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Berry Double Trouble
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June 20, 2015

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Berry Double Trouble is the first episode of Season 4 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Raspberry and Lemon enlist the help of two bickering twins to watch over the Cafe while they use Strawberry for their design entry for a contest. Will it work?

Episode Review

One late evening, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Lemon are trying to get the internet up and running to watch the fashion talk show "Berry in the Know". Blueberry remarks that the internet seems to be down all over the city, but after Lemon continues to play with the wires, they are able to get it on just as the program is ending. The show hostess Mavis Maraschino announces that she will be holding an online fashion contest with a technology theme, then ends the segment.

Initially the girls are disappointed to know this, because while they excel in fashions, they hardly know anything about technology. Blueberry is sure they can do it though, and she shows them a self-help book she had recently found. She reads them a little passage before Lemon suddenly gets some inspiration. She grabs Raspberry and they run all the way over to the Cafe. They find Strawberry somewhat dirty and worn out, and in the middle of cleaning up and sit down to chat. They catch her up on everything, then mention the theme and their desire to use her as their own personal model. While Strawberry likes their plans - she claims to be too busy to help. She has to work at both the Cafe and the market, and because they just had double supply, she's spending a lot more time there. 

The girls try to convince Strawberry to reconsider, offering to lend her a hand by taking some time out of their own schedules to help at the Cafe. Strawberry is hesitant, while they explain their plans some more by showing her the design they made; which includes putting a camera in a wig for her to wear, then hooking it up to the skirt Raspberry plans to design, which will allow whatever gets recorded to show up on the skirt.

Once again Strawberry refuses, but the girls are persistent. She really doesn't think this will work out but seeing how much they want this, she finds herself agreeing to it anyway. The next day, Raspberry goes over the orders she has just gotten. She struggles to try to recall everything but gets right to work, blending fruits for smoothies, making waffles, and cutting up the fruit. But she makes quite a few mistakes, including serving the peel or top of fruit in the foods, and accidentally mixing up the smoothies and waffle batter. She also ends up burning a few things and making a mess.

Meanwhile, Lemon is trying to work on the hair styling, manicure, pedicure, and designs all at the same time. She tries to focus on the pedicure while drawing, but rushes so much that she accidentally just scribbles blue ink and polish all over Cherry's feet and lower leg. She feels remorseful but doesn't have much time to linger on it before she has to switch with Raspberry, so that she can tend to her own work and designs.

Lemon steps into the cafe to see how much of a mess it is in, then without a word, she walks out.

Raspberry quickly gets set up, trying to fix the pants Plum is wearing while she makes her design plans. She is so focused on that though, that she accidentally sews the pant-legs together, causing Plum to fall over when she tries to stand up.

By evening, both Lemon and Raspberry are too worn out to do much else. They both fall asleep working, with Raspberry leaning against a mannequin that she was working on, while Lemon is asleep at the sink but suffers from a dream that involves her being attacked by souffles.

The next day the girls go out to try to focus on their designs. They send a message to each other using their phones in hopes of getting the other girl to take over her shift, promising to take the other shift instead. They both sit down with their supplies and try to work, but in their hurry to get away for a while. Lemon's stomach growls and she realizes that she skipped breakfast and forgot supplies. It happens to Raspberry too. So, both of them go on a search for something to eat. They are in a big strawberry patch, and look for one to eat. Most of the strawberries aren't ripe yet - but when they just happen to find one, they do not realize that the other girl is on its other side, until they both try to yank it loose.

At first the girls are amused, but they grow alarmed as they realize that nobody is even at the Cafe. They quickly pack up
and run off, to head back there now, only to stop as they pick up a scent. It happens to smell very good, so they follow it to find two girls in a truck with flat tires.

