(Opening scene: The action cuts to Blueberry Books at night)

Raspberry: Ooh, anything yet, Blueberry?

Blueberry: Nothing. Berryweb’s still down, …all over town.

Lemon: Grumblin’ Gooseberries, we’re missing “Berry In-the-Know”! (Lemon throws the cables on the ground) Oh, forget it, show’s almost over anyway.

(Suddenly Blueberry’s laptop turns on)

Lemon: Oh, look! It’s back up!

Mavis: So remember, fashionistas, just two weeks until the big event!

Raspberry: What big event?

Mavis: It’s “Berry In The Know Fashion Talk Show’s” first FASHION CONTEST!

Lemon & Raspberry (giggling excitedly): Ooh! A fashion contest!

Mavis: Technology makes this live streaming Berrynet show possible, so our theme is… Technology in Fashion!

Lemon & Raspberry: Technology?

Mavis: That’s right, technology. So enter today! Until then, this is Mavis Maraschino reminding you to ask yourselves.. Are you… “Berry In The Know?” (She starts laughing schmoozy)

Blueberry: What’s the matter? You two’re the fashion experts of Berry Bitty City, you definitely have to enter!

Raspberry: We know fashion. But technology is not our area of expertise.

Blueberry: Now, wait, so what if you’re techno-newbies? (Blueberry takes a book) I just read a book that says when you’re a beginner, anything’s possible because you don’t know what’s impossible. It says right here, “above all, you must keep your windows of creativity open.”

(Raspberry is confused but after brief moment Lemon comes up with an idea)

Lemon: I think the windows are opening!

Raspberry: Where?

Lemon: No, my windows of creativity! I have an idea! C’mon, Raspberry! Thanks Blueberry!

(In the Berry Bitty Cafe)

Strawberry: …Technology and crashin’?

Raspberry: No, technology and fashion!

Lemon: We have this great idea for a new kind of fashion show—

Strawberry (gives Raspberry a plate with a cookie): Could you…?

Raspberry (happily): Ooh! I could!

(Raspberry takes the cookie and eats it)

Raspberry: And we want you to be the star!

Strawberry: Uh, sorry, girls. I’m a little distracted tonight. Things’ve been crazy trying to run the café and the marketplace. Today was the worst. The marketplace had a run on rutabagas like you wouldn’t believe! Maybe you could tell me your idea tomorrow?

Raspberry: But this is an unbelievable first for fashion! Here (Raspberry grabs Strawberry’s broom), let me help you. This idea is so, so…

Lemon: Cutting edge! (Lemon grabs Strawberry’s broom) Let me do that.

Raspberry: …Brilliant. It’s brilliant!

(Strawberry releases the broom from her hands, which causes that Lemon and Raspberry fall on the ground and startling Custard who runs away)

Strawberry: I think you better tell me now.

(The girls sit around the table)

Strawberry: So you want me to be your model in this Technology-In-Fashion contest, with a video camera in my hair?

Raspberry: Exactly. Here. Look. (Raspberry shows Strawberry their idea). You’ll be wearing a “haircam” that Lemon will make.

Lemon: And a special skirt that Raspberry will make. A skirt that’s also a video screen!

Raspberry: Whatever the “haircam” films… …the video skirt shows.

Lemon: And what the haircam films, will be you demonstrating your favorite recipes using the high-tech gadgets in your kitchen!

Strawberry: Wow! That’s the wildest tech-fashion idea I ever heard of! You should definitely go with it…

(Lemon & Raspberry are giggling with excitement)

Strawberry: …But… I just don’t see how I’m going to have time to be your model. I wouldn’t even have time to come to the fittings. Uh… not when I’m running two businesses at the same time.

(Lemon whispers something to Raspberry’s ear)

Lemon: Um, Strawberry? What if you only had to worry about… one business?

Strawberry: Huh?

Lemon: What if we run the café for you until the contest? Then you’d have time to be our model. (imploringly) Please, Strawberry.

Raspberry: In the name of Art… and Progress.

Strawberry: You think you could run the café?

Raspberry: Well – we’d do our beginners’ best.

Strawberry (exhales): Okay. We’ll give it a try.

(Lemon & Raspberry cheer with excitement)

(In the café, Raspberry is working as a chef)

Raspberry: Okay, hee hee. Order of waffles, two smoothies… Oh, who had the island surprise? Um… what’s an island surprise…? I guess it’s a surprise. (Raspberry giggles)

(Raspberry puts a fruits into waffle maker and waffle batter into blender and starts blending. Next Raspberry chops the pineapple and puts it’s head onto the plate and gives it to the Berrykins much to their confusion.)

