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Apple Dumplin
Apple standing with Blueberry Muffin




Traveling Blogger

Theme Colors

Yellow, Red


An Apple


Tea Time Turtle

Voice Actress

Rebecca Shoichet

Apple Dumplin is one of the new Berry Girls introduced in Season 4 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Apple Dumplin is Strawberry Shortcake's younger cousin who stops by for a visit to Berry Bitty City to shake things up. But after realizing she gained more than ever before - she is enticed to stay.


Apple Dumplin is a little shorter than Strawberry and the others. She has pale pink lips and bright cerulean eyes. Her strawberry-blonde hair is worn straight with side swept bangs and a single portion of hair pulled into a braid, held with a red apple clip to match the red knit beanie she wears on her head.

Her outfit is composed of a gold buttoned vest with a thin, melon-colored band circling her torso, on top of a plain white shirt with red collar. She wears an orange plaid skirt with yellow and white leggings and a pair of red and yellow boots with an apple emblem design on the side. She is often depicted with a brown purse.

Whenever she went camping with the other girls she pulled her hair into pigtails with her braid tucked into the left, each held with an apple clip. She put on a yellow striped top with red sleeves and collar, melon short-shorts, and orange miniature boots with red and white accenting, along with an apple image.


A brave and lively Berry Girl with an unlimited energy. Like any other explorer or traveler, she adores getting to recall her past experiences and showing people what she's gone through. She is extremely active and isn't one to keep quiet or enjoy sitting around waiting. However, because of this, she can be a bit too much for some people, and cause problems for them without realizing it until it's too late.

Apple is smart and knows a lot about technology and fixing up things. But deep down she is a lonely girl who seems to have become bored with such an exciting life - since she lost her passion for it some time back. She admits that she only kept going because she liked to be admired, and she worried that if she didn't nobody would like the real her. She worries she doesn't fit in with others.

Apple often comes up with new ideas. However, some of her ideas are half-baked, and cause much havoc and inconvenience because she does not plan them adequately (the color/light display in "Berry Bitty Adventurer", the Groove Booties).

Due to her friendly and loud nature, she cannot keep a secret.


Apple specializes in electronics, computer programming and mechanism engineering.

She also seems to be a natural when it comes to anything sporty.


  • Strawberry Shortcake - Apple's cousin. She deeply loves her and wants her approval, but often causes her problems.


  • "No, I don't wanna cause anybody any bother, I just dropped by for a quick visit, I'll be gone before you can say, "Planes, trains and airplanes!"
  • "Thanks Tea Time! Here you go Strawberry!"
  • "Tea Time! My scrapbook please."
  • "Peel?"​
  • (Through phone): ''Hi, cousin Strawberry."
  • "I can figure out anything. This will be a piece of pie. Or easy as cake. Or you know what I mean."


  • Apple Dumplin is based on the baby from the original Strawberry Shortcake. She shares her red and yellow theme coloring with her.
    • In the original reboot of Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Dumplin became her little sister. However, her theme coloring was red and green. Her hair coloring matches the aged up Apple.
  • Originally it was suspected that Apple would not be appearing in this series due to Habro's actions against any food not considered healthy, in this case, the Dumpling.
    • This same theory is also believed to be the reason why Angle Cake didn't appear, despite being a main character since the start. 
  • Apple is the second girl in the show to normally wear a hat, following Strawberry.
  • She is the second girl to normally wear a braid, following Lemon.
  • Apple is the first Berry Girl to be the cousin of another Berry Girl.
    • This makes her the third girl related to another, following the Grape Twins.
  • In "The Berry Bitty Great Race" she revealed that she had won 200 races and had prizes to prove it.
  • She has a website called "Berry Best Bits". The website includes:
    • Information about her achievements and adventures;
    • A video of camping guide that she made on "Tall Tale Trio";
    • A food review section "Yummy-Yums" that she opened on "The Berry Best Taste Test".
  • In her original artwork, Apple had darker lips and a lighter colored purse. Her eyes were also light green.
  • Apple's first line and speaking role was through the phone in "Berry Bitty Adventurer".
  • In "The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster", the ringtone of her cellphone is the song "Anything is Possible".
  • Apple's voice actress also voices Sunset Shimmer from My Little Pony: Equestria Girl. This makes Apple another Berry Girl with a MLP voice.
  • She plays a French Horn, but only the episode "The Berry Best Biscuit".
  • She tends to use idioms incorrectly, like "spill the cheese" instead of "spill the beans"; "let the cat out of the hat" instead of "let the cat out of the bag".


Apple Dumplin Image Gallery

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