(Opening scene: The action cuts to Berry Bitty Cafe at evening)

Blueberry: “Technology in Fashion” Cooking Show Video, take numberrr… What is it now?

Lemon: Twenty three…

Blueberry: Take twenty three.

Strawberry: Hi everyone, I’m Strawberry Shortcake. Tonight I’m making Myrtleberry Meringue. It’s a great favorite here at Strawberry’s Café in Berry Bitty City, and it’s such a fun recipe. Of course the most important ingredient is… (takes the bowl) a big bowl of merry, mirthful, Myrthfulberries. I mean Myrtle! Myrtleberries. Oooh… Sorry.

Lemon: Cut…

Strawberry: That’s a Myrthful mouthful…

Blueberry: Take twenty four…

Strawberry: Of course the most important ingredient is… (takes the bowl) a big bowl of merry, mirthful, Myrtleberries.

(The bowls slips from Strawberry’s hand and some Myrtleberries fall on the countertop.)

Strawberry: No! Oh! Ohhh…

Lemon: Cut…

Sour: I’ll tell ya one thing, Strawberry… Don’t quit your day job.

Sweet (stops sipping her tea to talk to her): Sour!!

Sour: Whu-uht?

Blueberry: Quiet on the set, please?

Sour: Oh, sorry. Was I holding you up? (To Sweet) Like it makes a difference. They say they’re going to play this video on a skirt they’re inventing that’s also a video screen. I mean, seriously? (Sour starts to laugh and snort)

Strawberry: Sour. Please.

Blueberry: Take twenty five…

Strawberry: Of course, the most important ingredient is a big bowl of merry, Mirthful…

(Sour starts to eat her snack very loudly)

Strawberry (angrily): Oh… Myrtleberries…

Lemon: Cuuuut…

(Sweet nudges Sour)

Sour: ...What?

(Lemon, Raspberry, Blueberry and Strawberry give Sour nervous glance, and Sweet takes her snack to which Sour gasps)

Blueberry: One more time… Quiet on the set! Take twenty six!

Strawberry: Of course the most important ingredient is a big bowl of merry,Mirthful Myrtleber-oohh!

(Suddenly the lights go out in whole Café)

Lemon: Ooooh, not again…

Raspberry: Oh! Power’s been going off all day! We’ll never get our video done!

Lemon: What are they doing down at the Berryworks power station?

(Suddenly the lights turn again)

Lemon: Finally! Take twenty sev—

(The lights go out again)

Lemon: Ugh!!

Sour: How’re you Wiz-Kids gonna enter a “Technology in Fashion” contest with no technology?

(Sour tries to get her snack back from Sweet)

Strawberry: We’ll have to continue later, wiz-kids. It’s getting dark and I need to take care of deliveries at the marketplace. But first, I’m going to find out what’s going on at the Berryworks.

(Strawberry leaves the café)

Sour: Gimme!

(Sour tries to grab her snack and falls down from the stool)

Sour: Whoah!

(Sour looks at Sweet and she shyly eats Sour's snack)

(Strawberry hops on her scooter and rides to Berryworks)

Berrykin Bruce: Quick! Plug the leak in that fruit-fractionator! Somebody cap that cracked crenelator!

Strawberry: Bouncin’ bitterberries! What happened, Berrykin Bruce?

Berrykin Bruce: Ehhhh, sparkleberry strainer popped a grommet.

Strawberry: Oh, looks bad.

Berrykin Bruce: Uh, not as bad as when the peach it pulverizer exploded. We were up to our pips in pulp for a week. (to Berrykins) HEY! Move that mango masher! No, not that one, the other one! (to Strawberry) Eh, don’t worry. Berrykins are on the Job. The power’ll be up and down tonight, but we’ll have it by first thing in the morning.

(Suddenly an explosion occurs releasing big electrical zap and lightning)

Berrykin Bruce: I hope… C’mon, Berrykins! This whole place looks like it’s two berries short of a fruit salad!

