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Berry Best BerryFest Princess





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Oct 25, 2010

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Too Cool for Rules

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"Berry Best BerryFest Princess" is an episode of  Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Elections are held for a substitute BerryFest Princess to replace Princess Berrykin.

Episode Review

Everyone counts down to the planting of the first flower of Spring, the honor is given to Berrykin Bloom since the princess can't be there due to official business. Suddenly the flower blooms, as Lemon exclaims it's now time for the Berryfest Spring Festival! Blueberry informs them that always a princess is there and they'll need a substitute in the mean time. Strawberry asks how they could choose when Raspberry suggests they draw straws, Lemon thinks they could play Musical Chairs, and Plum "nonchalantly" states, "Find someone whose name rhymes with Drum".

It's then Postmaster Bumblebee suggests they hold an election in order to pick the temporary Princess. To decide who should be picked, Mr. Longface has the girls and a few others blindfolded to identify flowers, and whoever can will then move on to round two. Everyone gets this right except for Sadiebug (who was disqualified for eating her flower, a honeysuckle) and Raspberry (who was unable to correctly guess her flower, the daffodil, because they weren't in fashion that season and simply didn't remember it well enough).

With that in mind, the next contest is underway. The girls must race up a plant to grab a Strawberry, come back down, and then water it. Lemon already has trouble, un

"I grew a Kadieberry!"

able to decide which stalk to climb up as Blueberry uses her time to use a book and look up the facts to getting a Strawberry. As the other girls climb, Sadiebug and Kadiebug cheat by using a saw, while Plum struggles to pull the strawberry loose. Katiebug ends falling into the hole Lemon dug. Strawberry and Orange stay tied the entire second round. In the end, only Orange and Strawberry finished and are then put on the ballot. But they need to settle on which girl will win. While the others leave, Blueberry doesn't even seem to notice they finished.

With this settled, Sadiebug and Lemon choose to back up Strawberry while Orange is busy handing out buttons to the Berrykins as Kadiebug comes in and takes them back, saying they don't bring enough of a message. So she gives the berrykins much bigger buttons that happen to cause them some problems.

Back at Strawberry's, she checks out their work before suggesting that Sadiebug should go ask Blueberry for help writing a speech. In private, Lemon mentions how she doesn't think the two of them will do so well since they cannot agree on anything. At Blueberry's book store, she is in the middle of typing when both ladybug twins show up suddenly and begin to argue. But she tells them it wouldn't be fair to write a speech since she doesn't know who she wants to vote for. Both twins try to persuade her to write for them but to no avail.

Strawberry has no idea what to do now when Blueberry rushes in saying she can't write a speech for either girl. She can't pick both, and if she picked one she'd feel bad for the other. Raspberry comes in too with the same problem, feeling stressed about having to make the dresses for Strawberry and Orange exactly the same. Strawberry assures them that it's okay for them to vote for one or the other and that the dresses don't really matter, since they'll still be friends either way. She leaves as Strawberry runs to the door when Plum suddenly comes in with the same problem, she's afraid of hurting one's feeling by voting for the other! So Strawberry tells her the same thing, though Plum leaves undecided. Very confused and flustered by the entire ordeal, Strawberry decides she'll go to the nearby pond to relax.

Postmaster Bumblebee comes by to ask if she's having trouble writing her speech and she informs him that it's her resignation speech. Explaining to him that this is making all of her friends
upset, it's too much trouble to deal with and being forced to decide on one or the other friend is just making everyone unhappy. So she thinks it's just easier to drop out. Postmaster Bumblebee explains to Strawberry that who you like and who you don't like isn't important in voting. But which choices and ideas are being offered instead. Which makes Strawberry feel better and come that evening she arrives home to see Lemon and Sadiebug working together, showing each other their buttons and posters. Which inspires her to resume working on her speech.

The next day, Orange has just finished her own speech and Strawberry gets up to give her speech. While she agrees on some terms with Orange, she also adds that a lot of hard work will be needed and she is ready for anything and everything that comes with this responsible task. Upon finishing, the voting process then begins to take place. Then, they go over the votes but it ends in a tie, much to everyone's surprise.

After they go through all of the numbers it is revealed that one person didn't vote. Orange suddenly remembers that she forgot to vote, having got caught in all of the excitement. Mr. Longface allows her to vote then, as it was an accident and it is needed for them to determine who the winner will be. After she votes, he reveals that Orange voted for Strawberry.

The two berry girls share a hug as the episode draws to an end.


  • Strawberry learns that running for a specific office does not mean being in rivalry with the other candidates; the voters pick whoever they believe to be more qualified for the office, and it is no offense for the one who is not chosen.



  • This episode hints at Princess Berrykins age. As Blueberry states, she has been princess since the book has been written, and they vaguely comment on the age of the book.
  • The images on Strawberry's board and Orange's buttons are the official images usually shown on merchandise in the 2D style.
  • Voting in the open is usually not practiced as it takes away privacy.
  • There were 150 total votes before Orange voted. Besides the girls, Sadiebug, Kadiebug, Postmaster Bumblebee, Mr. LongFace, and another ladybug, 139 votes were provided by Berrykins. If Princess Berrykin was there, then there was a 140 Berrykins.
  • Previous airings of the episode had Sadiebug say, "More planning, sounds good" when Strawberry said that she believed in more planning before doing, but more recent airings of the episode now instead have Jadeybug (or some other ladybug) say the line in Sadiebug's voice.
  • For the first time on the show there are politics in Berry Bitty City.


  • When the girls are laying in a circle, notice Raspberry's headband is missing.
  • Sadiebug votes for Orange, even though she's Strawberry's campaign manager.
  • After Strawberry finishes making a portrait of herself for the campaign, she says "only 199 more to go". According to the voice count, there are 151 voters, not 200.

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