Berrykin: Oh… Hmmm…

(Raspberry fills the cocktail cups with waffle batter and gives them to Ladybugs)

Raspberry: Smoothies, smoothies… (Raspberry notices the smoke coming from waffle maker) wait. Forgot the waffle. Okay. (Raspberry opens up the waffle maker and sees burned fruits) Whuh?? If the smoothies are in here, where’s the waffle batter?

(Ladybugs spit out their smoothies)

(In Lemon’s salon)

Lemon: Raspberry, don’t panic! I moved all my afternoon appointments to the morning so I can take over for you at lunch. Gotta go, I have to finish three pedicures, three Berry Bitty Blowouts and three fresh ‘n fragrant facials!

(Cherry and Plum talk with each other while Lemon is painting Cherry’s toenails. At the same time she writes some notes on her notebook. She switches her work so quickly that she paints Cherry’s feet with blue marker)

Cherry: Uh?

(Lemon gasps and feels very ashamed)

Lemon: Ohh!

(Raspberry runs out from the café very quickly and leaves everything for Lemon)

Raspberry: Apron, order pad, good luck…

Lemon: How’d it go?

Raspberry: Uh, you’ll find out.

(Lemon enters the café and sees enormous mess and upset café guests so she decides to leave the café very silently)

(In Raspberry’s Boutique, Raspberry is sewing Plum’s trousers and just like Lemon at the same time she writes some notes on her notebook)

Raspberry: That’ll do it, Plum.

(Plum tries to get up but she suddenly falls on the floor)

Plum: Whoa!!

Raspberry: Yiii!

(It turns out that Raspberry by mistake sewed pant legs together in Plum’s trousers much to Plum’s confusion)

Plum: Huh?

(At night, in Raspberry’ Boutique, Raspberry fell asleep next to her mannequin with screen dress and she mutters something in her sleep. Meanwhile, Lemon fell asleep during washing the dishes and she also talks in her sleep)

Lemon: Ten orders of coconut soufflé…! Giant soufflé coming to get me… NOOOO…!

(On the next day, Lemon and Raspberry leave their homes and start texting with each other by using smartphones)

Raspberry: Hi.

Lemon: Hey.

Raspberry: …Lemon…

Lemon: …Raspberry…

Raspberry: Could you take the morning shift…

Lemon: …at the café today?

Raspberry: I need to turn off my phone, and focus on my design.

Lemon & Raspberry: TTYL! Annnd… send!

(On the meadow, Lemon is working on her haircam, just like Raspberry who is also working on her screen skirt not far from Lemon. Suddenly Lemon starts to feel hungry and her stomach growls)

Lemon (sighs): That’s what you get when you skip breakfast.

Raspberry: Oh, muffin crumbs… forgot to pack breakfast.

(Suddenly Raspberry notices strawberries on the bushes)

Raspberry: Hey… strawberries! (she gives disappointed sigh) Not ripe.

Lemon: There’s got to be a ripe one around here somewhere…

(Raspberry finally finds out the ripe one just like Lemon. They both start to eat it. Suddenly Lemon takes another bite and pushes Raspberry away much to her confusion. Raspberry does the same and forces Lemon to fall. Lemon does the same and Raspberry falls on the ground. Angry girls try to take the strawberry and it finally falls down. When the strawberry falls the girls see each other)

Lemon & Raspberry (giggling): Eeek! It’s you!

Lemon (gasps): Wait! What are you doing here? Didn’t you get my text?

Raspberry: No. Didn’t you get my text?

Lemon: Flyin’ waffles!

Lemon & Raspberry: …THE CAFÉ!!

(Raspberry and Lemon run as fast as they can to the city when suddenly Lemon feels a beautiful smell)

Lemon: Wait! (sniffs) Do you smell that?

Raspberry (sniffs): Yeah. Smells really good!

Sweet: It’s no one’s fault, Sour. Things just happen.

Sour: If you had checked the air, maybe things wouldna’ “just happened.”

(Lemon and Raspberry notice a Food Truck with two girls)

Sweet: I would have, if you hadn’t insisted on doing it yourself, silly.

Sour: I didn’t.

Sweet: But… you said you’re the only one who knows how.

Sour: Well, I am. We got flat tires cuz you wanted to drive through this turnip patch.

Raspberry & Lemon: Strawberry patch.

(Lemon and Raspberry approach the food truck)

Sour: Who’s that?

Sweet: Oh, customers! Okay Sour! Customers! Sunshine! Sweetness! Smiles!

Sour: I’m smiling on the inside.