When one girl spots Lemon and Raspberry, she quickly gets out to greet them after reminding the other girl to be positive and friendly. They believe the girls to be customers and introduce themselves as the twins, Sweet, and Sour Grapes. They both try to have the girls eat the food they brought out with them, and while the food is really good, Lemon and Raspberry stop them when they get competitive and keep trying to force them to eat more than they need. But, because the food is so good, the girls get an idea and ask Sweet and Sour if they would be interested in doing some work. The girls quickly accept, despite it being a big request, and the two lead the twins to the Cafe before they run off to get to work with their ideas. 



Lemon is busy putting the final touches on the wig she made for Strawberry. She has her try it on, happy by how it turned out and she decides to test it - to make sure it works. But suddenly, the wig explodes and flies into the air, effectively burning and frying up Strawberry's own hair - much to her annoyance.

She leaves afterwards and heads over to the Cafe, expecting to find Raspberry there. But to her surprise, she finds Sweet there to greet her. She sets up the table and offers her a list of items from the menu, but Strawberry is so confused that she can't focus. Sweet decides to give her a moment and walks away, allowing Sour to come by to offer her own menu. She gets tired of waiting though and walks off, ditching the flustered Strawberry until Sweet returns a moment later on. She makes some recommendations for Strawberry, who is just trying to figure out who the strange girls are.

Raspberry decides to call Lemon to see how she is doing. Lemon discusses what happened, then decides to just give up for now since it's too hard. Raspberry asks about Strawberry but is surprised to learn that she left, but because she never showed up, the girls fear she headed to the Cafe instead. They panic worse as they realize that means she also doesn't know about the twins and run right away.

At this point in time, Strawberry seems close to just having a meltdown, but she forces herself to relax and calmly ask about what happens to be going on. Sweet doesn't hear her and walks off though, as Raspberry and Lemon suddenly show up. Angrily, Strawberry demands an explanation, choosing her friends to vent on and they apologize for having forgot to tell her about the twins. They hired them to take over work at the Cafe since they both happen to be very good, experienced chefs and bakers, then they point out that the girls are twins while introducing them. Strawberry takes a moment to check them out, then remarks that they do not look like twins - though Raspberry is pretty sure it was intentional.

The three girls sit down again and Strawberry comments that they should probably not have been trying out a pair of new chefs, especially with the upcoming event at the cafe - a dinner honoring Princess Berrykin. But the girls offer to help fix things, since they ruined them to begin with and once again, Strawberry hesitates to accept. She agrees, then tells Lemon that she wants her to fix her hair later at the Salon before taking off for the Market.

Confused and frustrated, Lemon and Raspberry try to figure out what to do. They were unable to make their ideas come through and now everything is just one big mess. They really do not know what convinced them into thinking they could do this to begin with, then recall Blueberry and how she encouraged them to go through with their ideas. The girls decide to pay Blueberry a visit, where she tries a relaxation exercise on them by making them lay down on pillows and she plays some relaxing music. She has shut off all but one light and walks around them,
Fresh scent
reading from her book while spreading a blueberry scent around the room. This doesn't really do anything for the distraught friends, so she tries a word association game; only to get a lot of unhappy and negative words.

Lemon apologizes and gets up, saying that she isn't in the mood for this. She goes to leave, but as Raspberry and Blueberry try to convince her to stay, she gets an idea on what she can make and explains her idea of Mood Nails. They can change colors to reflect how the wearer is feeling. Right away Raspberry compliments the idea, then they discuss what she can do for her skirt. With that, the girls decide to leave and focus on their brand new ideas, but Raspberry stops to ask if Blueberry has any "friend helping" scents.

Blueberry picks up her basket and looks through it, then she hands over one of the pouches. But, to play it safe Raspberry just takes the entire basket; causing Blueberry to express amusement.

