The Big Blue Blazer is the hottest chili pepper known in the Berry Bitty World.

Hot Sauce Cook Off

Berrykin Bertram kept sending videos of the chili sauce he made to Berrykin Bloom, for taunting. Apple examined one of those videos closely, and noticed blue lumps in the sauce pot. Berrykin Bloom realized that was his cousin's secret of success: he has been using the Big Blue Blazer to win the hot sauce contest year after year. Berrykin Bloom explained the girls why he could not grow that pepper in his garden, and described the necessary conditions for that. Using the Berrynet, Apple located the meadow that fit those conditions.

Apple, Sour and Strawberry made the long journey to the meadow and found the Big Blue Blazer. Berrykin Bertram appeared and told them it was the last Big Blue Blazer of the season, then made it fall into a ravine.

Eventually, Berrykin Bloom won the competition without the Big Blue Blazer.


It is a very rare species, a giant chili that grows under conditions that cannot be duplicated in a garden: a speckle of sunlight, dew, a whisper of wind, and a twist of morning mist.

It is much bigger and heavier than the average pepper, that it takes three people to transport it on a sled.



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