Bake Shop is an IOS Game created by Budge. It is available on the iTunes Appstore, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. It is free but has in game purchases that can be got with Real Money.


Make various sweet treats and desserts with Strawberry to sell in the shop. 'Be sure to complete various requests to earn recipes for each yummy creation!



  • Very Berry Shortcake - Automatically acquired in Game
  • Princess Cake
  • Berry Bitty Cakes
  • Brownie Supreme
  • Chocalicious Cake


  • Add ingredients to the bowel
  • Add some butter
  • Add milk and an Egg
  • Mix ingredients
  • Spread butter on the pan
  • Apply food coloring (optional)
  • Slice the item in half
  • Add Icing
  • Add Decorations
  • Add Sprinkles
  • Use the oven
  • Eat


Unlock All Desserts

For $9.99 the player can purchase every dessert in the game.

Kitchen Tools

Objects colorized to match Strawberry's friends and allows for alternate activities. $4.99

Princess Cake and Colors

Unlocks the cake with various toppers, colors, and creams. $3.99

Chocalicious Cake and Candles


Brownie Supreme and Sprinkles


Cupcakes and Toys




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