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A Circle of Friends



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Nov 5, 2010

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Happy First Frost

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Glimmerberry Ball

"A Circle of Friends" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Raspberry worries that her friends copied her designs for the Glimmerberry Gathering.

Episode Review

The Berrykin cleaning crew is busy doing work for the upcoming Glimmerberry festival, like cleaning up dead leaves and twigs, as well as preparing all of their plans in advance. They do pretty well and soon finish piling up all of the leaves, until the window blows them all away.

Meanwhile at Strawberry's cafe, Strawberry has put together really pretty table ornaments for First Frost. Then she begins to clean tables as Pupcake and Custard help and soon uncovers an odd box beneath the main counter. She pulls it out to examine, then inside the book finds one she used to read all the time before moving to Berry Bitty City. She then decides to call the others later so that they can all read the book together. First she runs into Orange and Lemon, then goes to Raspberry who is in the middle of a pile of swatches when she suddenly pops out with a cloth.

After Raspberry explains she wants her current idea to be the best, Strawberry then mentions her own plans and instructs her pets that they must leave now so that Raspberry can finish her work.

That evening everybody in town shows up! Strawberry thanks them for coming and tells everyone to have a seat while Princess Berrykin expresses how happy she is to have been invited as Strawberry sits with her and takes out the book and begins to read. As she reads, Plum suddenly interrupts, a bit surprised by the history of carving glimmerberries way back then. And so, everybody ends up getting distracted by this idea and leave early in order to get started.

Meanwhile, Raspberry is busy doing work when after a few attempts. She finally creates a special design. Lemon arrives that evening and asks to see her design, but Raspberry refuses as Lemon asks to borrow some drawing paper.

That following morning, the girls are gathering their Glimmerberries in order to carve them. Raspberry hurries home when she sees the girls all heading to Strawberry's to show each other their designs. They ask Raspberry if she's coming, which she does, but she refuses to show them her design and instead spies on the others only to see how much their designs match her own. So she ends up accusing Orange of having stolen her idea, then explains how they must have somehow seen each others. However, she's upset considering how very hard she worked on her design and eventually leaves in a huff.

Over the day, the girls begin to accuse each other in private. Plum later goes to Strawberry and mentions that she does think copying has been going on and now nobody wants to carve together. Strawberry is very upset, and goes to Princess Berrykin for support but she only states they will have to cancel the Festival if this goes on and everybody is too busy fighting instead of celebrating and getting along with one-another.

As Strawberry begins to put away the box, she realizes what happened and quickly tries to straighten things out. She gets the girls to come together and reveals that they all got the same idea from the inspiration of the same design, which was on the box and book.

Hearing this, Raspberry apologizes for her accusations, along with the others. The girls feel better now though, and they hurry to curve their designs before they meet up with everyone else and the festival begins. A montage plays as everyone marches through Berry Bitty City with raised, carved glimmerberries to form the shape of the design. 



The girls learn a lesson in making accusations without solid proof (similarly to the lesson Lemon learned in "Vanishing Violets"). Raspberry had rushed to judgment in accusing Orange because she was too distracted with her frustration to remember where she got her own inspiration to begin with. This caused the girls to all accuse each other when they realized their own designs matched as well.


  • When everyone gets together, Orange, Lemon, and Plum are next to each other, while Strawberry is with Princess Berrykin. Raspberry stood next to Pupcake and Custard, but Blueberry's own spot is not shown.


  • During the montage at the end of the episode, Mr. Longface is shown with a yellow lantern. As everyone is forming together, his lantern is now the same color as Raspberry's.

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