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Berry Bitty Adventurer





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June 27, 2015

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Berry Bitty Adventurer is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Apple Dumplin stops by Berry Bitty City to visit her cousin; but along with her comes a lot of trouble.

Episode Review

It is the day of filming their entry for the technology fashion contest and the girls are going on their next take. Strawberry starts by chatting up her recipe, including very important details and the use of myrtle berries; but she finds herself tongue-tied and unable to actually say, and before she knows it, they're going on take twenty-four.

As the girls are trying to work, Sour keeps distracting them. First she criticizes the poor job of Strawberry, which gets her scolded, then Strawberry asks her to quiet down as she disrupts the take, then finally she loudly chews on a snack until Sweet takes it away from her. Just when it seems like Strawberry has gotten it, the power suddenly goes out.

By now the girls fret over not finishing in time, but with no further choice Strawberry decides that it would be better to wait since she has some errands to do; noticing how late in the day it is. She leaves after promising to pay everyone at the Berryworks a visit to find out what is going on, and upon arrival Berrykin Bruce show her the Sparkleberry Strainer, along with a few other various elements in need of repair. He is sure that they can have it fixed by the next morning - but he can't actually promise that. 

Strawberry is about to head off when she gets a call from her cousin, Apple Dumplin. She is excited to hear from her since they haven't talked in a pretty long while when Apple mentions that she will be paying Berry Bitty City a visit for a little bit. As Strawberry asks when she will be approaching, she watches as Apple flies overhead in the Butterfly Bus, breaks part of a house roof, and makes a crash landing.

As they embrace, Apple explains that the landing was from a storm they ran into on the way there. But she assures that she is suffered worse trying to climb Mount Macadamia, or the time she spent on Crabapple Falls. But she stops upon recalling Tea Time Turtle and checks to make sure he is alright first. She introduces the turtle to Strawberry, mentioning that he just follows her around, then they start to make their way over to the Market, where Strawberry was heading at the time.

Strawberry insists that Apple spends some time in Berry Bitty City but Apple is concerned that she may just cause a problem or get in the way. Strawberry is disappointed in knowing this and asks for Apple to at least spend the night in that case, which she agrees to since she can't pass up the chance the lay on a real bed - instead of her tent or a boat.  

Once they reach their destination Apple begins to tell Strawberry another story after she offers to lend her a hand. Strawberry, worried over the mess her mischievous cousin may cause just refuses and insists that because she is a guest, she shouldn't need to work. This saddens Apple a little bit, but she accepts the decision and makes her way into the Apartment, where Strawberry promises to meet up with her after she finishes work. Strawberry then calls the girls to let them know what happened while she gets to work.

Later as she goes to see Apple as promised, Strawberry has returned with a box of postcards she kept from her. She was hoping they could go over them together, but to her shock, Apple surprises her with a colorful light display she had installed in the bedroom. She was sure Strawberry would enjoy them, but Strawberry asks about shutting them off since she really needs to sleep. As it turns out - she forgot the off button. She is sure the lights will go out in due time when the power runs off, then she gives Strawberry an eye mask to block them out. This works for a moment, but she gets a surprise awakening after loud music begins to blast through the room. Apple had installed some music she recorded during her travels - but just like the lights she forgot the off button and is sure they will go off on their own. So this time she hands Strawberry a pair of headphones to block the sound. By now, the girls aren't really seeing eye-to-eye though. Strawberry really needs to get some sleep but all of these distractions is only causing her problems. Seeing how irritable her cousin is, Apple offers to just go outside and sleep in a tent, and at first Strawberry tries to tell her it is fine, but she doesn't listen and heads out to camp in her tent for the night.

The next day, Apple Dumplin gets to work on her blog. She types up her story when some Baby Berrykins appear, wanting to hear some more. She hops on the snowboard she has set up nearby and tells them about her adventure in Apricot Alps. She retells her story, only to stop when she realizes that she can show the Berrykins what happened and she runs off with a few items and the berrykins and Tea-Time Turtle in tow.

At the Berryworks everyone continues to work. They test out the recent fix and it works, but Apple decides to set up her snow device using some of the pumps and pipes and her plugs cause the Berryworks to shut down again. With the Baby Berrykins and Tea-Time Turtle, she begins to slide down the newly formed snow hill.

Going on Take One-Hundred-Fifty-Three, Strawberry resumes her recording. By now she has been mashing and blending the berries, but her tiredness is ruining the filming. On the next take, she accidentally falls asleep, but after they snap her out of it, she gets it down perfectly with the next; only for the power to cut off again. By now Strawberry has started to grief and struggles to comprehend anything.

The Berrykins try to shut down the Berryworks as Strawberry comes by for an update. As it turns out, a blowout occurred in
the juice cooler. Strawberry and Berrykin Bruce are stunned to see the baby Berrykins, Tea-Time Turtle and Apple sliding down to them at that moment and they are able to determine just what happened. Apple is embarrassed as Strawberry and Berrykin Bruce glare at her.

Frustrated, Strawberry asks to have a word with Apple in private. There, Apple reveals her plans of just leaving, since she doesn't really have a place there. She is a traveler and people only like her because of that, or so she thinks. She isn't really like everyone else there, and hopes that Strawberry will understand - even though she asks her to reconsider. Sadly, Strawberry agrees to let her go but asks that she at least sends her an update every now and then, and more postcards. Apple promises and prepares to go, revealing that she was the one who broke the Bus to begin with and could easily fix it.

After she goes, Berrykin Bruce comes by to tell Strawberry about what Apple did. Strawberry questions this, but to her surprise he isn't angry at all - in fact he was hoping to hire her for some help teaching them some new techniques and her skills. Strawberry calls out to Apple to speak to her, but she is unable to hear her.

