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Berryella and Prince Charming



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Mar 16, 2013

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Berryella and Prince Charming is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


The girls convince Huckleberry to portray a prince in their play, despite his stage fright and lack of performance skills.

Episode Review

Everyone is preparing for the brand new play Plum is organizing. This time it's Berryella, and this time, Strawberry is going to be the princess. Plum is trying to teach her to dance while Raspberry is trying to find her costume and needs her to hold still. Meanwhile the Berrykins are still hard at work while Cherry is playing music, and Lemon and Blueberry rehearse their lines as Berryella's mean step-sisters. Plum asks everyone to stop so that she can speak to them about something, so everyone's attention goes to her. She compliments everyone's work, including Raspberry as fashion maker and Berryella's fashionable godmother, Orange as stage manager, Blueberry as script writer, Lemon as hairstyle and makeup artist, and Cherry as the musical director.

Seeing that Prince charming isn't there, Plum calls Berrykin Tim, to find out he broke his toe while playing "Kick the Apricot Pit" and will be on crutches for three weeks. So now they don't have a prince charming for the play.

Raspberry laments the fact that she just finished making his costume, stating that no other berrykin is as tall as Tim is. So

"Hi, Huck!"

they try to make due with Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl inside the outfit, but it's no use. Plum asks Blueberry to re-write the script but Blueberry has another idea and she contacts Huckleberry to ask him for help. He is unsure, given that he's never done any acting. Blueberry informs him that he joins the play he would be one of the stars, as well as just memorize some lines and what-not. With almost all the berry girls, they manage to convince him to check it out.

That night, Strawberry, Lemon, and Blueberry are rehearsing their lines together while gathering dinner for the cast and crew when Strawberry accidentally overfills the cup she had been holding and she wasn't paying attention because she was looking her script for her lead as berryella, causing her to spill the juice she was pouring inside of it. As she cleans up, Huckleberry calls again to inform them that he's about ten minutes away from town so she promises to meet him within a few minutes. Before hanging up she thanks him for his help once again.

Later that night it turns out he has yet to arrive. Plum awakens with a start, along with Strawberry who notice Huck still has yet to show up. Blueberry then points out that he said he was only ten minutes away, but that had been hours ago. Huck finally
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shows up a few minutes later and explains that he accidentally forgot the script back at home, so he had to turn the entire way around just to go and get it. Everyone claims it to be fine though. He then comments on how much he likes the play while then greeting Raspberry, who is busy measuring him for the Prince Charming costume.

Huckleberry is a little bit unsure and concerned, but he has remembered his lines and he offers to do his best. So Plum suggests they run over his lines and has them start to perform the part where he and Berryella first meet. But this is easier said then done when they repeatedly attempt to make him say the lines. Unfortunately, while he can normally speak then, he fairs poorly when it comes to acting.

They then try a waltzing scene instead, but it turns out he isn't very good at dancing either. He admits to this and Plum decides that as choreographer she'll help him out and she asks Cherry to play some music for them. As Plum sees just how bad he is, she gets an idea and puts feet markings onto the stage, to help Huckleberry dance and see where he needs to step. Suddenly Huck falls over and he starts picking up the paper feet and promises to learn how to dance better.

Strawberry suggests they just take a break for now, since it's so late. As Huck leaves, Strawberry questions Blueberry if Huckleberry really wanted to do this and she points out that he doesn't seem to be having any fun.

The following morning, Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl have found a very big watermelon that they plan to use during the play. While they try to determine how they can get it back to the stage, Huckleberry is in the middle of practice when he suddenly falls again, seeing Pupcake nearby and greets Strawberry. He claims his practice is going fine and Strawberry asks if he's actually having fun. He claims he is, and she explains that while it is nice of him to be doing this for them, it wouldn't be good of him to do it if it makes him uncomfortable. She leaves while warning him not too work too hard since the dress rehearsal is the following night.

Earl and puppies

Meanwhile the pups have been playing around in the remains of said watermelon that the berrykins carved out so that they can transform it into a carriage. Ed is inspired to give Earl the doggy treats he happened to have on hand and he makes Earl start running in one direction. This makes the pups give chase and they roll down the hill.

Back on the stage, Plum compliments Huck for having only stepped on her feet about seven times. Huck is also impressed, pointing out that the last time it was about twenty times. She then decides to give him a break and offers to work on his song, which Huck didn't even seem to be aware of. The watermelon carriage arrives with Orange inside. She comes out to explain they had to use a watermelon because Pumpkins are out of season now so they plan to make it look like a Pumpkin by the time the show is ready. Plum is beginning to get frustrated now and Huckleberry decides to confess.

At Berry Bitty Cafe, Strawberry is working on making food for everyone again today as the three girls go over their lines. It's then Blueberry's cellphone starts to go off, so she answers it to hear Plum before informing her they were preparing to bring lunch over now. She hangs up after speaking to Plum some more, then tosses the Prince Charming song into the trashcan nearby, mentioning that Huckleberry can't sing so they need to cut it. 

