeavors. 
  • Raspberry Torte: Cherry feels Raspberry is very talented in both outfit designing and music playing. There came a time when Raspberry was going to move to Berry Big City, but Cherry was worried for her. When Raspberry realized Cherry's concern, she decided not to leave and they became good friends.
  • Blueberry Muffin: Cherry taught Blueberry how to play the clarinet, and in Season 3, Huckleberry wrote a song with her and Blueberry felt she lost her writing partner. Blueberry tried to copy Cherry's style to get him back. But when she learned he was actually writing the song for her she made amends for getting so jealous.
  • Lemon Meringue: Cherry feels that Lemon is a good friend and defends her when her talents were questioned. They are cooperative and helpful to each other.
  • Plum Pudding: Cherry taught Plum how to play the drums and even helped her overcome her stage fright. The two work closely together since their careers are similar.
  • Huckleberry Pie: Huck and Cherry wrote a song together for Blueberry. In a later episode, both Huck and Cherry get luck from the same charm, but realize that their luck actually comes from their abilities. They split the charm as a reminder of what they learned.
  • Cinnapup: Cherry gains a cute dalmatian from Huckleberry who she dearly loves and often spends time with.
  • Sweet Grapes and Sour Grapes:
  • Apple Dumplin:


"You know? The stars shine much brighter here than in Berry Big City."

"I lost my good luck charm bracelet, I...I have to find it."

"I said show time.. Not dig time! (Cinnapup continues digging) This will not win any ribbons

"Come on Cinnapup, you can find it!"

"(Opens bus door) Ah! What a beautiful day! (Picks flower and sniffs) La, la, la... Wait, better make sure! (Checks pockets) Did I forget it? (While looking in the bus) MY CHARM IS GONE!! I HAVE TO FIND IT, I HAVE TO FIND IT!!"


​"No, NO!!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT SONG!!! (Falls off chair)"

​"Oh, you did it alright! (Stands up) How could you bring that...SONG HERE WHEN YOU KNEW I DIDN'T WANNA HEAR IT?!"

​"I can't work on my next song while I'm listening to my last song!"

​(When Strawberry mentioned Blueberry's predicament): "What's a predicament?

​(When Mavis plays Dance Puppy Dance to annoy her): "Fine then, enjoy the song, 'cause it's that last song from me you'll ever hear! I'm NEVER gonna write music again!" (Runs off)


  • Cherry Jam is the third pink themed girl, the others being Strawberry and Raspberry.
  • Cherry Jam's icon references the plant known as "Cherry Blossom," which also happens to be her scent.
  • She is the only Berry Girl to break the "theme color and white" stripe leg accessory. Her leggings have no white on them.
  • Originally during development, Cherry was going to be either a veterinarian or an avid gardener.
  • Her favorite flowers are Buttercups, her favorite fruit is tangerine, and her favorite vegetable is the snap pea.
  • She is the second character to have a different singing voice, this being Victoria Duffield.
    • Ironically, her voice actress is a singer, and sings for Pinkie Pie.
    • This makes her the third Berry Girl associated with Pinkie Pie in some form.
  • Cherry is the third character to normally wear a headband, the other two being Blueberry and Raspberry.
  • Cherry Jam is a completely original character to the universe of Strawberry Shortcake. She is not based on Cherry Cuddler. However it is noted that some of her colors and design match with Crepe Suzette.
  • Cherry has a slight southern drawl when she speaks.
  • In Starlight, Star Bright  it's revealed she's left-handed.
  • In The Berry Best Biscuit, Cherry taught Apple how to play the arpeggio.
  • Dance Puppy Dance was the first episode where Cherry threw a fit and wore a disguise!
  • Cherry is one of the two Berry girls, alongside Sour, who have two vehicles: a scooter ("The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show") and the tour bus.
  • Many older fans think that Cherry is Asian.


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