Berrykin Bertram
is one of the minor Berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. He is Berrykin Bloom's cousin.

Hot Sauce Cook Off

Berrykin Bertram calls his cousin and teases him about the upcoming hot sauce contest at the local county fair, which he intends to win like the previous years. He enjoys rubbing it in. Sour and Apple, angry at Bertram's taunting, urge Berrykin Bloom to enter the contest and teach his braggart cousin a lesson.

Bertram's bragging proves to be his undoing: to tease Berrykin Bloom, he keeps sending him preview videos of his hot sauce. Apple watches one of those videos closely, and discovers his secret: a rare species of chili peppers - the Big Blue Blazer. When Strawberry, Apple and Sour find that special pepper, Bertram appears and make it fall into a ravine, and for good measure he teases the Berry girls that he does not play fair - he plays to win.

Finally, Bertram learns that crime does not pay: he is disqualified for his improper conduct, and Berrykin Bloom wins the competition.


Berrykin Bertram is the exact opposite of his cousin: while Berrykin Bloom is humble, modest and polite - Bertram is a braggart, arrogant and obnoxious. He is not above using dirty tricks in order to win.


Berrykin Bertram is a "blueberry Berrykin", having a blue themed head with big green eyes. He has white brows and a white beard. He wears a sunhat with a blue and white band around the center and a corn-ear tucked on the side, similar to the hat his cousin wears.


  • "I hope you're not entering the contest - you know I'll win the Golden Chili... again!"
  • "Let's see you top that!"
  • "Did I do that?"
  • ​"Oh, tisk, tisk, what a shame." 


  • Bertram is also the name of Mavis Maraschino's assistant, but there is no connection between them.
  • He has won the Golden Chili seven times.
  • His bragging angers even the mild-tempered Berrykin Bloom and Sweet.
  • He appears only in one episode - least of all the named Berrykins.


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