Berrykin Bill
Berrykin Bill is one of the minor berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. He is a berrykin worker who lives in Berry Bitty City. He is the boss of the berrykin builders.

Berrykin Bill makes his first appearance in "The Berry Big Harvest", when he comes to Orange Mart to buy tools, timber, socks and sunflower seeds.

Berrykin Bill and his crew build the market on "Room at the Top". They help the girls to build the resort on "Where the Berry Breeze Blows".

Berrykin Bill is voiced by Paul Dobson, who also voices Berrykin Bloom and Mr. Longface.


Berrykin Bill is hardworking and diligent. He specializes in construction. Whenever he supervises a construction project, the work progresses efficiently and quickly. When it is necessary, he and his crew are capable of finishing a project much earlier than it is scheduled to.


Berrykin Bill is a "Plum Berrykin", having a purple themed head with big purple eyes, and a thick orange mustache. He wears yellow gloves and a yellow hard hat with a sticker of strawberry. He carries a tool belt with a hammer and a screwdriver.


  • "Good morning, Strawberry, and a berry beautiful one it is!"
  • "We're doin' the best we can!"
  • "We can do that. No problem!"
  • "We're right on schedule!"
  • "Alright, berrykins, listen up: We have a little change in schedule - and you're gonna love it!"
  • "One down - 2,000 loads to go!"


  • Berrykin Bill appears occasionally on season 2. He appears rarely on seasons 3 and 4, and without speaking lines.
  • "On the Road" is the only episode in which he is without his hard hat, and only during couple of his scenes in that episode.
  • He won two awards for his construction projects before building the new market.



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