Strawberry: I’d better tell the girls it’s a wrap till tomorrow…

(Suddenly Strawberry’s smartphone starts ringing)

Strawberry: Oh! Oh, uh, Strawberry Shortcake speaking…

Apple (through phone): Hi, cousin Strawberry!

Strawberry: Apple Dumplin’! (giggles) I haven’t talked to you in forever! How are you?

Apple (through phone): I’m great! Always on the move, y’know. “Gotta see what’s over that next hill,” as we world travelers say. Thought I’d call and let ya know I was thinking of stopping by for a quick visit!

Strawberry: Oh, I’d love to see you! Things are just a little… crazy right now… when were you thinking of arriving?

Apple (through phone): I’m guessing in about… five, four, three, two, one!

(Apple arrives via her butterfly bus and knocks the strawberry ornament from Berryworks gazebo)

Apple: Hi, Strawberry!

Strawberry: Apple?!

(Strawberry starts to ride behind Apple)

Strawberry: Apple! What’s going on?

Apple: Ohh, ran into a storm over Cricket Crossroads, and wouldn’t ya know it, something happened to the power booster. Poor butterflies couldn’t slow us down.

(Apple crashes onto the ground next to the bus stop)

Strawberry: Are you all right?

Apple: Sure!

Strawberry (gives a relieved sigh): Oh, thank goodness!

Apple: Ohh, this was nothin’. Did I tell you about the time I climbed Mount Macadamia and discovered it’s a volcano?

Strawberry: That’s right, I saw your post on your Berry Best Bits page. But… sure you’re all right?

Apple: Well, I had to dodge some lave chunks the size of a house when it erupted, but other’n that…

Strawberry: Uh no, I mean the crash!

Apple: This? Aw, this was no crash. The time I went over Crabapple Falls in a kayak, that was a crash. There I was, down the creek without the paddle, when all of a sudden— Oo, I almost forgot. Tea Time!

Strawberry: Oh, okay. I’ll make us both a cup, as soon as we get to town.

Apple: No, Tea Time Turtle!

(Tea Time leaves the butterfly bus with big baggage)

Apple: There he is. He goes everywhere with me.

(Strawberry and Apple ride on the scooter, while Tea Time rides behind them on his roller skates with luggage attached to scooter)

Strawberry: I’m so glad you came to visit. I save every postcard you send me. (Gasps) Everyone’s going to be so excited to meet you. We all follow you on Berry Best Bits, and love all your pics and posts!

Apple: Now, I don’t want to cause anybody any bother. I just dropped by for a quick visit, I’ll be gone before you can say planes, trains and airplanes.

Strawberry: But you just got here!

Apple: Oh, well, you know how it is when you’re a world-traveling adventurer. You have so many pen pals to visit, you can’t stay in one place for long.

Strawberry: Can you stay just a little while? The Berrykins will have to fix the bus, and they’re all busy now. (Gasps) You can stay overnight with me!

Apple: Well… I guess I could stay jest one bed. A real bedroom would be nice. I, I’m used to sleeping in my tent. Or the cabin on my little one-girl sailboat. I mean, my one-girl-and-turtle sailboat, right Tea Time? …Tea Time?

(Tea Time drinks a tea on top of baggage)

Apple (giggles): Oh, there you are!

(At the marketplace)

Strawberry: Sorry I can’t be a better host, but I have to get all that stuff ready for tomorrow’s customers.

Apple: Oh, let me help! I can turn any boring chore into an adventure. Did I tell you ‘bout the time I hitched a ride on a cargo ship and helped the crew swab the deck by getting a whale to splash it clean?

Strawberry: Oh yeah, I… read about that on your Berry Best Bits feed. Didn’t the ship kinda get… um… full of water…?

Apple: Heh, yup! I turned it into the biggest swimming pool ever!

