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Berry Big Tale-Teller
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July 25, 2015

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Berry Big Tale-Teller is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


After Sour embellishes adventures she had with Sweet, she tries to get her twin to join in on the fun - but she is unable to keep up.

Episode Review

The Berry girls sit by the campfire, roast marshmallows (without shaved almond) and have a good laugh. Only Apple does not sit with them, since she and Tea Time Turtle are still busy with her film. Strawberry calls her to join and have some marshmallows. She says she is busy, almost halfway down with her "Step-by-step how to set up a tent" segment of her instructional video. Strawberry compliments Plum, Cherry and Orange for their tale from the previous episode - all three versions. Sweet agrees, but Sour is unimpressed. She claims that she and Sweet have much better tale to tell. Although Strawberry explained Sweet on the previous episode about their tradition to tell imaginary stories, she does not understand what her sister means. Sour says they had much more awesome, incredibly dangerous and gigantic exciting adventure than the story of Plum, Cherry and Orange.

Plum, Cherry and Orange urge the twins to tell the story. Sweet thinks they should first write up the story first and practice, but Sour says they can make up while telling - like Sweet's cooking. Sweet is annoyed, stating that she never makes up her cooking as she goes along, but follows the recipes exactly. Sour teases her that a REAL chef knows how to improvise. Before the twins can bicker further, Orange urges them to tell their story, and all the girls laugh.

Sour lets her sister begin. Sweet fumbles for words, starting with "Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there were two little girls named Sweet and Sour, and they..." but her introduction takes too long without any "action", so Sour takes over: that story happened long ago, but not long enough, it's burnt everlastingly in their memories. It happened in a dark dangerous night in a very deep dark forest. The flashback scene shows the twins' food truck, with Sour at the driver's seat, but Sweet is nowhere in sight.

Sour tells that they were on a very dangerous mission of mercy: an expedition of the Berrykin Exploration Society was stranded in the forest. The twins' mission was to bring them food supplies, otherwise they'd go to bed without dinner. The flashback shows three Berrykins wearing explorer hats, one of them is a baby. The baby's stomach is rumbling.

Plum interrupts and asks Sour: she keeps narrating in plural, but where was Sweet? While Sweet fumbles for an answer, Sour says that she was sleeping, off in dream land. The flashback scene changes that Sweet is now seen at the passenger's seat, sleeping and snoring, a teddy bear in her lap.

Tall tale (5)

Watch your marshmallow!

Orange interrupts with a logical question: how could Sweet sleep with all the bouncing and noise? Sour thinks it over for a moment and explains impatiently that Sweet had a very heavy meal. Sweet agrees, and goes to tell in details exactly what the meal consisted of, every tiny detail... testing Sour's patience, until she draws Sweet's attention to her marshmallow - which got burnt. Sweet giggles embarrassingly. Sour grumbles and continues:

Everything was going swell, until suddenly the truck got stuck in mud. To make the story more thrilling, she quickly changes it to quicksand. There was only one thing to do: she exited the truck through the side window, climbed on the top and jumped to the ground. Whistling, she plucked a vine, tied one end to the top of the truck and the other end to a tree. The vine fully stretched. The danger was over, but only momentarily. Sour tried to pull the truck, but it was too heavy, even for her "magnificent muscle tone strength" (?). Frustrated, she kicked a stone that bumped into the front fender of the truck. Sweet was still asleep. Sour thought it over and decided to go and look for help. As she turned to go, the vine started breaking. Sour realized she had to find help quickly, otherwise the vine would break, the truck would sink and the poor Berrykins would have to go to sleep without dinner. As an afterthought, Sour adds: and she would not see her sister again. With this she went away, one girl against the wilderness.

Cherry interrupts: why didn't Sour wake Sweet? Sweet asks the same question. Sour claims that Sweet is "bad news" when someone interrupts her naptime. Annoyed, Sweet denies that, and they argue. Sour continues to describe her predicament: one girl against the wilderness, in the deep dark dangerous forest. A strange sound is heard, makes the girls gasp - but it is only another marshmallow that Sweet absently burned. Again, she giggles embarrassingly.

Sour continues by claiming that it was the most dangerous adventure she had ever been on, and she had many: once she was caught in an avalanche in the Berry Big Mountains, another time she was trapped aboard a sinking ship in a hurricane (she sneers when mentioning those), but that adventure topped them all. Sour offers Sweet to continue the story, but Sweet is unsure where the plot is heading to. Impatiently, Sour says she does not know either - this is what improving is all about. Embarrassed, Sweet lowers her gaze.

Sour continues: she had to get help quickly, but from where? It was a very big forest. She tried to navigate by the stars, but the sky was too cloudy. She heard that moss grows on the north side of trees, but that didn't help her either - the moss in that particular forest grew in every side of the trees. She was hopelessly lost. While roasting more marshmallow, Sweet mutters that she is not the only one who got lost.

