Berrykin Becky
Berrykin Becky is one of the minor berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. She is a berrykin worker who lives in Berry Bitty City.

Berrykin Becky makes her first appearance in the opening scene of "A Star is Fashioned": she and two other berrykin mechanics work on Cherry Jam's tour bus. When they receive the necessary part for fixing the bus, they are saddened that their beloved singer will leave soon. Becky then comes up with the idea to hide the part, in order to postpone Cherry's departure. While the other two berrykins go away to hide the part, she makes up some excuse to Berrykin Bruce when he arrives and asks about the noise.

On "All Dogs Allowed", Berrykin Becky supervises the painting of the new dog park at Raspberry's request. The work progresses well until the wind blows away and mixes the posted numbers, confusing the berrykin painters and causing them to paint the wrong colors, much to Becky's horror. She is quite upset and embarrassed at the lurid mixture of colors, but Raspberry assures her it is fine.

Berrykin Becky is voiced by Kathleen Barr, who also voices Mavis Maraschino.


Berrykin Becky is diligent and hardworking, specializing in mechanical engineering and painting. She is quick-thinking and has a talent for improvising.


Berrykin Becky is a "Strawberry Berrykin", having a pink themed head with big green eyes. She wears a pink coverall, white gloves and a pink cap with a strawberry sticker, and sometimes a yellow hard hat with a sticker of purple fruit. Like most of the berrykin mechanics, her face and clothes are stained.


  • "Bouncing berries!"
  • "I got it! That gadget we got - we just DIDN'T get it, got it?"
  • "Raspberry isn't going to like this!"
  • "No, that's the wrong colour! (GASPS) Oh no!"


  • She has speaking lines only in "A Star is Fashioned" and "All Dogs Allowed".
  • She can be seen briefly in several season 3 episodes, whenever the berrykins gather for work.
  • Her name is mentioned only in the last episode she appears in - "All Dogs Allowed".


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