At the Cafe, the Berry Girls and Berrykins gather, among them the Princess, Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl. It is now evening and the girls are trying to work preparing for the upcoming event. As Cherry plays a pleasant music and Strawberry gives a hearty speech about the princess, Sour's cakes have gotten burnt due to some mild distraction. Sweet offers to lend her a hand. However, Sour is suspicious of her twin sister and believes by helping, she would just steal all of the credit for herself or do something to make her look bad. Sweet tries to tell her this isn't the case, but her flustered responses only cause her to look suspicious. Their bickering escalates and Sour throws something at Sweet, causing her to retaliate.

As the fighting gets worse, Lemon and Raspberry try to calm the fighting twins with "friend helping" scents, but they end up being pelted with icing. When Strawberry sees this, she asks Cherry to play some music to distract them. She approaches and gets hit by some of the icing - but instead of expressing anger, she simply tries the frostings. She likes them both and asks who made them, causing each twin to hesitantly respond. She tries them both again, then combines the two frostings and deems them to taste good separately, AND together.

With that, she suggests the twins learn to work together. Not only is it less confusing, but they would also cause their wonderful recipes to be taken even further than before. The twins are a little hesitant at first, but they agree to do it for the sake of bringing peace and enjoying their work. This makes Strawberry and the others happy too, and she comes up with an idea that will allow them to equally contribute their cakes and icings, to create a half-and-half styled cake for the party coming up. She also agrees to lend them a hand, then offers to let them stay in the Cafe by using her bedroom on the top floor.

The girls agree to this, after she makes it clear that she will only allow it if they can get along. Raspberry and Lemon are very happy with this as well and they decide to give their technology fashions some more work; tomorrow that is, so that they can focus on the wonderful cake for tonight.


  • The twins learn that by working together, they can make some wonderful things by focus on their talents. Instead of trying to put too much on their plate by spreading themselves too thin.
  • The twins also learn that if they can work together, their already good food can improve; as can their relationship. 


  • (Blueberry, Lemon and Raspberry watch the fashion show "Berry in the Know")
  • Mavis Maraschino: So remember, fashionistas: just two weeks until the big event.
  • Blueberry: What big event?
  • Mavis Maraschino: It's "Berry in the Know" fashion talk-show's first fashion contest.
  • Lemon and Raspberry (excitedly): A fashion contest!!
  • Mavis Maraschino: Technology makes this live streaming Berrynet show possible, so our theme is... (chuckles for a little) technology in fashion!
  • Lemon and Raspberry (worried): Technology?
  • Mavis Maraschino: That's right, technology! So enter today! Until then, this is Mavis Maraschino reminding you to ask yourselves: are you Berry in the Know? (Laughs until Raspberry closes the lid of the laptop)


  • Blueberry: I just read a book that says when you are a beginner, anything is possible because you don't know what's impossible. It says right here: "Above all, you must keep your window of creativity open".