Sour says she heard noises. She makes a sound that frightens the other girls for a moment, then they burst out laughing. Strawberry asks what she heard? It was drum beating. She turned around to locate the direction from which she heard the drum. She crawled in that direction, and also heard sounds of music, people bickering, and woodpecker tapping that made her cover her ears. She approached, pushing aside large leaves that blocked her view, and did not believe what she saw. The other girls ask her what she saw - wild animals, a lost civilization? Sour says that wild beasts or lost civilization she could buy, but that... no way. The girls grow more curious to hear what it was. Sweet tells them not to ask her - she was still sleeping in the truck.

Sour continues: it was a rock band. The musicians were standing on a wooden platform, near three tents, and some clothes hang on a line for drying. The guitarist was angry at the drummer for not keeping the beat day after day. The drummer complained that woodpecker confused her every

Pinkie and the Ponytails

time she got good beat. The guitarist told her to cover her ears and sing, otherwise they wouldn't be able to perform. The pianist sat idly, her feet resting on the piano. Sour comments that was exactly what she was looking for: a bunch of people who did nothing important, and would be thrilled to help her save the Berrykins from cruel fate. Sweet frowns, as if irritated that saving her was not Sour's first priority. Sour adds that, as an afterthought. Sweet thanks her sister sourly - and the marshmallow she is roasting gets burnt, for the third time.

Strawberry asks Sour what she did. Sour says she called for help. The girls were very pleased to have an audience. They introduced themselves as "Pinkie and the Ponytails" - Pinkie the guitarist, Penny the pianist and Patti the drummer. They invited her to sit down and watch the show. Sour tried to tell them she needed help, but they would not listen. Pinkie told a foolish joke and they started playing - very poorly, in disharmony, while the woodpecker kept interrupting with its tapping. Patti burst into tears, and Pinkie was angry at her. Sour got bored and started walking away, commenting that she heard better music on the day she pogosticked to town with an accordion tied to her head. The girls stopped her, offered her a chair and asked her to stay. They played "Row, row, row your boat" very poorly. Sour sat and listened to the discordant music, until she'd had it and ran away, screaming, covering her ears. The girls ran after her, begging her to stay and listen to the next verse, but she wouldn't.

Sour says she was very close to tell the Berrykins to look for food themselves. In the flashback scene, the baby Berrykin cries to hear that, till Sour explains it was just a figure of speech, and he relaxes. Moreover, there was the matter of saving Sweet: the truck is seen sinking, while Sweet is still asleep, the vine keeps breaking. Sour sits next to Sweet and comments: "Could I let her down? Hmm..." Sweet frowns. Sour says "Nah" and Sweet's expression softens. She thanks Sour for her concern, and all the girls laugh. In this point, Apple finally shows interest in the story.

Strawberry asks Sour: whatever did you do? Sour answers it was the only thing a hero could do in such case - ran for her life as fast as she could, leaving the band behind (as it seemed to be). Suddenly she reached a ravine. She used a vine to swing over, then she screamed as she encountered the band... again. Pinkie told another foolish joke, and the band started playing again the same song very poorly, like previously. Sour covered her ears in despair. She looked backward at the ravine. Nowhere to escape. She was doomed. Apple chuckles, sits with the other girls and listens to the story.

Plum asks how Sour resolved the situation? Sour chuckles and starts to answer, but then she notices her sister sits gazing the ground, as if feeling left out. Sour says she did... nothing. The girls are confused. Sour says she ran out of ideas. Cherry asks how she escaped. Then Sour states that Sweet saved her! The girls are amazed to hear that, since so far Sweet was totally passive in the story. Sweet, whose gaze was lowered till that point, beams to hear that. Strawberry, Cherry and Orange marvel that Sweet turned to be the hero and ask her how she did that. Sweet fumbles for words, saying that it is difficult to remember. Sour helps her by saying she also can hardly remember that:

She stood there, miserable more than at the day she had nothing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner except Brussels sprouts and lima beans. Suddenly she and the band heard someone beating - it was Sweet, who finally woke up, and cheerfully tapped wooden spoons on the dashboard. Her beat just beat that woodpecker all to pieces, and exactly what the band was looking for. Patti listened and drummed excitedly according to the new beat. Then Sour and the band approached the sinking truck. The vine broke, and Sour barely managed to grab it. The three girls joined and helped her to pull the truck out. Sweet came out and hugged her sister.


Mission accomplished!