(Sweet and Sour step out of their food truck with serving trays with food)

Sweet: Good morning! Welcome to Sweet and Sour’s Food Truck! I’m Sweet, she’s Sour. We’re Sweet and Sour Grapes. We’re twins!

Sour: But we’re nothing alike.

Sweet: May I offer you my whipped n’ whirled peach parfait?

Lemon: Well, thank y- (Sweet puts a spoon into her mouth)… MMM! That’s delicious!

Sour: If you want delicious, stuff you face with my curried cucumber canapé. (Sour puts a snack into Raspberry mouth)

Raspberry: Ooh! MMMmmmm!

Sweet: Enjoy a persimmon hazelnut honey waffle!

Sour: Chew on this sun-dried tomato and chili crepe!

Sweet: Bite-size berry brittle!

Sour: Diced dates à la Sour!

Raspberry: No!

Lemon: Stop!

Raspberry & Lemon: It’s so good!

Sweet: Which one?

Sour: It was the dates, wasn’t it?

Lemon: I can’t make up my mind… but one thing is certain… You girls sure can cook!

Raspberry: Lemon! What if we… (Raspberry whispers something to Lemon’s ear) So… I know we just met and we barely know you… but how would you like a job?

(Lemon and Raspberry take Sweet and Sour to the café)

Lemon: Great, the Berrykins are on it; they’re going to take care of the food truck. Do you think this is gonna work?

Raspberry: Piece of cake. I’ll get them set up in the café while you try your new haircam on Strawberry…

Lemon: …then you can have her for your skirt fitting this afternoon.

Lemon & Raspberry: Deal.

(In Lemon’s salon)

Lemon: Okay, now donnnn’t move…

(Lemon is putting her haircam on Strawberry’s head)

Lemon: Mmm… mmm… hm! Aaand perfect!

(Strawberry feels little weird with the haircam)

Lemon: We… are about to make fashion history.

(Lemon presses the button on her remote control and suddenly an explosion occurs. After the smoke came down Lemon is shocked as haircam exploded and landed on the ceiling. Lemon is even more shocked when she sees Strawberry’s hair – which is burned and electrified)

(After adventure with haircam, Strawberry enters into the café and Sweet approaches her very excitedly)

Sweet: Good afternoon, miss! Please have a seat. (Sweet puts a glass of water, spork and a vase with flowers on Strawberry’s table and gives her the menu, much to her confusion)

Strawberry: Huh?

Sweet: Annnd may I take your order?

Strawberry: Uhhhh… who… whoooo are—

Sweet: No hurry, take your time to peruse our menu of delicious, delectable and simply delightful dishes! I’ll be back in a jiffy.

(Sweet leaves Strawberry and then Sour approaches her)

Sour: What’ll it be?

Strawberry: Uh… someone already… wait, who—

Sour (touches Strawberry’s hair): What’s with your hair?

Strawberry: Wuhh…?

Sour: Never mind. Taste can’t be learned, but lucky for you, you get to taste one of my, I mean… (sighs) our specials. Today we have Sweet’s Banana Buttersquash Bl-IIICK – I mean Bisque. Sour’s Salsify Sunflower Salad – mmm – It’s a winner! And I don’t know why I even mention this special, the other chef made it… but Sweet’s Strawberry Fondue, or should I say Fond-eeeeeuuwwww. Oh, and I highly recommend my Spicy-Ricy Jalapeno Omelette with Peanut Butter Chutney.

(Strawberry gives an awkward smile much to Sour’s dissatisfaction)

Strawberry: Uhhhhh…

Sour: Maybe if I go bake a cake and come back, you’ll have made up your mind by then.

(Sour leaves Strawberry and then Sweet approaches her)

Sweet: I’m so sorry… I forgot to tell you the specials. I would recommend the Strawberry Fondue. That’s a real crowd pleaser…

(Meanwhile in the Marketplace, Raspberry calls to Lemon)

Raspberry: Hi Lemon, Raspberry. I was supposed to meet Strawberry for a fitting. Aren’t you finished yet with her hair?

(In Lemon’s Salon, Lemon sits on the ground and is surrounded by destroyed and burned wigs)

Lemon: Oh I’m finished alright. Finished with my haircam, finished with technology, finished with this whole contest!

Raspberry: What are you talking about? Where’s Strawberry?

Lemon (through phone): At the marketplace. Said she had to go back to work.

Raspberry: Nah-ah. She’s not. I mean, I’m at the marketplace and she’s not. Ohh, she must’ve meant her other place of business. Hey, was she excited when you told her about the twins? (after a silence) Lemon?

Lemon: I thought you were going to tell her about the twins!

