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Berry Bitty World Record





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Air Date

Oct 21, 2010

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Strawberry's House Pest

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"Berry Bitty World Record" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


In order to win a vacation for Berrykin Bloom, Strawberry and her friends have to break a Berry Bitty World Record.

Episode Review

Orange Blossom is stocking items while using her brand new Pogo-stick, a present from Berrykin Bloom. Said berrykin comes in to check for a package just as Jadeybug is coming in with the packages for the day but unfortunately doesn't see the cans that are sat to the side and accidentally slips on them. After they manage to catch most of the packages they ask Berrykin Bloom what he got in the mail that he was so eager to get, assuming it to be the brochures he was waiting for.

Unfortunately, that isn't it. Berrykin Bloom explains that he can't take the vacation this year and needs to use the money for seeds instead, so he canceled it. As he did this last year also, he claims to not be upset and refuses to look at the newest issue of Berry Bitty World Traveler since he has no need for it and he leaves. Coming in right after him is Strawberry, who mentions how sad he looked when Orange suddenly gets the perfect idea.

The Berry Bitty World Traveler is holding a contest in this issue, anyone who breaks a world record will win a free vacation! Orange then proceeds to hold a meeting with the other berry girls and they all begin to think of what records they can break. They really want to give Berrykin Bloom his vacation since he really wants it and they think he deserves it. Most of them are concerned that they're talented enough to break a record when Strawberry puts Orange in charge for thinking up the ideas and checking on the others, since it was her idea to begin with.

The next day Strawberry is working on her record she plans to make, baking the highest souffle. But she finds herself interrupted by both Mr. LongFace and Berrykin
Bloom. She quickly covers the souffles and proceeds to offer the two of them her "error souffles". Mr. LongFace and Berrykin Bloom are discussing among themselves the medical book he was given, "A History of Contagious Diseases" when Berrykin Bloom happens to notice that Strawberry seems slightly weird all of the sudden. But he says nothing of it.

Meanwhile, Blueberry sends Bosley Bookworm to lunch so that Orange can call the magazine and have them send down a judge for the record breaking moments. The judge will be coming on Friday but Strawberry doesn't think the girls are ready yet. Orange is certain her can-stacking will surely win the vacation though and after being reminded that she's in charge, Orange decides to go and check on the others to make sure they all picked something to attempt.

In the mean time, Strawberry is trying to find an easier task that she could break but then goes to help Blueberry in coming up with an idea instead. However, Blueberry turns down the first offer since she doesn't want to get her books all dirty from being outside.

Orange heads over to Raspberry's Fresh Fashions Boutique. Where she compliments her idea of making the world's biggest dress before reminding her she only has until Friday. Lemon is having trouble not being able to think up anything her talents would come in handy for, as most of her ideas have failed so far. Orange tries to encourage her before pointing out only two days remain.

Upside Down
Back at Blueberry's, she is trying to stand on her head while reading now, while Strawberry watches her.

Orange finds Plum at the dance studio trying to attempt her record of dancing while on her hands. Orange attempts it and finds it a lot of fun! Berrykin Bloom passes by the girls as Plum mentions feeling sick after she falls over, which Berrykin Bloom interprets as a disease mentioned in the medical book. His suspicion continues when he overhears Blueberry trying to break the record for reading backwards, then sees Plum doing cartwheels down the street. He then goes to check on Lemon and is startled by her appearance, then sees Plum skipping backwards. When he tries to talk with Lemon about his suspicions, she only claims Plum is doing a new exercise before trying to throw him off by offering a Mineral foot soak. However he turns down the offer and goes back to his plans.

The girls decide to hold an emergency meeting that night to discuss their concerns when they notice Berrykin Bloom checking on the night blooming plants. Most of the girls are beginning to lose faith when Strawberry points out that the one in charge has to have a can-do spirit. So Orange tells them to keep thinking and that since they're doing this for Berrykin Bloom they have to give it their all. Soon things end up in a flashlight fight just as Berrykin Bloom goes by, only worrying him more then earlier. Upon composing themselves, Strawberry comes up with an idea based on Orange stacking cans. She'll stack fruit instead, and she also adds that instead of trying to all come up with their own ideas, they can share them instead. So lemon decides she wishes to make the highest hairdo and everyone begins to brainstorm. Raspberry will sew the most stitches on a dress, Blueberry will be the fastest reader, and Plum plans to do the most Pirouettes in a row.

Soon Friday arrives and Berrykin Bloom is talking about the strange sights he has witnessed since the other day with Mr. LongFace, who insist they should call a doctor for the girls. Orange uses her Pogo-stick to check on everyone before the judge arrives. But she only manages to check on Lemon and Raspberry before spotting a squirrel she assumes to be the judge. But this is far from the truth! The squirrel is Doctor Hazel Nutby, Mr. LongFace had called her to come and check up on the girls. Soon things for all of the girls are starting to turn sour again.

Lemon's hair loses its puff and she begins to panic, Plum is way too dizzy to continue her pirouettes, Raspberry takes the doctors suggestion to not exert herself as someone else has broken the record since the last time the book updated. After Strawberry's stack of strawberries falls down the truth is revealed when Doctor Hazel Nutby tries to take her temperature. When questioned on their strange behavior, the girls confess to trying to break a world record to win a vacation
Doctor and Cans
for Berrykin Bloom.

Strawberry then points out that Orange took charge and inspired them to do better then their best, even if they didn't win...

It's then someone points out that one of them did break a record! Bosley comes over, then reveals he is the judge and had been keeping track of Orange's pogo stick bounces, when happened to be ten over the previous record! Berrykin Bloom though, while happy about the Vacation, is also happy the girls don't have life threatening diseases as they had thought. When Doctor Hazel Nutby sees the book, she points out that is a book of fake diseases, a gag gift that doctors like to give each other. As reward for trying so hard, and still winning, Strawberry then invites everyone over to celebrate with the souffles not eaten as the episode ends.


Berrykin Bloom and Mr. Longface learn that they should not believe anything they read, and not to jump into conclusions.


  • Strawberry: Where's our can-do spirit?
  • Blueberry: Orange is the only one who has can-do spirit.
  • Plum: Stacking can-do spirit, that is.


  • Strawberry: I just noticed Berrykin Bloom and he seemed...
  • Orange: Fantastic!
  • Strawberry: No, um... I would say he's sad.


  • Raspberry: I tried to make the world's smallest dress but I couldn't see all of the tiny stitches...


  • Strawberry: We may be bitty, but I know we can do big things!



  • If counted, all together the girls attempted a total of 18 records.
  • It seems uncommon that the record book hadn't been updated for a while, since they are updated yearly.
  • Mr. LongFace's voice seems deeper than normally.
  • Before Mr. LongFace comes in, Strawberry made 13 soufflés.
  • Bosley Bookworm is introduced in this episode.
  • In reality, Bosley working for one of the people attempting to break a record would not be allowed.
  • This is the only appearance of Doctor Hazel Nutby in the show. Her ability to speak English and doctor's career prove that "anthro" animals are in this series.

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