(Apple shows Strawberry a picture with a ship full of water and Apple with Tea Time on water mattresses)

Strawberry: Hmm. I, um… see what you mean. And… how did the captain feel about that?

Apple: You shoulda seen his face. It was so sweet. I guess nobody’d ever done something like that for him. He just sat there and cried.

Strawberry: I can imagine.

Apple: Leave it to me, I’ve got all kinds of ideas how to get this organized!

Strawberry: No-n-no, that’s okay. I mean… you’re my guest! You just get settled upstairs, and I’ll see you after I’m done working.

Apple: Well, okay… ya sure?

Strawberry (giggles): Very sure.

(Inside the market)

Strawberry: …Well, Berrykin Bruce said they’d get it fixed, so I’ll be at the café, first thing in the morning.

Lemon (through phone): Thank you Strawberry.

Strawberry: Okay, Lemon, you have a good night too.

(Strawberry gives a tired yawn)

(At night, Strawberry enters into her room)

Strawberry: Apple, it’s me… Thought you might want to see my collection of your postcards… …Apple?

(Apple jumps next to Strawberry)


(Strawberry eeks)

Apple: Well? Are ya ready?

Strawberry (giggles): For what?

Apple: This.

(Apple presses the button on remote control)

(Strawberry’s room starts illuminating in various colors and disco music starts to play)

Strawberry: Galloping gooseberries, what’s this?!

Apple: I gave our room a makeover! This is what it looks like inside the Crystal Crater Caverns that I explored. Isn’t it just amazing?

Strawberry: Yes, it’s… amazing that you could do something like this, but… do you think we could turn it off so we can get some sleep?

Apple: Oh. Oh, sure, no problem… (Apple looks at the remote control) Oops. Heh-heh. I got so excited, I forgot to add an off button. But don’t worry, the lights will run of juice on their own.

Strawberry: Uh, when will that be?

Apple: About sunrise?

(Tea Time comes out from a box with sunglasses and gives Apple the band for eyes)

Apple: Thanks, Tea Time. Here ya go, Strawberry.

Strawberry: Thank you.

(Strawberry lies on the bed)

Strawberry: Oooh. That’s better.

(Apple wants to add something new but Tea Time disapproves. But Apple turns on so loud noises of bass and brass that the whole house is trembling)





Strawberry: WHEN?



(Tea Time gives Apple the headphones, and then Apple gives them to Strawberry)

Strawberry: THANKS….

(Apple is a bit sad)


Strawberry: WHAT?



Apple: NO-NO, THAT’S OKAY… …I’m kinda used to things turning out this way.

(Apple leaves Strawberry’s room with Tea Time)

(The whole furniture and other things in Strawberry’s room shake and fall on the floor. Strawberry is in despair but tries to fall asleep)

(At the morning, three baby Berrykins try to catch the butterfly)

Apple: “STOP!” …said my mountain guide. “This is dangerous!” (the scene shows Apple who is writing on her laptop) “Hah-hah!” I said. “I embrace danger! I am… Apple Dumplin’, Girl Adventurer!” And so… for all my Berry Best Bits followers of “Apple’s Amazing Adventures”… I begin the story….

(Tea Time brings Apple a tea)

Appple: Oh… thanks Tea Time… (Apple sips the tea) …I begin the story of my latest adventure… “Avalanche Surfing: How I Rode the Wild Snow!”

Baby Berrykins: OOOoooo!!

Apple (giggles): Ohm hi there! Do you like my adventure story?

Baby Berrykins: Yeah! (they giggle and cheer)

Apple: Well! Would you like to hear more?

Baby Berrykins: Yeah!

(Berrykins are so excited that they begin jumping all over everything. Apple takes off her hat and puts on a snowboard helmet and jumps on the snowboard)

Apple: Well! There I was,

Baby Berrykins: Ooooooh!!

Apple: Hiiiigh up in the Apricot Alps,

Baby Berrykins: Ooooooh!!