Raspberry: Oh!!

Lemon: Oh!!

(Raspberry and Lemon scream)

(Back to the café, Strawberry received a dish made by Sweet)

Strawberry: A pyramid… I’ve never served pyramids at my café—

Sweet: Oh dear! Is there something wrong with your Papaya Pyramid?

Strawberry: Ugh. If someone would just tell me. What is—

Sweet: I totally understand, you needn’t to say another world, I’ll get you a nice Celery Sweet Swirl, one of my personal specialties.

(Lemon & Raspberry enter into the café)

Lemon: Strawberry, we can explain—

Strawberry (really angry): Some strangers who don’t seem to know like each other very much have taken over my café. I don’t know who they are, I don’t know where they came from. I don’t know what’s going on, but… I AM GOING TO FIND OUT!

Lemon: No-no-no-no!

Raspberry: It’s our fault.

Lemon: We sort of…

Raspberry: Kind of…

Lemon: Thought we would well…

Raspberry: We didn’t just think…

Lemon: We actually went ahead and… hired them.

Strawberry: Hired them? Them-whom? Whom… THEM?

Raspberry: Sweet and Sour. They’re really good chefs.

Lemon: …and they’re twins (giggles)

Sour: It’s too sweet, Sweet.

Sweet: Just give it a taste. It’s way too salty.

Sour: We’re making soup, not syrup! (Sour pushes the spoon from Sweet’s hand)

Strawberry: They don’t look so much like twins.

Raspberry: I don’t think they want to.

Strawberry (sighs): Let’s talk. (The girls sit around the table). Ladies, I don’t know if now’s the best time to try new chefs. Especially with the dinner honoring Princess Berrykin tonight.

Lemon (gasps): The dinner! We’ll make sure everything goes smooth as icing.

Raspberry: Smooth-um… smoother! Even.

Strawberry: I don’t know about this…

Lemon: We’ll make it work, Strawberry.

Strawberry: Are you sure?

Lemon & Raspberry: Promise.

Strawberry: Well… okay.

(Lemon and Raspberry hug Strawberry)

Lemon: Oh, thank you, Strawberry.

Raspberry: Thank you!

Strawberry: I have to go check the marketplace. Then, I’ll be expecting you back at the salon, Lemon, so you can do something about (points her hair) this.

Lemon: About what…?

(Strawberry touches her hair and it gives an electric spark)

Lemon (forced chuckling): Ohhh, that! Sure-of course-no problem, heh, heh!

(Strawberry leaves them)

Lemon: Awww, what were we thinking?

Raspberry: Well, who knew they were so argumentative…?

Lemon: No, I mean the contest, I mean everything. Oh, I can’t make a “haircam”…

Raspberry: I can’t make a video skirt.

(Raspberry and Lemon groan)

Lemon: Whatever gave us the idea we could do this in the first place?

Raspberry & Lemon: …Blueberry!

(In Blueberry’s Books, Blueberry turns on a new age music from the radio. She then walks around Lemon and Raspberry, who are lying on the mattresses, with fragrance sacks)

Blueberry: Breeeathe deeply… let the aromas of nature… stimmmmulate your creative energies…

(Lemon sneezes)

Lemon: Oh! What is that stuff?

Blueberry: Fizzleberry and nostrilla-ticklebinne. They stimulate the sinuses and the senses. Nice, isn’t it?

Lemon (grumbles): Not really.

Blueberry: So! Let’s try a word-association exercise to break down the walls of rigid thinking and let those problem-solving creative ideas flow. I’ll say a word and you say the first word that pops into your mind. We’ll start with Lemon… Here we go. Hairdo…?

Lemon: Explosion!

Blueberry: Fashion?

Lemon: Failure.

Blueberry: Style?

Lemon: Stale.

Blueberry: Um… I don’t think this is working.

Lemon: Oh, I’m sorry, Blueberry. It’s not the exercise. It’s me. I’m just in a bad mood. Maybe you better continue without me.

Blueberry: Oh, Lemon, don’t give up…

Raspberry: Everyone gets moody from time to time…

(Lemon gasps)

Lemon: Moody! That’s it! I’ll do mood nails instead of a haircam. I’ll design nails that change color depending on your mood!

Raspberry: Yay! Great idea, Lemon!

Lemon: But then… what’ll we show on your video screen skirt?

Raspberry: I dunno, could we… prerecord something cool, and screen that on the skirt? Then it wouldn’t have to be live, you know, we wouldn’t… need a haircam.

Lemon: Bouncin’ berries, that’s it!