That evening the girls try to get a hold of Strawberry and grow concerned that she left town. Their concerns are right though, when it turns out that Strawberry left to retrieve her cousin.

She had gotten a ride using one of the birds but she got lost in the stormy, evening sky. Now that the wind is picking up, she isn't sure how much longer she can keep looking. She refuses to give up though and continues to call for her, just barely hearing her cousin in the distance.

Using the bus, Apple reaches out to Strawberry and they ask how she found them. She goes over the modifications she made to the bus to pick up some signals, then she helps Strawberry get back home while the other girls wait for her to return.

After they land everybody cheers, including the berrykins. Tea-Time Turtle takes Apple's things from the bus and Berrykin Bruce asks Apple to lend him some help fixing things and teaching them her skills. As she thinks it over, her bus suddenly lifts up and flies off, then she reveals she put in an automatic return. She has decided to stay after all and once again embraces Strawberry.


  • Apple learns to be more respectful towards the thoughts and feelings of others when visiting them and their home.
  • Even someone who may seem troublesome can serve their purpose.


  • Blueberry: Fashion Cooking Show Video take number... what is it now?
  • Lemon: Twenty three.
  • Blueberry: Take twenty three.
  • Strawberry: Hi everyone. I'm Strawberry Shortcake. Tonight I'm making "Myrtle berry Meringue". It's a great favourite here at Strawberry's Cafe in Berry Bitty City and it's such a fun recipe. Of course, the most important ingredient is a big bowl of merry mirthful Myrfle berries. I mean Myrtle! Myrtle berries! Oh... sorry.
  • Blueberry: Cut!
  • Strawberry: That's a mirthful mouthful.
  • Blueberry: Take twenty four.
  • Strawberry: Of course, the most important ingredient is... a big bowl of merry mirthful Myrtle berries. Oh!
  • (a bowl slips from Strawberry hands)
  • Strawberry: Oh...
  • Blueberry: Cut.
  • Sour: I'll tell you one thing Strawberry, don't quit your day job!
  • Sweet: (stops sipping her tea to talk to her) Sour!
  • Sour: What?
  • Blueberry: Quiet on the set please!
  • Sour: Oh sorry! Was I holding you up? (To Sweet) Like it makes a difference, they say their going to play this video on a skirt they're inventing, that's also a video screen! I mean seriously? (laughs and snorts)
  • Strawberry: Sour, please!
  • Blueberry: Take twenty five.
  • Strawberry: Of course, the most important ingredient is a big bowl of merry mirthful...
  • (Sour starts to eat snack very loudly)
  • Strawberry: (angrily) ...Myrtle berries.
  • Blueberry: Cuuuut!
  • (Sweet nudges Sour)
  • Sour: What?
  • (Lemon, Raspberry, Blueberry and Strawberry give Sour nervous glance, and Sweet takes her snack)
  • Blueberry: One more time. Quiet on the set! Take twenty six!
  • Strawberry: Of course, the most important ingredient is a big bowl of merry mirthful... *(suddenly the lights go out)
  • Lemon: Oh, not again!
  • Raspberry: Oh, power has been going out all day!


  • Strawberry: Oh um, Strawberry Shortcake's speaking?
  • Apple: (on her phone) Hi, Cousin Strawberry!
  • Strawberry: Apple Dumplin! (Giggle) I haven't talked to you in forever. How are you?


  • Apple: I can turn any boring chore into an adventure. Did I tell you about the time I hitched a ride on a cargo ship, and helped the crew swab the deck by getting a whale to splash it clean?
  • Strawberry: Oh, yeah, I... read about it on your Berry Best Bits page. Didn't the ship kinda full of water?
  • Apple: (chuckles) Yep! I turned it into the biggest swimming pool ever!
  • Strawberry: Hmm... I see what you mean... and how did the captain feel about that?
  • Apple: You should have seen his face. It was so sweet! I guess nobody had ever done something like that for him. He just sat there and cried.
  • Strawberry: I can imagine...


  • Blueberry: Fashion Cooking Show Video take number... what is it now?
  • Lemon: One hundred and fifty... three.
  • Blueberry: Take one fifty three.
  • Strawberry: Now remember, once we mashed our Myrtle berries we need to blend them... only for one minute... If you blend too long... it will fold up all over everything... (starts yawning) Sorry, I didn't get much sleep last night.
  • Blueberry: Cut! Take one fifty four.
  • (Strawberry is sleeping on the vision)
  • Blueberry: Strawberry...
  • (Strawberry suddenly wakes up)
  • Blueberry: Cut! Take one fifty five.
  • Strawberry: Now remember, once we mashed our Myrtle berries we need to blend our Myrtle berry meringue only for one minute. If you blend too long it will fold up all over everything.
  • Lemon: I think she's got it. I think this take is going to be the one.
  • (suddenly the lights go out again)
  • Strawberry: Oh, the power is out again!
  • (Lemon throws away her papers)
  • Raspberry: That's just wonderful. Great. What else is gonna go wrong?
  • (suddenly the mixture in the blender spills out. Strawberry tries to gather the mixture with a spoon)



  • For the first time in the show, a new cast member is introduced on a second episode.
    • In season 2, Cherry Jam was introduced on episode 3.
      • Coincidentally, Cherry Jam was the only primary character who was introduced in an subsequent season to Season 1.
  • Huckleberry does not appear in this episode.
  • Orange, Plum, and Cherry do not get any voice roles in this episode, other than cheering with the group after the girls return.
  • This episode introduces Tea Time Turtle and Apple Dumplin to Berry Bitty City.
  • This is the first episode to introduce a turtle in the show.
  • It's revealed that Apple was kind of used to things turning out bad!
  • Apple showed some snowboarding to the show.

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