Apple: Snowboarding an avalanche!

Baby Berrykins: Ooooooh!!

Apple: Faster and faster I raced down the slope! The avalanche was hot on my heels! And then, all of a sudden…!

Baby Berrykins: Ooooooh!!

Apple: Wait a minute. Why tell you about it, when I can show you! C’mon!

(Baby Berrykins cheer)

(At Berryworks)

Berrykin Bruce: Okay, once we install this valve, we’re back in business! Ready? One… two… threeee!

(The Berrykins install the valve)

Berrykin Bruce: Whew! Now let’s see if it works. Annnd… hup!

(Berrykin Bruce turns on the valve and everything goes as it should. The four bulbs turns on)

Berrykin Bruce: Phew! Well, juice me ‘n call me a smoothie… It works!

(Berrykins cheer and giggle)

(Meanwhile Apple, Tea Time and baby Berrykins arrive on the hill)

Apple: Hmm. …Uh heh! …Got it.

(Apple plugs her device into Sparkleberry juice machine)

Apple: You’re gonna love this.

(Apple’s device starts to produce snow)

Apple: You just gotta know which widget to ratchet, into the berry juice system and you have… A snow-making machine!

(Apple and Berrykins cheer. But in the Berrykins with Berrykin Bruce at Berryworks hear an alarm and see that all bulbs on the machine turn off)

Berrykin Bruce (gasps): Oh, no!

(Meanwhile Apple rides on her snowboard and Berrykins ride on sledges and even Tea Time on his shell)

Apple: C’mon, everybody!

(Tea Time tries to avoid obstacles and lands on Apple’s hands)

Apple: Hi, Tea Time! Isn’t this fun? (Apple gives gleeful yell)

(Back at the Café the girls try to make another take)

Blueberry: Fashion Show Cooking Video, take… What is it now?

Lemon: One hundred and fifty… threeee.

Blueberry: Take one fifty-three.

Strawberry: Now remember, once we’ve mashed our Myrtleberries, we need to blend them for only one minute. If you blend too long, it will foam up and get all over every… everythee… (Strawberry starts yawning) Sorry, I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Lemon: Cut…

Blueberry: Take one fifty-four…

(Strawberry sleeps on the vision)

Lemon: Strawberryyy…

(Strawberry suddenly gets up)

Lemon: Cut…!

Blueberry: One fifty-five…

Strawberry: Remember! We need to blend our Myrtleberry Meringue only for a minute! If we blend too long, it will foam up and get all over everything!

Lemon (to Raspberry): I think she’s got it. I think this take is going to be the one!

(Suddenly the lights go out and everybody gasps)

Strawberry: Oh, the power’s out again.

(Lemon gives a frustrated sigh and throws away her notes)

Raspberry: That’s just wonderful… great. What else is gonna go wrong?

(Suddenly the Meringue in Strawberry’s blender foams, bubbles and escapes from the blender. Strawberry takes a spoon and tries to catch the escaping meringue)

(At the berrykworks the sparkleberry device shoots out sparks and an alarm sounds. The Berrykins try to save the situation)


(Strawberry arrives on her scooter)

Strawberry: Mashed mangoes! What is it, another popped grommet?

Berrykin Bruce: No, this is worse, a blowout in the juice cooler!

Strawberry: What could’ve made that happen?

Berrykin Bruce: Not what… Who.

(Strawberry sees Apple with Baby Berrykins on the snow doing winter sports. Apple performs a slide and then crashes along with Baby Berrykins. Then they begin to cheerfully laugh)

Apple: Oh, hey, Tea Time! What is it?

Baby Berrykins: Uh oh.

(Berrykin Bruce and Strawberry are looking at Apple with crossed arms)

Apple: Um… Hi, Strawberry.

Strawberry: Apple, can we talk?

(At the bus stop, Tea Time packs all the baggage that belongs to Apple)

Apple: I’ve thought about it, and I think it’s best if I just… leave.