That following evening, everyone is preparing for the berry first dress rehearsal for the play. Raspberry comments on how nice they look in their outfits as Plum gives Huck a quick pep-talk. She explains that they will be putting the play on for the towns little berrykins, unaware of how nervous this is making Huckleberry until she turns to see how much shock she happened to put him in. Orange questions this when she comes to inform them that the play will be starting, so Plum is 100% ready for the worst case scenario and refuses to give in now. And so, they have resorted to tying Huckleberry up with some strings and are now dancing on the stage with the berrykins providing a voice.

Eventually, Plum and Orange discuss this idea and realize it may be a bad one.

Later on, Blueberry is reading a story to the baby berrykins. When she reveals what she plans to read to them, as a surprise for the play. The berrykins are upset and they refuse it, saying they have heard it too many times and are bored with it. So Blueberry excuses herself to call Plum and inform her about this. Plum meanwhile is trying to cheer Huckleberry up when she gets the call from Blueberry.

At first, she is very surprised, but reveals it to probably be a good thing and she hangs up to tell Huckleberry that the play will no longer be going on and asks him to help Blueberry write a different play for everyone instead. The episode comes to an end as Huck agrees and Plum asks him to include a pumpkin carriage as the berrykins announce they have finished.


  • Raspberry: Could the princess stand still so I can measure her?


  • Plum (after Berrykin Tim tells her he broke his toe): Prince Berry Charming is now Prince Berry Limping.


  • (at the cafe, Strawberry practices her lines while preparing a meal)
  • Strawberry: (looking at a note with her lines while pouring orange juice into a cup) Oh, now I shall never dance with Prince Berry Charming. I...
  • (Strawberry spills the juice on her shoes)
  • Strawberry: Oh, muffin crumbs!
  • Blueberry: That's not in the script.
  • Strawberry: No.I spilled.


  • Plum: (facepalming at Huck's poor acting) It's gonna be a loooonnnng night...


  • (Huck keeps stepping on Strawberry's feet while dancing)
  • Plum: Cut the Music!
  • Cherry: (stops playing) Huh?
  • Strawberry: It's OK. It's alright.
  • Plum: I'm kinda thinking that "EEEKK" isn't what Berryella would feel for the Prince at this moment.
  • Strawberry: No, that's what I was feeling for my (sighs) feet.
  • Huckleberry: (sadly) I was stepping on them.
  • Plum: Huh?


  • Plum: Huck, that was much better. You only stepped on my feet seven times.
  • Huckleberry: Pretty good. Last rehearsal it was twenty.


  • (Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl search for a pumpkin, and find a watermelon)
  • Berrykin Ed: Are you sure you looked everywhere?
  • Berrykin Earl: I'm telling you Ed, there isn't a pumpkin around. It's just not pumpkin season, you see?
  • Berrykin Ed: Yeah... Okay.
  • (Berrykin Ed takes a few steps back and is deep in thought)
  • Berrykin Earl: What? What is it?
  • Berrykin Ed: How are we going to get it to the stage?!


  • Plum: Now Huck don't worry, you know what they say "bad dress rehearsal, great show". Or is it "bad dress rehearsal, bad show"?


  • Blueberry: So! What does everybody want to hear for tonight's story time? I know... because tomorrow night you're all having a special surprise, how about I read you "Berryella and Prince Berry Charming"?
  • Baby berrykins: (upset) Awwww! We heard that a million times!


  • (final scene)
  • Plum: Listen, Huck. We have a problem. I think you may be able to help us with.
  • Huckleberry: (worried) Does it involve acting, dancing or singing?
  • Plum: (chuckles) Well, I just found out "Berryella and Berry Prince Charming" isn't the Berrykin kids favorite story.
  • Huckleberry: Oh?
  • Plum: Do you think you and Blueberry could write a different play for us?
  • Huckleberry: (smiles) Now, that'd be something I'd like to co-star in!
  • (Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl jump from inside the watermelon they just turned into a pumpkin coach)
  • Berrykin Ed: Okee-dokee!
  • Berrykin Earl: That'll do it!
  • Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl: One pumpkin coach at your service!
  • Plum: (to Huck): Uh... can you make sure you put a pumpkin coach in the new play?
  • (Plum and Huckleberry laugh)



The girls learn that when someone is uncomfortable and not very talented with things, the worst they can do is try to force him out of his comfort zone.


  • The play is based on "Cinderella" with minor changes:
    • Instead of a glass slipper, a hat is used.
    • Instead of a fairy godmother, Raspberry is the fairy fashion mother.
  • The ringtone of Plum's cellphone is the music of "Anything is Possible".
  • This is the second episode in a row of three based on a fairy tale, following "Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins".
  • Plum tells her friends that Berrykin Tim broke his toe. So far, no Berrykin named Tim has appeared on the show.
    • According to Raspberry, Berrykin Tim is the tallest of the Berrykins.
  • Huck is the second character who suffers from stage fright, following Plum ("Practice Makes Perfect").
    • On "Practice Makes Perfect", Strawberry helped Plum overcome her stage fright. Why didn't she try to help Huckleberry the same way in this episode?