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Berry Bitty World Record





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Oct 21, 2010

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"Berry Bitty World Record" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


In order to win a vacation for Berrykin Bloom, Strawberry and her friends have to break a Berry Bitty World Record.

Episode Review

Orange Blossom is stocking items while using her brand new Pogo-stick, a present from Berrykin Bloom. He comes in to check for a package just as Jadeybug is coming in with the packages for the day, but unable to see the cans, she slips on them. After they manage to catch most of the packages, they ask Berrykin Bloom what he got in the mail that he was so eager to get, assuming it to be the brochures he was waiting for. Unfortunately it seems not to have shown up. Berrykin Bloom explains that he can't take the vacation this year due to needing the money after spending it on special berry seeds he thought were more important, so he canceled his plans- something he had to do the year before as well to look after Orange's sick petunias, and the year before that to help bring in the berry harvest. He claims not to be upset though, taking off after refusing the newest issue of Berry Bitty World Traveler since he has no need for it. Coming in right after him is Strawberry, who mentions how sad he looked. This starts to inspire Orange and she looks to find that the Berry Bitty World Traveler is holding a contest in this issue, anyone who breaks a world record will win a free vacation.

Inspired further, Orange holds a meeting with the others and brings up her plans. They begin to brainstorm some ideas in hopes of giving Berrykin Bloom the vacation he deserves, but most of them are concerned that they lack the talent needed to break any sort of record. Strawberry puts Orange in charge in helping to think up ideas and checking on the others, a task she accepts.

The next day Strawberry is working on her record; baking the worlds tallest soufflé but finds herself being interrupted by both Mr. Longface and Berrykin
Bloom. She quickly covers the soufflés and proceeds to offer the two of them her "error soufflés" in return. The two accept, discussing a medical book known as "A History of Contagious Diseases" when Berrykin Bloom happens to notice that Strawberry seems slightly weird all of the sudden. He pays it little to no mind after a moment.

Meanwhile, Blueberry sends Bosley Bookworm to lunch to let Orange call the magazine in private to inform them of their plans to break some recorded to get a judge there. The judge will be coming on Friday but Strawberry doesn't think the girls are ready yet- although Orange is certain her can stacking will surely win the vacation. She is reminded that she is in charge of this and decides to pay the other berry girls a visit.

In the mean time, Strawberry offers to help Blueberry come up with something in hopes that it would help her come up with something, starting with stacking books. However, that idea turns out to be a bust when their book stack reaches the ceiling and can't get any bigger due to Blueberry not wanting to stack them outside out of fear they'll get dirty.

Orange heads over to Fresh Fashions Boutique, where she compliments Raspberry's idea to make the world's biggest dress. She reminds her she only has until Friday, then pays Lemon a visit to find her struggling, unable to think of anything. She tries to encourage her, then points out she only has two days left to think of an idea.

Upside Down
Back at Blueberry's, Strawberry watches as Blueberry tries to stand on her head and read.

Orange finds Plum at the dance studio trying to attempt her record of dancing while on her hands. Orange attempts it and finds it a lot of fun when Berrykin Bloom passes by the girls. He expresses concern when Plum mentions feeling sick after she falls over, and his suspicion continues when he overhears Blueberry trying to break the record for reading backwards, then sees Plum doing cartwheels down the street. He checks on Lemon and is startled by her, then sees Plum now skipping backwards. He then tries to talk with Lemon about his suspicions, but when she comes out of the salon her hair is all messed up mixed with colors, which she attributes to problems with the dyes. When he asks her about Plum, who he then see trying to skip backwards, Lemon responds by claiming Plum just likes to exercise before trying to throw him off by offering a Mineral foot soak. He turns it down and goes back to what he was doing.

The girls decide to hold an emergency meeting that night to discuss their concerns when they notice Berrykin Bloom checking on the night blooming plants. Most of the girls are beginning to lose faith when Strawberry points out that the one in charge has to have a can-do spirit. So Orange tells them to keep thinking and that since they're doing this for Berrykin Bloom they have to give it their all. Soon things end up in a flashlight fight just as Berrykin Bloom goes by, only worrying him further. Upon composing themselves, Strawberry comes up with an idea based on Orange's can stacking and decides to stack fruits. Then, instead of telling everyone to come up with their own ideas she suggests they combine their ideas. So lemon decides to make the highest hairdo, Raspberry will sew the most stitches on a dress, Blueberry will make herself read the fastest, and Plum will attempt to do the most Pirouettes in a row.

Soon Friday arrives and Berrykin Bloom is talking about the strange sights he has witnessed since the other day with Mr. Longface. He suggests they call a doctor and go to do this as Orange uses her Pogo-stick to check on everyone before the judge arrives. But she only manages to check on Lemon and Raspberry before spotting a squirrel she assumes to be the judge. But as it turns out, it's actually the doctor. Mr. Longface had called her to come and check up on the girls.

Before they know it things only go downhill from there. Lemon's hair loses its puff and she begins to panic, Plum is way too dizzy to continue her pirouettes, and Raspberry is told that someone broke the record she was attempting since the book was last updated. After Strawberry's stack of strawberries falls down the truth is revealed when Doctor Hazel tries to take her temperature. When questioned on their strange behavior, the girls confess to trying to break a world record to win a vacation
Doctor and Cans
for Berrykin Bloom.

Strawberry then points out that Orange took charge and inspired them to do better then their best, even if they didn't win. But to their surprise, Bosley comes over to reveal a record was broken by one of them. As it turns out he's actually the Judge they were waiting for. He kept track of Orange's Pogo Stick bounces and she beat the old record; by ten bounces. Berrykin Bloom is delighted with the prize, as well as the fact the girls actually don't have life threatening diseases.

When Doctor Hazel sees the medical book he was using, she points out that is a book of fake diseases; a gag gift that doctors like to give each other.

As a reward for trying so hard and winning, Strawberry invites everyone over to celebrate with the remaining soufflés.


The girls learn that instead of separating to try to think of their own plans, they can rely on one-another for new ideas. With Orange's encouragements they were able to keep going, but after talking to each other they were able to see other points of views and get better ideas.

Berrykin Bloom and Mr. Longface learn the importance of not believing everything they read, and that it's best not to jump to conclusions.


  • Strawberry: Where's our can-do spirit?
  • Blueberry: Orange is the only one who has can-do spirit.
  • Plum: Stacking can-do spirit, that is.


  • Strawberry: I just noticed Berrykin Bloom and he seemed...
  • Orange: Fantastic!
  • Strawberry: No, um... I would say he's sad.


  • Raspberry: I tried to make the world's smallest dress but I couldn't see all of the tiny stitches...


  • Strawberry: We may be bitty, but I know we can do big things!



  • The girls attempted 18 different records.
  • Mr. Longface's voice is deeper in this episode.
  • Before Mr. Longface comes in, Strawberry made 13 soufflés.
  • Bosley Bookworm is introduced in this episode.
  • This is the only appearance of Doctor Hazel Nutby in the show.
    • Her appearance implies that there are human-like creatures besides some insects in the series.


  • In reality, Record Books are updated yearly so it seems unlikely the book was out of date.
    • Although it is possible they just picked up an old copy of the book, or the one for that year wasn't out yet.
  • It is normally against the rules for a Judge to be associated with someone attempting to break a record or partake in events because of bias, so Bosley working for Blueberry would normally forbid her from trying.