(Apple takes a suitcase)

Strawberry: C’mon, Apple, don’t go. Everybody feels bad about what happened, but we can work it out. We’re family here.

Apple: I don’t want to leave, but… I have places to go, people to see. Gotta find the next big adventure for my Berry Best Bits feed. Being a famous traveler is… what I do. It’s why people like me.

Strawberry: Is that why you don’t stay with anyone for very long?

(Tea Time opens a chest and sees the blowing leaves)

Apple: Aw, Strawberry… I’m not like you and everybody else here – having something you do that people need.

Strawberry: At least… stay until the Berrykins can fix the bus.

Apple: Oh, I can fix the bus. Faster that you can say “batten down the hatches”. It was my fault it crashed in the first place.

(Apple presses some buttons on the control station and electronic malfunction occurs. Apple opens the control station)

Apple: I got curious how the booster worked, and I, uh, tried to improve it. (Chuckles) …I guess I improved it too much.

(Apple closes the control station and the bus starts up)

Apple: Fixed.

Strawberry: How’d you do that?

Apple: I dunno, I just kinda… look at stuff and… I see how it works.

(Apple’s bus starts to fly away)

Apple: See ya, Strawberry.

Strawberry: Well… but… Call, okay? Send me a postcard!

Apple: I will.

(Apple flies away)

(Sad Strawberry approaches her scooter and takes a helmet but suddenly Berrykin Bruce calls her)

Berrykin Bruce: Strawberry! Alright, where is she? That cousin of yours! Where’d she go?

Strawberry (sighs): What’d she do this time…?

Berrykin Bruce: Do? You’re not going to believe it. I don’t know how she could have done such a thing…!

Strawberry: Ooh, that bad, huh…?

Berrykin Bruce: Bad?! No! It’s good, it’s great, it’s brilliant! She fixed the power system, better than new! She’s a genius! Best sparkleberry techie in the Berry Bitty World! Where is she? I gotta hire her! This town needs her!

(Strawberry drops her helmet and looks at the sky)


(At evening the storm approaches. Inside the café, Lemon, Raspberry and Blueberry are really worried. Lemon punches numbers in on her smartphone)

Lemon: Strawberry isn’t answering. It keeps saying she’s “out of range”.

Raspberry: What’d she do, leave town?

(Up in the sky Strawberry on the bird looks for Apple in the thunderstorm)

Strawberry: Applllllle…! Applllllle…! Applllllle…! Oh, I think we’re lost!

(Suddenly a strong wind appears and Strawberry’s bird evades leaves)

Strawberry: Whoah! Whoah! Whoah!! Applllllle… (Suddenly Strawberry sees her cousin) Applllllle!

Apple: Hellooooooo! There you are!

Strawberry: Apple! How did you find me?

Apple: Ohhh, I made a few modifications. Now the bus has… sparkleberry radar that lets it see in storms… and avoid collisions. Pretty neat, huh?

Strawberry: Wonderful! (Giggles) Can it get us home?

Apple: Sure! Follow me!

(Meanwhile in Berry Bitty City, everyone is waiting for Strawberry and Apple. Suddenly Blueberry sees them)

Blueberry: There they are!

(Apple and Strawberry returned safe and sound and everyone is cheering and calling Strawberry’s name)

Berrykin Bruce: Apple! Apple! I want you to give me and my crew a crash course in Fixing Stuff!

Blueberry: Apple! I want you tell the kids your adventure stories at Story time! We all want you to stay!

(Everyone is cheering)

(Suddenly Apple’s bus starts to fly away)

Strawberry: Huh? There’s no one abroad? How’d it do that?

Apple: Automatic Return. A little feature I added. Tells the butterflies when you don’t need the bus anymore, because you know you’re not going to leave. When you know you’ve found the people you want to stay with… and the place you want to stay.

(Strawberry gives Apple a big hug)

Strawberry: Welcome home.