Frutillita/Rosita Fresita: Aventuras en Tutti Frutti
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Logo Spanish
Created by: Chris Nee
Language : Venezuelan Spanish
Writer(s): See Writers
Director(s): Bob Hatcohck
No. of episodes:     65 and 1 Movie
Run time: 11 or 22 minutes. (Some specials are longer.)
Dubbing Studio Etcétera Group
Network: Playhouse Disney Channel Latin America (2010-2011)
Disney Junior Latin America (2011-2014)
Discovery Kids (2014-present)
Starring: Lileana Chacón
María José Estévez
Maiella Smith
Rebeca Aponte
Judith Noguera
Sixnalie Villalba
Leisha Medina
Melanie Henríquez
Mariangny Álvarez
Yensi Rivero
Adriana Tamayo
Ivanna Ochoa
Stefany Villarroel
David D'Urso
Yojeved Meyer
Karina Parra
Alix Ramírez
First aired: June 17, 2010 (South America)
September 20, 2010 (North America)
Last aired: Aired:August 29, 2015 (South America)
Present (North America)
Wiki: Aventuras en Tutti Frutti

Rosita Fresita: Aventuras en Tutti Frutti is the Venezuelan Spanish dub of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures

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Information from Doblaje Wiki

NOTE: An * means that character is not dubbed.

Character Voice
Frutillita/Rosita Fresita Lileana Chacón
Naranjita María José Estévez (S1 and S3)
Maiella Smith
Dulce de Limón Rebeca Aponte (S1)
Judith Noguera (S2 and S3)
Sixnalie Villalba (S4)
Morita Leisha Medina
Frambuesita Melanie Henríquez (S1 and S3)
Mariangny Álvarez (S4)
Ciruelita Yensi Rivero (S1)
Adriana Tamayo (S2)
Ivanna Ochoa (S3 and S4)
Kelly Viloria (Last Season)
Cerecita Stefany Villarroel
Arándano David D'Urso
Pastelito de Manzana Yojeved Meyer
Uvita Dulce Karina Parra
Uvita Ácida Alix Ramírez

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