  • (Raspberry and Lemon start sending text messages to each other)
  • Raspberry: Hi!
  • Lemon: Hey!
  • Raspberry: Lemon...
  • Lemon: Raspberry...
  • Raspberry: Could you take the morning shift...
  • Lemon: the cafe today...
  • Raspberry: ...I need to turn off my phone and focus on my design...
  • Lemon & Raspberry: ...TTYL. And send.
  • (Girls are working on their designs and start feeling hungry)
  • Lemon: Eh... That's what you get when you skip breakfast.
  • Raspberry: Aw muffin crumbs. I forgot to pack breakfast. (Raspberry notices strawberries on the bushes) Hey! Strawberries! Oh, not ripe.
  • Lemon: There's got to be ripe one around here somewhere.
  • (Suddenly Raspberry and Lemon notice a red strawberry. They start to eat it until Lemon pushes the strawberry and Raspberry falls on the ground. Raspberry also pushes fruit and Lemon falls on the ground. They keep doing this until strawberry falls on the ground).
  • Lemon & Raspberry: Hahaha! It's you!
  • Lemon: Wait! What are you doing here? Did you get my text?
  • Raspberry: No. Did you get my text?
  • Lemon: Burnt waffles!!!
  • Lemon & Raspberry: THE CAFE!!!
  • (Girls run as quickly as possible to the town until Lemon feels really good smell)
  • Lemon: Wait! Do you smell that?
  • Raspberry: Yeah. Smells really good.
  • Sweet: It's no one's fault Sour. Things just happened.
  • Sour: If you had checked the air maybe things wouldn't just happened.
  • Sweet: Well I would have if you hadn't insisted on doing it yourself silly.
  • Sour: I didn't.
  • Sweet: But you said you are the only one who knows how.
  • Sour: Well I am. We go flat tired 'cause you wanted to drive through this turnip patch.
  • Lemon & Raspberry: Strawberry patch!
  • Sour: Who's that?
  • Sweet (sees Raspberry and Lemon approaching): Oh, customers! OK, Sour, customers: sunshine, sweetness, smiles.
  • Sour: I'm smiling on the inside.
  • (the twins open the doors and run to Lemon and Raspberry)
  • Sweet:Good morning, welcome to Sweet and Sour's food truck. I'm Sweet, she's Sour. We're Sweet and Sour Grapes. We're twins!
  • Sour: But we're nothing alike!
  • Sweet: May I offer you my whipped and whirled Peach Parfait?
  • Lemon: Well, thank you... (Sweet pops a bit of the parfait in her mouth) (While tasting it and with mouth full) MMMMMMMMM. MMMMMMMMMM. That's delicious!
  • Sour: If you want delicious, stuff your face with my Curried Cucumber Canapé.
  • Raspberry: (approves) MMMMM!


  • (Blueberry suggests Lemon and Raspberry to try word association exercise)
  • Blueberry: I'll say a word, and you say the first word that pops into your mind. We'll start with Lemon. Here we go: Hairdo.
  • Lemon: Explosion!
  • Blueberry: Fashion.
  • Lemon: Failure!
  • Blueberry: Style.
  • Lemon: Stale...
  • Blueberry: Hmm... I don't think this is working.


  • (after Sweet tells Strawberry what's on the menu, Sour does the same. Strawberry is confused, trying to figure who are the strangers that have taken over her cafe)
  • Sour (impatiently): Maybe if I go bake a cake and come back, you'll have made up your mind by then.


  • Strawberry: They don't look so much like twins.
  • Raspberry: I don't think they want to.


  • (Sweet offer Sour a spoonful of soup)
  • Sour: It's too sweet, Sweet.
  • Sweet: Just give it a taste. It's way too salty.
  • Sour: We're making soup, not syrup! (pushes the spoon away, its contents are spilt)