(Lemon & Raspberry leave the bookshop, but Raspberry stops)

Raspberry: Do you have any friend fragrance, um, I mean scents that bring… Friendship? Harmony? A little peace?

Blueberry: I recommend… lemon verbena and skittermint.

Raspberry: Thanks! (Raspberry leaves but then takes the whole basket) Just in case…

(Blueberry giggles)

(At night in the Strawberry’s Café. Everyone is eating a dinner while Cherry plays on the piano and Strawberry gives a speech)

Strawberry: I’d like to share a few of my most pleasant memories of our beloved Princess Berrykin. A Princess who reigns with grace and wisdom. We all remember when—

(Suddenly Strawberry’s speech is stopped by Sweet’s voice)

Sweet: Sour! Something’s burning!

Sour (gasps): MY CAKES!

(Sour throws her burned cakes in baking trays into the sink and turns on the water)

Sour (exhales): Aw, great!

Sweet: I’m sorry, Sour. Can I help you make some new ones?

Sour: Ohhh, so you can take credit for them, huh?

Sweet: What? No!

Sour: Or maybe slip some vinegar into the mix so they’ll think your cakes are better than mine?

Sweet (exhales): You’re talking nonsense!

Sour (throws her kitchen gloves away): I’m talking deceit, Sweet. Underhanded kitchen tricks from my own sister!

(Sour lands her fist on the spoon with a dough, which causes the dough to fly and almost hits Sweet in the process)

Sweet (gasps with horror): You almost hit me!

Sour: It was an accident.

Sweet: An accident? I don’t believe you.

Sour: That was, but this isn’t.

(Sour throws food at Sweet’s apron)

Sweet: Uh! My apron!

Sour: My apron, that you stole!

Sweet: Oh really? (she takes food). Then if you are wearing mine, then you wouldn’t mind if I put some of this parsley puff on my apron!

(Sweet throws food at Sour’s apron)

(Sour tries a splat)

Sour: You call this a parsley puff? You, you… sous chef!

(Sour throws food at Sweet)

Sweet: Sous chef?! Oh! (Sweet throws food at Sour) Take that!!

(Twins argument turns into real food fight)

Strawberry (to Cherry): Quick! Play something!

(Lemon & Raspberry approaches fighting twins)

Lemon: Girls! Girls! (Lemon puts a friendship fragrance in front of Sour) Breathe! Breathe!

(Raspberry puts a friendship fragrance in front of Sweet)

Raspberry: Peace! Harmony! Friendship!

(In the end, Raspberry and Lemon get hit as well by flying food and they yike and yelp)

(Strawberry approaches them)

Strawberry: What in the berry bitty world…?!? (Strawberry gets hit by food which lands on her face) Oh!!

(Sweet and Sour make a horrified gasp)

Sweet & Sour: The boss!

(Strawberry exhales and then tries both splatters)

Strawberry: Mmm, aaah. Who made these icings?

Sweet & Sour: …I… did?

Strawberry: Together?

Sour: Of course not! Mine is the Glinty Minty Sparkle.

Sweet: And I made the Creamy Carnation Rose.

Strawberry: Mmmmm! I’ve never tasted anything so berry delicious!

(Sweet and Sour take their bowls with icings)

Sour: Uh, must be mine.

Sweet: Oh here, try mine.

(Strawberry tries Sweet’s icing, then Sour’s. And then she mixes both of them)

Strawberry: Mmmmm. Ah! Mmmmmm. That’s it. They’re both great on their own, but mixed together? Oh wow… (giggles) divine!

Sour & Sweet: …Really?

Strawberry: You know… If you two created recipes together, your cooking would reach a whole new, fantastic level!

Sweet: Us?

Sour: Cook something… together?

Sweet: Well… I guess we could… try?

Strawberry: Great, cuz we have some cakes to ice. Come on, I’ll help you. Let’s alternate each layer with both your cakes and mix your icings, and we’ll make one giant cake for Princess Berrykin!

(Later in the café, everyone is eating delicious cake made by Sour and Sweet)

Strawberry: Mmmm. I think I’m going to have another slice! (giggles) This is the best! If you’ll share some of you cooking secrets with me, you can stay. Uh, you can have my old bedroom above the café.

Sweet & Sour: Really?

Strawberry: But… you have to try get along.

Sweet: We may be expert chefs, but I’ll admit, we aren’t expert sisters.

Strawberry (giggles): I’m only asking you to do your best.

Sour (sighs): I think we can agree to that.

Lemon: What do you think, Raspberry? Should we give our tech-fashions another try?

Raspberry: Tech tomorrow. (She gives Lemon the slice of cake) Tonight we eat!

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