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All Dogs Allowed



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Apr 27, 2013

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All Dogs Allowed is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


The girls want to celebrate the newly built dog park with a tea party in the puppies honor, but something is scaring the puppies away.

Episode Review

At Strawberry's Café, the girls are preparing for the tea party to celebrate the opening of the newly built dog park. Cherry starts off by practicing a musical number with the puppies. Strawberry then showcases the snacks and treats she prepared for the tea party which consist of finger sandwiches, fruit, dog themed pastries, and a dog shaped cake for dessert. Lemon and Blueberry then showcase the proposed decorations which include an ice sculpture, streamers, and dog themed lanterns for the evening. Just then, Raspberry rushes in and ends up tripping over the lanterns and getting tangled in them. After getting untangled, Raspberry show a drawing of the proposed dresses and hats (the hats were still being worked on but would be done in time for the tea party), and had also designed fashion collars for the puppies, with Chiffon wearing one as an example.

The following morning at Raspberry's Boutique, just as Raspberry is finishing up the hats, Chiffon starts barking wildly, which got Raspberry thinking that Chiffon wants to play, tells her that she doesn't have time to because she needs to finish working on the hats. However, Chiffon was actually spooked by something so she runs and cowers in fear under Raspberry's work bench. The following afternoon after the final preparations for the party are completed, the girls have the dogs wait outside the gate while they get their dog treats ready. Raspberry and several Berrykins then show up with the girls’ hats, who then eagerly try them on. Strawberry then declares the dog park officially open and opens the gate. However, the puppies are scared of something and cower back in fear, much to the girls’ bewilderment.

Unable to exactly figure out why the puppies won't go in, the
girls each have their own ideas. While Strawberry insists that the puppies are frightened by something, Cherry believes that they are just hungry. Cherry then comes up with the idea to lure the dogs in with giant treats tied to fishing rods. While it initially seems to work at first, the dogs start to get scared once more as soon as they get close to the girls, causing the fishing lines to snap as they try to run off with the treats.

Strawberry continues to insist that the puppies are scared of something, to which Blueberry agrees, even claiming to know what's scaring the puppies, Lemon's ice sculpture. When Lemon how it could possibly scare them, Blueberry has her look more closely at the ice sculpture and proceeds her with a scary face disoriented by the ice as a demonstration. Lemon scoffs at the idea with Orange warning her that it's starting to melt so they better figure out what's bothering the dogs soon before it's slushing around in a bucket.

Lemon then comes up with the idea that the answer is in the nose, that dogs live by their sense of smell and what they smell is nothing special, only flowers and a fresh mowed lawn. Lemon
then fetches her very big super sensational scent dispenser which would calculate what scents are needed and how much. According to the machine gauges Lemon concludes that the dog park needs a little scent of raspberry and cherry. Lemon starts pumping the scents into the air, but then the lever gets jammed. When Orange and Plum try to help, the lever breaks and the machine goes haywire before exploding.

While upset over the loss of her machine, Lemon is at least satisfied with the dog park now having a new, interesting scent, but the puppies still refuse to enter the dog park. Plum then has the idea that the dog park is too "people themed" as there are people having a "people party" with "people food", and therefore in order to get the puppies to come in they need to make the dog park more dog themed by behaving more like dogs such as pretending to play with dog toys with their mouths. It looked like the idea was going to work, until the puppies got spooked once more and back away out of the dog park.

Raspberry then suggests that the puppies don't like that the dog park is basically all green, that the dog park looks to bland artistically, so she has Berrykin Becky and her construction crew spray paint the dog park with colors according to the
numbers posted. However, the wind starts blowing the posted numbers all over the place, confusing the berrykins and causing them to paint the wrong colors, much to Becky's horror. Fortunately, Raspberry is ecstatic about the new color job and it looked like the puppies did to as they run into the dog park, only to get scared once more and flee the dog park as soon as the girls put their hats back on much to Raspberry's confusion as she thought that they liked it. Plum on the other hand, is convinced that the puppies are scared of it and proceeds to turn on the sprinklers to wash the paint away much to Raspberry's protest.

Strawberry then steps in and explains that everyone had good ideas, no matter how wrong they might be, and that they should respect everyone's opinions, stating that it was kind of fun hearing everyone's theories and trying them out and that they'll eventually solve mystery one way or another. However, Blueberry says that even she's completely stumped by this mystery and what they really need is some kind of clue, to which Strawberry agrees. Just then, a gust of wind blows the girls' hats off and they proceed to chase after them. However, when they get to where they saw the hats land, they find the hats gone and the puppies’ footprints leading away, causing the girls to think that the puppies ran off with the hats and proceed to follow the tracks. The girls then find their hats buried underneath a pile of leaves, leaving the girls to wonder why the puppies would want to hide their hats. Then the girls find more tracks and follow them back inside the dog park with the dogs inside waiting for them.

When Strawberry holds up her hat and asks the puppies why they tried to take them, the puppies get scared and run off again, leading the girls to come to the conclusion that the puppies are scared of the hats, much to Raspberry's horror. However, Strawberry comes to a new conclusion that the bows and decorations on the hats were inadvertently made to look like scary faces which was the last thing they would have guessed as to what was keeping the puppies from wanting to come in, and that they all jumped to conclusions. Raspberry then remembers earlier that morning how Chiffon was barking wildly, thinking that Chiffon wanted to go outside, but truth was that she was scared but Raspberry didn't notice because she was so busy and that she should have paid more attention. Raspberry then rearranges the decorations on the hats so that they don't resemble scary faces and shows them to Chiffon and the other puppies, who then go back inside the dog park, and Strawberry declares the dog park officially open for real.


  • Raspberry (hears Chiffon barking): What is it, girl? I don't have time to play outside right now, I have to finish these hats!
  • ​(Chiffon whines and hides under some fabric)


  • (Raspberry gives a confused groan)
  • Plum: Not in your hand, that's a people thing. Dogs catch toys in their mouths.
  • Raspberry: My mouth? EEEEEEW!!!! I don't even know where this thing's been!!!
  • Plum: (with gritted teeth) They're watching... (winks)
  • (one of the dogs whines)
  • Girls: Aw!
  • Raspberry: Oh! (sighs) Okay, we'll give it a try!


  • Raspberry: We're here, the puppies are here. Let the tea party begin.
  • ​(one of the pups whines and then runs off when the hats are shown)
  • ​Raspberry: But.. I thought they liked it!
  • Plum: Like it? They're scared of it? Only one way to bring them back: Get rid of it!
  • (Plum turns on sprinklers. the girls scream as they run out of the dog park)
  • ​Raspberry: The dog park is ruined.
  • ​Plum: You mean saved?
  • ​(Raspberry scoffs)



  • In the scene when Orange and Cherry hang up the dog lanterns, Raspberry's Boutique is missing.


  • All the girls shared their theories and ideas on how or what was scaring the dogs, except for Orange. 
  • Cherry Jam's tea party dress looks almost exactly like Strawberry's Berryfest Princess dress.
  • It seems strange that the girls did not invite Huckleberry to the party, although he is the one who built the park.
  • Raspberry was BERRY disgusted on how dogs catch their toys! It would have been expected from her to drop the ball after hearing it.
  • This is the fourth and the last Season 3 episode in which Huckleberry does not appear.
  • The final appearance of Cinnapup in the show.