This page is for describing any outfit that isn't normally worn by Blueberry Muffin. For information about her, check out her character page.

Basic Outfits

  • Exercise - A lilac long sleeved shirt with blue strawberry on the front and a blue wrap-style skirt over a pair of dark blue leg warmers and blue flats.
  • In the beach vacation episodes Blueberry wore a blue bathing suit with darker blue string lining the neck with a tiny bow in the center, underneath a light blue skirt with dark blue ruffle-lining and blueberries and lilac colored flowers all over it, pinned shut to the side with a blueberry icon. Her headband was normal and she gained blue sandals with pale purple straps with blueberries on them.
  • For bed time, Blueberry wears a purple top with blue sleeves and a blueberry icon on the front. As well as blue pants with blueberry print, and pale blue slippers.
  • One of Blueberry's rain attires consist of a sky blue rain hat with big white band and a blueberry ornament on the side, a sky blue jacket mostly worn open except at the top where a shawl is held closed with a blueberry ornament, and sky blue boots with small white claps on the side with blueberries. Her umbrella is dark blue with white handle and two blueberry charms on the clasp that keeps the umbrella shut.


  • When she auditioned for Plum's play, Blueberry pulled her hair up into a bun, worn with a lilac crown that had a big blueberry gem in the center. She wore a sleeveless light blue dress with deep blue bow on the back and lilac strap around the top. She has small blueberry earrings and pale blue above the elbow gloves.
  • As one of the sisters during a fairytale, Blueberry wore a pale blue dress with lilac belt and a blue jacket on top of it. Her hair was puffed up and resembled Lemon's but with a complicated blue ornament and lilac frilled piece with a big blueberry gem in the center.


  • During the relay race Blueberry had pulled all of her hair up into her pale blue and violet themed helmet. She wore a very pale blue-white top with multicolor blue berries on it and dark blue below the elbow sleeves. She also had on a pair of green shorts, green and white striped leggings, and blue sneakers.
  • To promote Cherry Jam, Blueberry wears a light blue dress with short sleeves and a three-layered skirt and sapphire blue sparkling corset segment separated by a purple belt with blueberry in the center. She also has on dark blue pantyhose with lighter blue sparkled stripes, along with lilac boots with three blueberry clips on the outside. On her wrist is a green bracelet and dark blue bracelet, on her left is a sparkling purple bracelet and a sparkling green bracelet. Her hair gains few lilac sparkle highlights and she has a blue star below her eye.
  • When dressed as Cherry's groupies, Blueberry brushed out her hair with bangs messy on the left side and a cone like beehive at the top. She wore lilac sunglasses with dark blue lens while her outfit was a green and white striped top with bright blue jacket and very loose shoulder segments and an above the knee bright lilac-pink skirt, sideways stripe pantyhose and bright blue boots with dark blue bottoms and straps at the ankle.
  • As a Queen in The Littlest Berrykin, Blueberry wore a dark blue dress with the under-side being a bright watery colored blue. The top layer of her dresses skirt has fluffy trim. She also has a pink Blueberry themed crown and dark blue shoes. She had small lilac colored segments decorating her dress as well.

Not Worn In The Animated Series

  • A blue top with pale pink puffed sleeves and a very long, flowing skirt. Her gloves are above the elbow and a pure white color. She has tiny gold stud earrings and wears a blueberry gem, golden headband. Her hair is pulled back mostly, with many curls on the top of her head and some worn loose. Overall she bears resemblance to Cinderella.


  • A pair of Latex gloves
  • In "The Big Freeze", Blueberry had her hair worn in three styles: Emo cut spikes, ballerina bun, and she finally picked to use a wind swept pulled back with a small amount of spikes hairstyle. For this she wore a long sleeved sparkling dress with her Icy Skites and blue and white striped leggings/pantyhose.

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