  • Strawberry (gives a speech while Cherry plays the music): I'd like to share a few of my most pleasant memories of our beloved Princess Berrykin, a princess who reigns with grace and wisdom, we all remember...(the speech is interrupted by Sweet)
  • Sweet: Sour! Something's burning!
  • Sour: (gasps) My cakes!!
  • (Sour throws her burned cakes into a sink and turns on the water)
  • Sour: Oh great!
  • Sweet: I'm sorry Sour. Can I help you make some new ones?
  • Sour: Oh? So you can take the credit for them, huh?
  • Sweet: What? No.
  • Sour: Or maybe slip some vinegar into the mix so they'll think that your cakes are better than mine?
  • Sweet: Oh, you are talking nonsense.
  • Sour: I'm talking deceit, Sweet! Underhanded kitchen tricks for my own sister!
  • (Sour strikes the tip of the spoon and its contents almost hit Sweet in the head)
  • Sweet: Oh! You almost hit me!
  • Sour: It was an accident!
  • Sweet: An accident? I don't believe you!
  • Sour: Well that was. But this is it!
  • (Sour throws food on Sweet, staining her apron)
  • Sweet (gasps in shock): My apron!
  • Sour: MY apron that YOU stole!
  • Sweet: Oh really? Then if you are wearing mine, then you won't mind if I put some of this parsley puff on MY apron! (throws food on Sour)
  • Sour: (Gasps when it splats on her, tastes) You call this a parsley puff? You... you.. SOUS CHEF!!!
  • Sweet: Sous chef? OH!! Take that!
  • (Twins argue and turn it into a food fight)
  • Strawberry: (to Cherry) Quick, play something!
  • (Strawberry walks to Sweet and Sour as Cherry plays something. Lemon and Raspberry try to stop the fight with the scents Blueberry gave them)
  • Lemon: Girls! Girls! Breath! Breath!
  • Raspberry: Peace! Harmony! Friendship!
  • (the twins carry on with their food fight, staining Lemon and Raspberry too)
  • Strawberry: What in the Berry Bitty World...? (gets splats of icing on her face) AAAAH!
  • Sweet and Sour: (gasp) THE BOSS!!
  • (the food fight stops immediately)
  • Strawberry: (tastes the icings, smiling) Ah! Who made these icings?
  • Sweet and Sour: I... did?
  • Strawberry: Together?
  • Sour: Of course not, mine is the Glinty Minty Sparkle!
  • Sweet: And I made the Creamy Carnation Rose!
  • Strawberry: Mmm... I've never tasted anything so... berry delicious!
  • (Sour and Sweet take bowls with their icings and offer them to Strawberry)
  • Sour: Must be mine.
  • Sweet: Oh here. Try mine.
  • (Strawberry first tries Creamy Carnation Rose and then Glinty Minty Sparkle. At the end she tries them together)
  • Strawberry: Ah! MMMMMM! That's it! They are both great for their own but mixed together. Oh wow! Divine!
  • Sweet & Sour: Really?
  • Strawberry: You know, if you two create recipes together, your cooking would reach a new fantastic level!
  • Sweet: Us?
  • Sour: Cook something... together?
  • Sweet: Well... I guess we could... try.
  • Strawberry: Great, because we have some cakes to ice. Come on. I'll help you. Let's alternate each layer with both your cakes and mix your icings. And we will make one giant cake for Princess Berrykin!


  • (everybody in Berry Bitty Cafe are eating delicious cakes)
  • Strawberry: I think I'm gonna have another slice! This is the best! If you share some of your cooking secrets with me you can stay. Oh you can have my old bedroom above the cafe.
  • Sweet & Sour: Really?
  • Strawberry: But... you have to try and get along.
  • Sweet: Maybe we are expert chefs but I'll admit we aren't expert sisters.
  • Strawberry: I'm only asking you to do your best.
  • Sour: I think we can agree for that.
  • Lemon: What do you think Raspberry? Should we give our technology tech fashions another try?
  • Raspberry: Tech tomorrow. Tonight we eat.



  • This is the first season opener to introduce two new Berry girls.
  • Orange and Huckleberry make no appearances in this episode, while Cherry has no audible lines, and Plum can only be heard making reaction sounds after Raspberry sews her pants legs together.
  • Strawberry allows the twins to use her "old bedroom" in the cafe, implying that she no longer stays or sleeps there. Compared to series 2, when her apartment was made for occasional usage until Season 3, when she lent it to Huckleberry for use.
  • Sweet and Sour are the second pair twins to be on Berry Bitty Adventures, following Kadiebug and Sadiebug.
  • This is the first time that we see two twins in a food fight.
  • The only season 4 episode in which Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl appear, for a few seconds as a cameo and with no speaking lines. This is also their final appearance in the show.
  • Sweet and Sour argue almost like Bill and Ben from Thomas & Friends.
  • The only season 4 episode in which Custard appears. It is also her final appearance in the show.
  • It is the only episode the twins actually use their truck; in "Berry Big Tale-Teller" they drive it, but as a part of Sour's imaginary story. Lemon mentioned it was being fixed by the Berrykins (presumably Berrykin Bruce and his crew), but it is unknown what has become of it.
  • This episode shows that Raspberry is not a wonderful chef.