The girls exclaim "That's so sweet!". Sour says she certainly is! Thanks to Sweet, the Berrykins got dinner (the Berrykins are seen after eating. The baby burps, and they all smile) and the band found their beat. The girls cheer that the story had happy ending. Sour mumbles, while eating a marshmallow, that it was indeed. Sweet, finally joining the story telling, concludes that the Pinkie and the Ponytails had a hit record and became megastars, and since they were so grateful - they changed the band's name to "Two Sweets and a Sour". The girls cheer again "What a great story!". The sisters look fondly at each other. Sour gives Sweet a marshmallow.

To be continued...



  • Sour: This is the story of something happened to us a long time ago, but not long enough. It's burnt everlastingly into our memory.
  • Sweet: It is? I mean... it was?
  • Sour (impatiently): Help me out here, will you, Sweet?
  • (everyone looks at Sweet, waiting for her to continue)
  • Sweet (embarrassed, fumbling for words): Yes, yes it was! I mean is... ever last, last ever... what she said.
  • Sour (sighs): It makes me tremble to think of that night. That dark, dangerous night, in berry deep, dark forest. (Story begins) That night was just a job, like any other night. Full of risk, full of danger, but someone had to do it - and that someone was... me. There wasn't a moment to lose. We were on a mission of mercy: an expedition of the Berrykin Exploration Society was stranded in the berry deep dark forest. Without the food supplies in our truck, they'd have to go to bed without dinner.


  • Plum: Ah... excuse me...
  • Sour (impatiently): Question?
  • Plum: Oh, eh, no big deal, but... you keep saying "we". So I was just kinda wondering... where was Sweet?
  • Sweet: Ah... me? Well... I was...
  • Sour: Asleep!
  • Sweet: Asleep?
  • Sour: Off in dreamland, out like a light.


  • Orange: Excuse me...
  • Sour (impatiently): Question?
  • Orange: Just asking, just asking, with all the bouncing and noise - how could she sleep?
  • Sour: (thinks it over) She's just eaten a very heavy meal, OK?
  • Sweet: Why, yes! A very heavy meal.
  • Sour: That's right! So I...
  • Sweet: It started with a watercress salad, tossed with a rich raspberry vinaigrette dressing, topped with sprinkling crispy croutons...
  • (Sweet is so excited to describe the meal, that she does not watch the marshmallow she is roasting)
  • Sour: I...
  • Sweet: Next came a savory noodle soup with lentils, peas, celery and carrots, gently simmered in a broth of...
  • Sour: (impatiently) Sweet!!
  • (Sweet's marshmallow is burnt)


  • Sour (sounds extremely dramatic): We weren't stuck! We were sinking, and this wasn't mud, it was a bottomless pit of VERY BERRY QUICKSAND!!


  • Cherry: Ah... excuse me...
  • Sour (impatiently): Question?
  • Cherry: Why didn't you just wake her up?
  • Sweet: Yes, why not wake me up?
  • Sour: Are you kidding?! Do you know what you 're like when someone interrupts your naptime?! You are bad news! Mm-mm. No, thank you. Ah-ah.
  • Sweet: I am not.
  • Sour: Are too.
  • Sweet (scowls): Am not.
  • Sour: Too.
  • Sweet: Not.
  • Sour: (Tsst) Win!


  • Sour: This stinking overgrown forest... but now, I really couldn't believe what I was seeing! Wild animals or lost civilization I could buy, but this... no way!



  • Pinkie, a character in Sour's tale, is possibly based on Pinkie Pie from "My Little Pony".
    • In the various spin-off TV shows and films of "My Little Pony", Pinkie Pie is voiced by Andrea Libman, Shannon Chan-Kent and Janyse Jaud, who voice Lemon, Cherry and Orange respectively.
  • This is the first time that quicksand is mentioned.
  • Blueberry, Raspberry and Lemon have no speaking lines.
  • Running gags in the episode:
    • The marshmallows Sweet roasts - get burnt.
    • Sour tells how vital it was to deliver food supply to the Berrykins. As an afterthought, she adds that it was also important to save her sister. Sweet grunts at her sister's order of priority.
    • The other girls keep interrupting Sour by pointing out goofs in the story. Sour's explanations are not very convincing, but after all it is a fictional story.
  • Sour definitely has much more developed imagination than her sister, and better talent for tale-telling.
  • The common belief that moss grows on the north side of trees is inaccurate: moss grows on the damper and shadier side of trees, not necessarily the north side. It depends whether the specific tree is located north or south of the equator, and if it grows on a plain or uphill.
  • Sweet scowls in this episode more times than she does in the rest of the season!
  • Pinkie and The Ponytails/Two Sweets and a Sour, used to play for crickets, frogs and a rabbit who kept requesting "Row, row, row your boat". Penny commented the frogs stopped coming months ago, just crickets and that rabbit.


  • Sweet claims that she never improvises with her cooking, but always follows the recipe exactly. In "High Tech Drama", when Sour complained there is no whole-wheat four in Orange's store, Sweet said "what if we try almond flour or coconut flour? Might be fun to improvise".

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