The outside during construction

Berry Bitty Market is a shopping district that was constructed before the arrival of Cherry Jam. It is located just outside of the city and is owned by Strawberry Shortcake. It was built for the berry bitty harvest of Berrykin Bloom to rid of the overflowing produce at Orange Mart.


The Market was placed in a wide, opened area. The building is in three layers, growing smaller with each addition. The bottom floor is fuchsia with strawberry shaped windows and lining of hot pink. On each side is a small awning of green and ivory stripe, while in the middle rests the second layer, a giant strawberry with a small balcony that rests in the middle. The top portion resembles a gazebo with thin green bars and a small hot pink roof resembling a strawberry. Outside Strawberry's home there's an open place for tables and chairs. There are also five small booths for each Berry girl where everybody can buy something nice:

  • Plum's booth sells dance shoes, dance outfits, CD's with music, etc.
  • Lemon's booth sells shampoos, perfumes, lipsticks, nail polishes, etc.
  • Orange's booth sells food, kitchen tools, sauces, garden tools, etc.
  • Raspberry's booth sells dresses, hats, bracelets, skirts, shirts, etc.
  • Blueberry's booth sells books, magazines, newspapers, comics, recipes, etc.

There's also a big stage which resembles a strawberry.


First Floor

The inside has a lavender and lilac brick floor with walls of pink and pale pink striping, beams of pink, and wood of fuchsia. The ceiling is dark mauve with a bright green chandelier and various strawberry lamps hanging from it. The various wall attachments are white with pink, red, and purple accenting.


Since the Market Place was built, Strawberry has been living here. She lends it to people who may be spending the evening in the City, like Huckleberry Pie.


  • Strawberry is the first and so far only character with two shops.


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